kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 26)

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All were enjoying the night while riya excuses herself and walks to the bar counter. She bribes the waiter to add some whiskey in that wine glass.as abhi orders wine as HE doesn’t want to drink infront of pragya and riya makes it favour for her. The waiter refused as if someone come to know about this ,sure his job will be gone. Riya gives a bundle of notes ask ing now too you are worrying about your job..I can find other one but you will be the loser. The waiter gets the bundle and says work will be done . Riya tells you are genius and the work should be done ..I don’t want any thing happening in between ..if so I will itself fire you from this job..got it. The waiter nods and riya leaves from there thinking now see how you gonna save abhi and afterwards abhi will be mine and will leave you forever. She smiles and leaves from there.she too joined with them and that time a person comes to the stage saying attention guys. Everyone looks at him and pragya yelled Rocky. Abhi after listening to pragya’s words asked is he ? PRAGYA nods and Rocky looks at her waving his hand.

PRAGYA looks horrified at him and yells shameless idiot. He sighs to look at him . PRAGYA turns her face saying irritating.  Tanu , is he the same Rocky whom Tara loved. NIKKIL and purab , who is that? Abhi , pragya…shall we go. PRAGYA looks at tanu asking what to do but tanu says ignore him.. Rocky continues saying today I am so happy as I got my love back. He looks at pragya who turns towards him. Abhi ,whom he is talking about? Tanu,  may be he is here to impress some girl. Rocky continues my true love which I lost in my school days ..PRAGYA murmering to tanu, is he talking about Tara..it means where is she? She looks around while Rocky asked her to come to the stage. PRAGYA looks at the direction and sees tara coming there with a bright smile on her face . Abhi , what she is doing here?

Did she forgave him..PRAGYA thinks what’s happening.. riya in annoyed tone , stop talking about them..let them be what they are..she is thinking why my plan is not getting successful. Abhi , but riya..she is pragya’s best friend..in between how you know about them tanu.tanu,  while college knows about Tara. Rocky holding her hand , I am happy that finally she forgave me..yes I left her but she didn’t left me when I need her…there i came to know she is my true love . Tara hugs him saying love you..while Rocky asked all to continue their work and they both walks towards pragya. ” pragya..” Tara exclaimed while hugging Pragya. She too hugged her while gazing at Rocky. Tara, I am happy that finally he accepts me. Rocky , sorry pragya..because of me you both got seperated… PRAGYA, how you got such a nice thinking.. Rocky, when my best friend leaves me saying i am not wealthy than her bf. She just used me pragya. When I lost everything …Tara helps me and now we are together…

I want to give you a suprise so I planed to say everything as I know you will be here . PRAGYA in confused look , how you know? Rocky  smiling , is that important. .and pragya says still you are behaving as a monster..rocky, still you are annoying me with that name and you dont intro me to him. Pragya,oh..I forgot..he is abhi and abhi it’s rocky. Abhi , I am forgiving you as you finally accept her. Rocky hugs him saying sorry bro.. Abhi , it’s okay. Rocky , can we join in your group..purab , is there anything to ask..come guys..they all sat and we’re chatting when the drinks comes. PURAB and nikkil gives their glasses to everyone and all says cheers. ….all starts to drink while riya was eying at abhi who drank in a single gulp. All finished their but pragya was not get done.  PURAB, come on pragya..it’s just a coke..not anything more than that . PRAGYA closed her eyes and gulps it. Riya was noticing abhi for any changes but he was continuously chatting with purab ,arjun and Rocky. NIKKIL and tanu were romancing while pragya and Tara were chatting wuth each other. PRAGYA feels little bit blurred around her and her head starts to spin. Tanu taping pragya’s shoulder , here it’s your dark chocolate.. PRAGYA gets it and says let’s see if it gets clear after having it. She haves it and finds more uneasy .

Tara noticed her state and asked what happebed.. PRAGYA nods saying nothing and looks for abhi . PRAGYA by placing her head on tara’s shoulder , where is abhi.. Tara, wait let me call him..as we both came here as their talks disturbed ours. Tara shouts abhi and he looks at her sighing what. Tara asked him to come and he sees pragya lying on her shoulder. Abhi thinking , what happened to her..damit ..she asked me to be with her but I didn’t..sure she gonna get mad at me. Everyone walks towards pragya and riya thinks what happened to her. PRAGYA murmers abhi..Abhi..Abhi comes there saying i am here and Tara says she is drunken..Abhi in shocked tone ,what..but I ordered her coke only. 

Abhi looks at pragya who is struggling in tara’s hold and gestures Tara to leave her. PRAGYA runs to abhi and hugs him saying this idiot is not leaving me abhi.. he smiles at her as she is doing childish antics  . PRAGYA looks at him asking what you are looking at me like this..she looks everyone staring at her and looks at Rocky and shouts you monster. He holds his collars asking how can you leave my friend like that. Abhi pulls pragya from him saying he accepts his mistake ..henna  Rocky  he winks at him to say yes. Rocky too nods and abhi says see..now your friend is happy and how you got intoxicated..

pragya moves her head towards abhi saying it’s secret…and abhi leans towards her as she is saying with a silent tone.  PRAGYA nears his ear and shouts that it’s because of that blo*dy waiter . Abhi grits his teeth as her voice almost shocked him and for minute ne thought he became deaf as he heard only a beep continuos sound. Abhi says will you be quite and pragya looks at him..

Will be continued..

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