kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 39)

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Hello guys..hope all are waiting for an leap..though I have exams I almost spend my time to update this part…

After 3 years….

In United Kingdom , London. …

” oh..my god..I almost lost in a second ..” aditya murmers while entering the home which was decorated with candles and flowers.

” it seems like someone is in good mood..” he thinks as he closed the door after entering without making noise.

    He took little small steps without making any noise but he failed as he dropped the vase down which made a loud noise.

” arey ram ..it’s almost 31 … sure I am going to die because of her anger..” he thinks as he removed the flowers from the vase.

” what’s the matter ..can’t you see what’s before you …you almost broked my favourite one..” a lady burst on him with anger.

” arey meri ma..I tried but it dropped without my sense .. but pragya..I will buy a new one..promise..” aditya tells as he throws it on the dustbin.

“You seemed to be tired today..need a coffee..” pragya asked while making him to sit on the sofa.

” ya ..please..because my mind is not feeling well I think..because if not..i would never allowed him to win..” aditya tells by taking pragya’s hands near his head .

” oh..it seems you again lost..I am saying n.a…you can’t win him..” pragya tells while massaging his head.
” but sure one day..I will make him lose..that day you will understand the power of aditya. .” He tells as pragya ruffled his hair.

” you can’t Mr.aditya..he is born rockstar..no one can compete with him..” pragya tells as an gets up from the sofa.

Aditya holds her hand saying ” I will never accept my failure..that too before him..”

” why you  always want to win over him..concentrate on your talents..sure one day you will become more success than him..so stop thinking how to fall him down and concentrate on your own business..” pragya tells as now she gets anger on him. She leaves from there and aditya follows her to kitchen.

” tell me one thing..” aditya asked her while pragya nods her head to continue..” why you always support him…do you know him before..” he asked her while pragya looks at him in shock.

” are you mad..how can i know ..I am just saying for your goodness. .” PRAGYA tells without looking at him. She pours the coffee on a mug and when aditya tries to ask something , she shows him the mug to have it.

    ” do you want your share…” aditya asked while pragya smiles at him saying ” I had mine..so I don’t need ..better you leave from here..always irritating..” she tells him to which he gives a smirk to her.


In India. ..

   ” sir , how do you feel after winning the Oscar award for the best music director ?” A reporter asked a handsome tall man who is just holding his alcohol bottle in his hands and looking at the reporter with a smirk.

” do you love someone..” he asked  the reporter to which he nods his head in no.

The man smiles at him saying ” if you love someone sure you will understand what I am going to say..if your loved one left you …you can better understand what I am going to say..” he sips the bottle and looks at the person with anger.

” abhi sir ..from your words..it’s clear that it loved someone..tell us  something about the person..” abhi looks the reporter noding his head up and down.

” sure I will say more about that person who left me for her mother..but I am not angry on her..just upset because she left me..but still I love her from my bottom of heart. ..I know she will be watching this..but wherever you are jaan..this abhi loves you..” He tells while getting up. He struggled to get but two hands holds him.

” I think we should end this..he needs some rest now..” a lady of her late 20’s holds abhi’s hands and takes him from the meeting.

” abhi …how much you gonna drink ? There is a limit for everything..just you can’t behave like this if no one ask you anything…” she shouts at him to which abhi breaks the bottle on the floor.

” stop your nonsense..riya..it doesnt means you can talk anything …i didn’t stopped you because it’s a meeting and I dont want to create any scenes…stay in your limits..” abhi says as he gets inside the car.

” abhi..you can tell whatever you want..but let me drive..you are drunken abhi..” riya says while opening the driver’s door.

” I don’t need your help..and you know one thing..I am in this state it’s because of you..you are the only one reason I am like this now…” abhi says as he closed the door and  starts the car.

” abhi ..I know what I did was a sin..but I too need a chance abhi..I promise ..I have changed …believe me..” riya cries while leaning on the door.

” I will believe only after finding my pragya..I don’t know where she went. .no one knows about her..I don’t know whether she is alive or not .” Abhi tells as he pushed riya and drives it rashly .. .

” god ji. ..you have to give a solution for this..where are you pragya..your abhi needs you badly..” riya cries while looking up holding her hands together…

” arey why you are crying…” aditya asked  while entering pragya’s room who switched off the t.v and looks at him with a smile on her face.

” nothing..I just thought about  ma and bulbul..” pragya says while wiping her tears.

” I know more about you..and you will not cry for these small things..come on tell me..what’s bothering you..” aditya asked  while sitting beside her.

    PRAGYA hugged him and cries hardly. Aditya could not understand what’s happening and pats her back.

” why it happens to me..” pragya asked in between her sobs while aditya looks at her in shock…

Hope you enjoyed…
I think you like aditya and pragya’s bonding…soon will reveal how riya joined with abhi and many more…

Will be continued. ..
With love…

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