kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 29)

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Back with an update…happy to get into another track..I don’t know whether you guys will accept it but I got an idea of another thing..so let’s see how long it gonna work…

             PRAGYA remembers about purab’s words. ” she loves abhi…more than anything in this world..and she can do anything ” so riya was about to say abhi’s name in the hospital but she managed as abhi came in. I too thought that I am overthinking . Now should I say to abhi? But what he will do? He will just get mad at riya. I don’t want him to get mad at his best friend but I can’t leave this too..what to do now. .? Pragya thinks while she senses someone patting her shoulder. PRAGYA turns and looks to see abhi standing with the hilarious look. ” why you are looking at me like this..? ” pragya asked him while abhi sits near her in the bench. ” you were in deep thoughts.so I was just admiring you..”

Abhi replied with the buttery smile. ” are you flirting with me..” pragya asked him to which abhi looks at her with a blank expression . ‘ oh hello madam..I am not a random guy to flirt with you..I am your bf. .” Abhi says while holding her hand. ” abhi..what you are doing..it’s college ” pragya says while looking around and finally looks at him.” So what..I am holding my girl’s hand..no one can question me? ” abhi says in a quite possessive tone. ” ok baba… did you packed your bags or need my help”  pragya asked in a concern tone to which abhi smirks at her. ” I am done with my packing..arey who will stay without packing as we are going tomorrow right.”

Abhi replied to which pragya smiles at him. That time purab , tanu, nikkil and arjun comes there. PURAB ” what you both were talking about..”  . NIKKIL in mocking tone , arey..we are planing how to escape from you guys..so that we can spend some time alone in the trip..hey na fuggie..tanu,  “arey yaarr ..stop your stupid talks as we always escape from them..”  pragya in irritated tone , you guys have no other job..always teasing us.. tanu was about to say something but arjun comes there saying ” abhi..we can go home as this is the last day..

so let’s go..” purab,  ” then can we spend sometime in flat..”  Abhi , ” ya ..arjun let’s go..”  . ” no we are not coming..actually ma asked me and pragya to come soon as she want to discuss about something..so lets see tomorrow..” arjun tells while pragya says ” oh..ya now I remember.. .let’s go soon ..” she looks at abhi saying “let’s see tomorrow ok…”  ” you mean you are leaving now…”

Abhi asked while holding her hand. ” yes..because I am going to spend my next week with you only..so let me go today..”  pragya explained to him as he is the verge of crying. ” arey for sometime let her see her family members to abhi…” purab adds to which pragya glares at him. Everyone leaves while riya looks at them from the distance. Still now i failed in separating you from abhi..but this time I will not..as I have a big back up plan for that too ..so pragya let’s see ..who gonna win..


     Next morning all were ready for their trip as everyone assembled near abhi’s flat. There were three cars and abhi , pragya  in one car and arjun ,purab , riya in the other and nikkil , tanu in other one. Everyone were happy as their plan was to attend arjun’s cousin wedding for last three days. So they can also visit some places as well they can attend the wedding too..the journey was good as all were spending their quality time with their loved one’s.not in case of purab and arjun. They both crack jokes especially purab to irritate riya who was irritated by their stupidity . They stopped for a tea break near the stall. All were talking while purab starts , ” abhi..you know girls don’t know anything..not even driving. .” Riya , ” what you mean..I know how to drive. ” .

Purab, ” did I say it’s you..it’s more common..”  pragya,” it means you are  saying about me and tanu..for your kind  info i know how to drive ” she smirked at him..” you know how to drive..” arjun asked while pragya nods her head. ” ok..its time for competition..so now …the competition is whether riya drives well or pragya…” NIKKIL informed to which abhi says ” there is no need for such competition..we are here to enjoy..” he tells in a quite anger tone. ” oh..she gonna compete with me..” riya smirks at pragya where purab whispers in pragya’s ears ” you have to prove her pragya..” pragya nods saying yes..let’s see. Abhi,  what’s this..no need of this..” don’t worry abhi..no thing will happen..it’s just a game..” nikkil informs abhi to which he earns a glare from him. Abhi gives his car to pragya and she happily says “don’t worry..I know how to drive and it’s just a game…” 

Abhi , ” I don’t think it’s right game..but anyway..before driving tell me where is the brake..”  he asked her to which pragya gives him a deadly glare. She shows to which abhi nods and he says ” by chance ..if you can’t control this car, call me..understood..” pragya smiles saying , don’t worry rockstar..now your car is mine..”  pragya gets in and abhi puts her seat belt and kissed her cheeks.  ” you are showering with your love that I am not going to come back..” pragya asked to which abhi shouts ” ” stop it …can’t you speak positively..”  riya looks at them saying you are right pragya..as you  never gonna come back …this time  no one can save you..” i am saying you not to prove such things but when you heard my words but I am only doing this for your happiness..and it’s almost a jolly region where there will be more cliff’s. .so be careful….”

abhi tells her to which pragya looks at him silent. ” you guys finished your romance..” NIKKIL asked while tanu says ” Abhi..it’s just a game not nothing more than that as you are feeling like she is going for an Olympic..”  abhi closed the door and riya takes arjun’s car. Arjun stands near their cars and blows the whistle.  Pragya starts the car as like riya and both started to drive fast.abhi ,arjun, tanu ,nikkil and purab were back following them… ” you are end of your chapter  Pragya…”  riya thinks while it’s a highway near the hilly area…..she just hits pragya’s car who suddenly lost her control and the car rolls down near the cliff……

will abhi able to save her this time….
screen flashes between their faces…

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