kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 35)

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Hello guys…hope you all are happy that finally abhi comes to know about the truth..someone asked how pragya escaped, so in this chapter the truth will be out. ..

    Pragya hugged abhi who just pulled her close towards him. ” then how did you escaped ? ” abhi asked while breaking the hug and holds pragya’s chin. His eyes becomes wet as he is scared now what if he had lost pragya. ” relax abhi..are you scared? For this ,I didn’t told anything about this..but now the truth is out..”

Fb starts…
       Pragya feels somewhat uneasy as she started the car. She drives slowly as riya was before her. But she never lost her hope that she will not give up easily. Pragya increases the speed as she crossed riya which was the planed thing by riya.  ” you are thinking that you pushed me back..but you are wrong … as I purposely slowed my car so that I all have a point to push you ..you know I have never wished to kill you but your closeness towards abhi makes me distance from him…so I have to do this…be happy once you reach the heaven..” riya smiles and speeds her car. She makes a turn making sure that pragya gets unbalanced and the car falls down the cliff. PRAGYA was shocked as she saw riya smiling at her waving her bye .

She closed her eyes as she doesn’t know where this gonna end .she tries to pick her phone but it falls down.” Oh..god..he told me that he is not feeling right that I should have listened to him..what will I do now as I promised that I will be with him forever.. sorry abhi..I could not fulfil my promise and she looks down that it’s almost a forest area. She opens the seat belt and the door and jumps down.she closed her eyes not to look around thinking that she would and up on the surface but she felt somewhat hanging.

She opened her eyes and looked up as her bracelet gets stuck with the trees . She prayed to god and thanks him.she looks at the bracket and smiles saying ” you fulfilled your promise abhi..you promised me that you will be with me..as a saviour ..today you proved it..” she looks up to see nikkil’s car. She gets calm as she knows that abhi will definitely save her. With heavy pain,  she closed her eyes…
Fb ends.

    ” this what happened that day..” she looks at abhi who was dumbstruck by her state. ” you believed that I will save you..” Abhi asked to which pragya nods saying ” yes..I know you will come ..hamesha..because you love me..” pragya tells while abhi lies by placing his head on her lap.” You know what…no one believed me this much like you..you are the first person and absolutely last person too..because no one can understand me like you..that’s why I love you..more than anything in this world. Thanks a lot fuggie for coming into my life..

for making me understand what love is..life is ha..i was really in fear when I saw my car in that state..” abhi tells while pragya keeps on moving her hand through his hair. ” that much you worried about me..” pragya asked to which abhi replied” nahi fuggie..you misunderstood..you know I worried for my car as you it’s my fav car..you almsir did karma for it..” Abhi tells crying while pragya pushed him. She gets up asking ” you are feeling about your car..that dump car..because of that ,I was about to die ..” pragya replies while folding her hands. ” arey yaar..main majaak kar raha hoon..it’s a joke pragya..”

Abhi tells while surrounding his hands around her shoulder. PRAGYA smiles asking ” you said you bought me a gift..where is that..” she asked while abhi takes a small box from his pocket. ” here you go..” he gives her while pragya unwraps the small box. ” it looks like a ring..” she opens the box to find empty.” Abhi..there is nothing..” pragya pours while abhi gets the box from her asking ” there is nothing means. .. where is the ring ..” he asked while looking into it.” How do I know..” pragya tells to which abhi kneels before her.” Will you be my future wife..”abhi asked to which pragya looks suprised as he forward his hand with a ring. ” but what about present … .first you behave like my bf then we will think about marriage ” pragya laughs while abhi looks at her in shock .”

PRAGYA..it’s not fair..yaar ..my knees are paining ..and don’t say that i am not a good bf … ” abhi says with his puppy eyes. ” arey meri jaan..” pragya pulls his cheeks while abhi smiles at her. ” now you can accept me na..” Abhi tells as pragya forwards her hand and abhi slides the ring into her finger.” You are officially engaged miss.pragya..” Abhi tells to which pragya giggles . “You don’t have any right to look at other men except me..” Abhi tells while pragya surrounds her hand around him.” Then..it applies with you too..” pragya raised her eyebrow to which abhi replies” I am not engaged..till now..”

pragya removes her old ring and puts on abhi’s hand.” Arey ..no need of this..I was just..” but he was stopped by pragya .” I am giving this because it’s really special to me..I want to share everything..so it’s just only for you..from my side..” pragya tells while abhi replies “then it’s also special for me..this is the best gift of this year..thank you..”

pragya gets sad which was noticed by abhi. ” now what happened..are you thinking about riya? Leave that to me..you don’t take tension..I will speak to her..” Abhi tells as pragya looks at him.” Don’t be harsh to her..please control yourself..” pragya tells to which abhi asked ” pragya..she tried to kill you but you are defending for her..but I am really sorry on behalf of her ..I promise now that I will not allow any one to harm you..” pragya hugs him saying ” even though she tried to kill me ..she is your friend abhi..remember that..she would had different intention but she helped you …for that you should be thankful to her.” Abhi too hugs her saying ” I love you fuggie..”

” I know that..” pragya tells back while abhi says ” I expected that you will say those words.. ” abhi muzzled near her neck to which pragya replied smiling” I love you idiot… .”

So this ends here…
Boring ….
Let’s wait for a change..I don’t want the leap to happen soon..
What you guys think about this…
Like it..please share your views…

Will be continued. .

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