kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 28)

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Hello guys..finished my exams but my projects and seminars are pending ..record works but still I am adjusting to give some time for this..hope you enjoyed the last one..
       ” seriously..it’s me.. I can’t believe that I behaved like that ..” pragya looks at tanu who was laughing at her saying you know how cute you look when you expressed your love to abhi. Purab continues saying really I am happy for you both ..finally all misunderstandings cleared between you both..arjun says finally we will get some peace … pragya looks at abhi and sighs him to come to room . Everyone looks at her and abhi while started teasing them. NIKKIL , abhi..don’t be shy..we will not see or hear anything..ha. .na guys.. all nods their head while pragya blushes a little and leaves from there. PURAB looks at abhi asking you gonna sit here or you are going..arey chalo n.a…. abhi beats him with the pillow and leaves from there to his room.

In abhi’s room..

     Abhi enters the room and finds to be dark. As it’s night and the lights were off he searches for pragya and he very well know she will be in balcony. Abhi moves there to see her looking at the sky while leaning against the fence of the balcony. Abhi smiles at her and hugs her from behind nuzzling her neck but she was busy in her own world. Abhi , what you are thinking about?  PRAGYA came back to her sense when she heard abhi’s voice. She turns and looks into his eyes while abhi looks at her with love. PRAGYA, did I hurted you..these were the words escaped from pragya’s mouth with tears in her eyes. Abhi wipes her tears saying did I told you troubled me? You know it’s my best day in my life as I got a big suprise from my love ..I can’t forget this day..pragya smiles at him while he continues but the sad thing is you can’t remember anything..pragya chuckles saying its not a big problem Mr.MEHRA. ..

as we have the video right..you know I was longing to say those words to you but I failed everytime seeing you..when I look into your eyes I don’t know wgere I will get lost..Abhi holds her hand saying i am feeling happy to get you as my love. ..and one more thing …you know how to dance..pragya looks at him in what you mean by it look. Abhi , I am asking you madam..pragya nods her head saying i am a professional dancer rockstar..Abhi looks at her in shock while pragya smirks at him. Abhi , then can you perform again..for another song.. pragya, which song.. Abhi whispers near her ear saying humma..song from ok jaanu . PRAGYA pokes him saying let’s dance once we get married and now let’s leave..I came to ask whether I troubled or hurted you.. abhi asked her not to hurt herself as it’s not get mistake. Both walks to the living room earning a glare from everyone . Abhi and pragya settles while purab says abhi..we are planing for a trip..pragya,why this much sudden..NIKKIL,  we thought to enjoy out holidays as it will be boring for ten days here itself. Abhi , if everyone is ok with this..I have no problem..pragya looking at arjun ,but what about ma..arjun, I will speak to ma..you are coming ..that’s it..
They had some talks and left from there..

   Next morning , in college..
         PRAGYA was on her way to class when she meets purab. PURAB,pragya..are you free..I need to discuss about an important matter with you..Pragya,  what happened purab..you sounds different. .any problem..
PURAB,pragya..I want to say one thing..you know who spilled your drink..
PRAGYA nods no and says leave..I have no interest on knowing who is that ..
PURAB,  you have to..it’s none other than riya.. pragya , how do you know it’s her..I think you misunderstood.

Purab,  I saw her bribing the waiter to spill in abhi’s drink but I think he mistakenly mixed with  your coke. PRAGYA,  what’s the need purab..
Purab,  you know what..she loves abhi..Abhi is looking at riya as his friend but her thought about him is different..she is the one who wants ro seperate you both..the pictures of you and arjun was taken by her and she manipulated abhi..pragya looks shocked asking she loves abhi and reminds about her words  .

Purab, she loves abhi more than anything and she can do anything to win over Abhi. . PRAGYA,  but she never confessed him. Purab, she knows that he loves you and if she seperates you from him , her route will be clear right . PRAGYA,  did abhi know about this . PURAB,  no yaar..but I know as I had advised riya but she doesn’t listen to me not for anyone’s word.pragya looks at him shocked as the screen freezes..
So I know it’s not upto the mark..but this one is needed as id now..from my point…

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