kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 30)

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Hello guys..I know as all were in shock about the unexpected twist as riya makes pragya to fall from cliff..so let’s see what’s gonna happen next…

          “Arey purab ..you are driving the car not a cycle..” arjun mocks purab while he smirks at him. But abhi was in his own thoughts about pragya. He is feeling that something gonna happen to pragya..he was looking out while tanu teases him.” Arey Romeo. .don’t worry ..I know pragya very well and she drives superb..”  tanu tells while abhi looks at her. ” what you mean by that..she had driven before ” arjun asked looking at tanu.tanu thinks oh..god i am dead today as pragya asked me not to tell but I blurted out the truth..sure she gonna kill me but before that arjun will kill me if i lie to him..” he asked you something..sweetheart ”  nikkil tells while tanu glares at him. ”  woh ..she took me for shopping last week..that time we stoled your car only..”  tanu tells while not looking at arjun..” it means you both damaged my car..” arjun asked quite in anger. Tanu thinks oh meri maa ..jaise sister waise bhai..I am dead today.. ” what happened arjun ” abhi asked him while arjun says ” you know abhi..last week my car was damaged badly ..I thought it may be my mistake but now I came to know that these two are responsible for this..”  ” arey..i am telling the truth ..she was about to take a turn but the opposite car hit our’s” tanu tells while making a pout . They were on the way while they saw some smoke with fire near the cliff.abhi asked purab to stop the car and all gets down.

Abhi was feeling weird as his heart beat fast.they looks down to find a car burning and they then noticed it’s the car where pragya went. Abhi shouts pragya and was about to jump but arjun and nikkil holds him.”  PRAGYA. ..arjun..it’s my car and pragya was inside it ” .. Abhi shouts while arjun consoles him. ” abhi..we will call police and ambulance..don’t lose your hope..nothing will happen to her..” arjun consoles but abhi pushed him..” kaise Bhai hai tum? ? I am telling that my pragya is there but you are saying we have to vall the police..” abhi fumes while riya comes there from behind .. ” what happened abhi..oh..it seems to be your car right..where is pragya..” riya asked in her fake concern tone. Abhi hugs her saying ” meri pragya..woh..” riya consoles him while she pays his back..” nothing will happen to her abhi..she will reach the place where she belongs..”  riya  looks up while saying this..purab thinks ” if she is responsibe for this..I will not leave her..”purab glares at riya while she breaks the hug saying dont worry abhi.. ” I am going there..if you giys are coming you can..but don’t stop me..” Abhi tells while leaving from there. He walks off while nikkil says it’s not good to leave abhi alone..let’s go..” everyone walks near the area…


     Abhi looks around shouting pragya while all were searching around. They saw the car which is almost burnt . ” good bye..miss.pragya arora. ..tumara chapter ka the end..came..”  riya thinks while walking with them. Abhi nears the car and looks inside while no one is inside. ” pragya is not here purab..” Abhi tells while arjun checks while breaking the door. Tanu looks near side while she noticed pragya’s duppatta and says ” nikkil..woh. .” She shows the area while arjun rushed there. Abhi stood idle as he could not believe that she is no more..he can’t make his mind and heart to understand that she is no more..arjun cries while holding her duppatta..arjun shouts ” why you left me princess…”  Abhi looks at him as he could not shout as his voice has been muted and looks with tears in his eyes. ” hey..look there. ..”  nikkil shouts while they saw pragya lying on the rock with blood near her forehead. Abhi shouts fuggie and rushed to her. ” let me check..” tanu holds pragya’s hands while abhi makes her to lie on his lap. ” purab..get some water..” tanu shouts while he runs from there..” let’s take her to hospital..I could not risk her life tanu..” Abhi shouts while tanu says ” abhi.. she is just unconcious and I think there is no need of doctor..” ” what you are saying..”  arjun asked her while nikkil says ” her dad is doctor and she too knows some first aid..” 

Abhi shouts ” his father is only doctor not she..” while tanu says ” you both please shut your mouth..”   purab comes there with water bottle and first aid kit. Tanu splashed water on pragya’s face while she tries to open her eyes. ” fuggie..are you okay..” Abhi asked pragya while she tries to sit. Abhi helps her while riya looks at her in anger. PRAGYA nods her head while abhi shouts ” I asked you not to prove anything..but what you did..you didn’t listened to me snf yoy know how we felt when we saw the car in the cliff. ..” pragya remembers riya making her to fall while she looks at her riya who was looking at her in anger. ” what’s the need to prove when you cant ..I know riya can drive but you are different from her  …you got it what I am saying..” pragya looks at him with tears in her eyes.. ” it’s all because of you guys…you almost made her to drive and look what happened now..” Abhi scolds others while pragya asked ” what you said..i am not like riya..I don’t want to compare anyone with me as I don’t try to imitate like others..I am whom I was..I am..I will be..I don’t have to copy others and you never asked me what happened …you almost spoke without hearing my words..” Abhi tries to speak but pragya stops him saying ” disgusting. ..I never thought you will compare with me others..” riya left from there while pragya pushed abhi’s hand who tries to stop her.

    Riya comes near her car saying how can she escape everytime..I almost tried to kill her but she escaped..she felt a hand on her shoulders. She turns to see pragya standing there with a smile. ” what you are thinking. …I don’t know what you are doing behind me..” pragya asked while riya asked what you are speaking about…”  . PRAGYA smiles saying I know you are the one who tried to create misunderstandings between me and abhi and you was about to mix the drinks on abhi’s wine but it almost failed and now you tried to kill me.. riya looks at stock..” I also know that why you are doing like this..you love abhi..” riya tries to speak but pragya stops her saying , let me finish..he loves me and i love him..he is just thinking you as a friend but you are taking his care as an advantage..I will not leave you again if you try something ” riya smiles saying, wah. …you know this much..it’s almost a great thing as I am also  fed up of playing hide and seek ..why you interfered in our life..everything was good until you came..Abhi makes a distance from me and now he almost love you..my foot..I am challenging you as I will make abhi to realise that you are not worth for his love and he will propose me infront of your eyes..” pragya says let’s see as my true love wins or your mad filled love wins.

Screen freezes between both faces…

How was the episode guys..share your views…

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