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As you guys wished…all the problems have been sort out..let’s see how pragya react to it…

ragya enters her room and sees tanu sitting at the corner of the bed biting her nails.she is in fear now and was looking at the phone.pragya,what happened tanu..tanu turns as soon as she heard pragya’s voice.tanu gets up from the bed asking where were you..I was waiting for you..is it time to come..by seeing pragya standing silent her anger rised. Tanu in anger ,i am asking uou idiot. Pragya taking her breath,will you allow me to talk ot you gonna continue.tanu stares at her .pragya makes her to sit and says arey buddhu. .I started to return and when I was passing the corridor a guy pulled me in and tried to misbehave with me.tanu touching her shoulders then what you did..anything happened to you..pragya , no I am fine..last abhi came there and beats him black and blue.he too dropped me now.tanu,thank god..nothing happened to you..atleast he came to rescue you..why the hell you want there..

pragya with pout,how I know that he will come..tanu,you are safe now because of him but you mocked him . PRAGYA with smile,I said thanks to him.tanu,wait..why are you smiling now.pragya started blushing now..she tried to hide but tanu caught her.tanu,I know something is there between you..tomorrow I will find.pragya in confused tone  ,how…tanu by holding her chin,because nikkil is abhi’s best friend..he told that he will intro us to him. .I know you don’t need an intro but I need..she smiles at pragya.pragya,oh..they are friends..nice to hear.tanu,don’t go to your dream land ..go and sleep..tomorrow we have college. By saying this ,tanu moves to her side and lies . PRAGYA too lies beside her and asked tanu ,do you think abhi is nice person..tanu by turning to pragya’s side, pragya..

he is nice person..and nikkil to told about him as he lost his parents when he was young and he is having his dadi and his sister. And moreover he is a kind hearted person..but why you are asking about him. PRAGYA ,nothing..just I asked..ok good night..

    Next morning..
        Tanu, how much time will you take..it’s not first day pragya..come soon.pragya ,ek minute..she comes there with red kurti and white pant with light makeup. Tanu in teasing tone,  what madam..today you look gorgeous. .pragya,nothing like that..she smiles to which tanu nods her head in disbelief   .

   As usual the day went ,pragya was eager to see abhi.she dont know why but she want to meet him. During the lunch break tanu and pragya went ri canteen to see abhi ,nikkil,purab,arjun and riya there.tanu,here they are…

she drags pragya with her and both greeted everyone.riya smiles at them as she have no enemity with pragya as for her she is nikkil’s lover.Riya, hi  guys..come let’s have lunch.she looks at abhi who was looking at pragya.pragya was also looking at abhi.nikkil,pragya..what happened to you..tanu was calling me and she tortured..tanu glares at him.pragya,nothing..I was just..before she could complete abhi tells what kind of a person you are..nikkil..can’t you care for her..atleast you would have been with her..nikkil in confused tone,what and looks at pragya who was same confused..abhi,then..I know you love her and you are responsible for this..tanu,what the hell is this nikkil.nikkil was looking at abhi ,pragya and tanu.tanu moves from there and nikkil goes behind her.
PRAGYA shouts tanu but she left.
Arjun,why tanu left in anger..

Pragya in anger, then..what must she do..
Purab in confused tone,what you mean..
Pragya pointing abhi ,who the hell told you I am his girl friend.abhi in anger , I know..pragya,I am not his girlfriend. .he loves tanu. Abhi ,but he points you when I asked him.riya ,yes..he told it’s you..pragya moves from there and after sometime comes with nikkil and tanu..
Pragya ,nikkil..did you told that I am your girlfriend

NIKKIL,how can I pragya..
abhi,hey..cheater..you pointed her n.a…when I asked.. nikkil , no abhi .i think you misunderstood. .she is my love.i love tanu ..and pragya is nice friend for me. Pragya ,and I don’t have any boyfriend.. abhi in happy tone,you don’t have boyfriend..pragya nods no.
PURAB to control abhi , sorry pragya..we misunderstood I think..
PRAGYA,it’s okay. .Romeo..
Purab, Romeo? Pragya smiles ,I know you are quite flirty type. Purab, remember I am your senior. Pragya poking him,I remember..all smiled and abhi asked nikkil sorry .nikkil ,it’s ok bro..  all were happy except riya.she was fuming in anger and purab was enjoying it.
Purab, guys..can we have a get together today..as we have new members to our group and winks at Abhi.abhi understood his plan and says yes. .let’s party today in our flat.pragya,no I am not coming..you guys carry on..PURAB,arey..it’s mainly for you two..how can we celebrate without you..pragya ,but I am not intrested in it. Abhi, please..come na ..pragya could not say no to him .
Pragya, okay. .me and tanu will come.

        All dispersed to their classes and pragya could sense the hatred towards her by riya.she don’t know why she feels like that but thought to speak with her. Everyone leaves and tanu ,pragya left to get ready for their get together.
In abhi’s flat.
Abhi,arey come on yaar..soon clean up the mess..what will they think by seeing our room’s condition.
Arjun, abhi..one correction..not they ..she. .
Abhi smiles while nikkil for confused ,who..

Purab  ,woh ..tumari girlfriend ki friend ..
Nikkil  in shocked tone , pragya..
Purab, why you are getting shock..do you don’t think abhi and pragya makes a best pair . Nikkil could not say anything.after few minutes nikkil, does she knows that you love her. Abhi, arey..how can I say as such..I too have some style.. nikkil ,then when you gonna say.. abhi,aaj. .all in shocked tone, today..abhi smirks at them. Purab, abhi…are you sure.. abhi leaves saying i am ..

     After hours,  they heard a door bell.PURAB,I will see .abhi checks at last as all were set perfect. Purab opened the door and sees pragya and tanu standing there.he welcomes them in and closed the door.pragya and tanu looks around while abhi was admiring at pragya.Arjun with glasses of water in his hands, welcome you both. PRAGYA takes a glass and says thank you.. purab , abhi… did you ordered food.. abhi ,oh I forgot..I will do now..pragya,why you are ordering .. abhi, we used to have instant foods as noodles ,bread toast but you both are here today na ..let’s order something..pragya in strict tone ,no need to order..abhi ,then.. pragya,I will cook today.. all in shocked tone,you know how to cook.

Pragya quite shocked because of their expression, guys..I know very well to cook.. so purab get some times which I need..and makes a list. Purab leaves to buy and arjun arranged the kitchen  for pragya to cook. As usual tanu and nikkil went to romance.abhi was standing near pragya who was just admiring at him.Arjun clears his throat which brings both of them back to their sense. After sometime purab comes with some veggies and ingredients. PRAGYA asked the trio to leave as she can’t cook if they keep on troubling her..they leaves and pragya starts to cook.
  After 30 minutes,pragya called everyone for dinner. All sits and abhi makes pragya to sit. Pragya serves to all and abhi serves to her. Pragya was quite suprised by him but she didn’t show it. All tasted and praised her. Purab keeps on praising pragya and pragya smiles at him. Then she noticed that riya was not there..
Pragya, where is riya..

Purab, actually she is busy today..so she could not come..
Arjun,but she missed pragya’s dinner.
PRAGYA smiles at him.tanu,you did well buddy. Nikkil , pragya..please teach tanu too ..how to cook.tanu glares at him saying better you teach him..as you gonna cook after our marriage.everyone laughs .

   They had a peacefull dinner and tanu and nikkil left for a drive and purab , arjun were all set for their match. Abhi takes pragya to his  room. PRAGYA looks around where there is full of photos ,awards and guitars .they stood near balcony and pragya was enjoying the site. She could feel the cold breeze and starts ti shiver.abhi sensed it and gives his jacket to her. First pragya denied but abhi forcefully puts around her. Both stands silent for sometime. Abhi looks at pragya who was enjoying the view ..abhi in mind ,will you accept me…I don’t know what you will accept it or not..but I will tell what’s  in my heart today…

Hope all enjoyed…keep supporting guys…will be continued..

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