kumkum bhagya – Humsafar ( stupidity in love ) chapter-1

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Hello guys ..I am your old aditi…it’s Almost a month after I M coming here.. the site in which I got lots of friends .. I know my updates are still on hold but the people who are in wattpad can get regularly and I will try to post.. prathi commented a story on which it’s different from mine where abhi will be arrogant. As many of them asked me to post in tu so I am posting…

Here is the first chapter…


               BEFORE YOU READ

   –  this book is a slow paced,  full length book will consist around  30 – 40 chapters.
   –  for certain chapters , you need to follow me to read those one’s.
   – yes this book may contain some violence, mature content , some swearing etc.
   – it is not for faint hearted person.

   Book title :          HUMSAFAR
   Author    :           ADITI ROY

   Genre     :           Fan fiction

” chameli…” some one called me when I was getting ready in a pink designer Saree which shows my cleavage and my assets. I could not deny because i have to wear this. My co workers were getting me ready like a queen but I just hate myself. From my childhood ,everyone who looks at me,  tells I am very beautiful but now i hate being beautiful . Because of this I am suffering a lot now. I was brought out in a well cultured society as my father is a businessman and my mother is a private school teacher. I had a brother who is no more in this world as he was brutally killed by someone. We were living happily until my brother died.
I finished my bachelor degree and was searching a job when eveything changed upside down. My mother committed sucide as she could not tolerate my father who used to always scold , beat her. Though he is a gentleman for this society , but really he is a beast. After my brother and mother left me alone in this cruel world , I was pushed into this scenario. To save his business from his partners , my dad blackmails , treatens me .. even he kidnapped me and left me in this brothel. At first I was shocked as it’s my father who did it but later I understood his intentions. But the truth , the people over there never forced me but gave numerous punishments which are harder than that. The girls over there started to brain wash my mind and i was in the state of acceptance . I really started to hate myself being there and i was really upset of what’s happening in my life. One day , the women who is the head of that brothel asked me to get ready.  I was confused as she was very concern to me who will always be rude because of my stubbornness.

      She asked others to make me ready to look like a bride. I could not able to understand what’s happening around me and let the fate to play anything in my life.

My thoughts were broken when someone holds my shoulder firmly.

The lady : chameli…you look beautiful today.. sure he gonna fall for your beauty.

I got up from there and looked her in disbelief with tears in my eyes.

” What you are saying ? Look I am not in mood to listen to your stupid talks. Why you are making me to get ready in this attire ”  i snapped at her pouring all my anger while she was smiling at me.

Lady : listen.. I am not joking and a big businessman is going to come who is out regular customer. Do you think i am mad to keep you here just like that . I didn’t forced you because he was paying you till today . One day leaving from here , he saw you and enquired about you. I said you are new to here and he told me that he will the first to touch you . As he went for an international trip, he was paying the amount which I could earn by using you. Today he returned and asked me to make you ready as he is coming here.

I was shocked hearing that. My body was trembling in fear of thinking one night with a random person. I don’t even know who he is and how can i give myself as such. My mother taught me that a girl should surrounder only to a person who marries her.

” I could not just go off like that. I don’t know what you or that man decided but I will not stay here for a minute ” I told her and started to leave but she slapped me hard. I touched my lips to find blood was oozing from the corner of my mouth.

She turned me by holding my hand back and made me to look at the mirror. The hold was tight and I could not get rid off it.

Lady : look how beautiful you are.. you don’t know that because you won’t deny after knowing it. Enjoy the night with him and from tomorrow you have to do whatever I say.

I looked myself in the mirror.  The netted saree which was clinging on my body is just a layer as my assets were clearly visible. I thought of tearing it but I could not. I started to broke the mirror with a vase near and soon everything black out.

” Ti-ti! Tic-tic! Tic-tic-tic! Tic-tic!” I started to trace my hand on a soft material. I didn’t opened my eyes as I was still in my sleep. It looks really soft and felt an  unknown relief . I think it’s an alarm as it again starts to ring after a minute. With much hesitation I woke up brushing my eyes with hands. I felt really cold and looked around. The area looked new to me as I never seen it before. With a confusion I got up from the bed pushing the duvet on me as I felt a cold air.  I realised I was nake and my body was exposed. I surrounded the material around me and the room was more luxurious.  That’s when the reality stuck my mind. I rewind what happens last night as i was fainted and about that lady’s words. I thought I lost everything my selfrespect , my dignity etc.

    Just then the door opened when I saw a man in his uniform combo towards me. He bends his head saying ” good morning mam” and I adjusted myself. He turned to other side looking at my discomfort and asked me to come down as his boss is waiting for me. He left saying that not even waiting for my reply.

I got down from the bed and rushed to the washroom. I looked myself in the mirror where my lips are swollen ,  some marks near my neck and my hair was completely messed up and I could feel pain over my body.  I turned the shower on feeling the cold water on my body. I felt a shiver at first but started to drench myself with my emotions and thoughts.  The sun sets leaving the darkness to rule this world. My parents left me alone as everyone started to rule my life. I opened the door and find no one in that room and stepped out with a towel around my body.
   I came out wondering what to wear as I could not find my dress . My eyes stick on to the dress which was lying on the bed. I looked at it was disgusted to wear it. I saw a note beside it…

” be a good girl… don’t try to irritate me by saying you will not wear it..then you will see bad side of me on our bed.. come soon to the beach in ten minutes which is near our bedroom…”

Quickly I peeped out from the window to have a look at him but there was no one.
I gulped in fear and quickly changed looking myself in mirror.

Still the marks near my neck are clearly visible and covered it with a concealer. I want to really see the person’s face who is responsible for this.
I slammed the door behind and left from there.

For pictures refer wattpad …..

It’s my first chapter and will update soon…my other ff’s also..

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