kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 22)

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Back to update..I didn’t thought that I can update but seriously guys TN is fighting for their rights…and many things changed my life as I thought to share some things which I experienced…the boys or guys really supported us alot . They respected US in all ways and moreover they cared us as a sister …and um night girls were seated centre with the boys in distance around them for protecting..hands off to all the guys who supported because of them girls came forward to protest , girls stayed back in night too without fear..so big thanks to them and I am dedicating this episode specially to people’s supporting jallikattu.

     There was a huge silence between abhi and pragya as both were seated in the balcony as pragya in abhi’s lap. She rest her head on his chest as she missed her safest place these days. Everything becomes normal between them but something hurts pragya as she didn’t told the truth about arjun to him.pragya still in his embrace,  abhi..you didn’t ask about me and arjun. Abhi still caressing her hair , I don’t want to know as you confessed your love to me. Pragya breaking the hug looks at abhi who looks confused , but I feel guilty ..and I want to share my past with you.. Abhi in serious tone ,  hey baby..what happened..it’s ok ..now not needed to say anything. .come let’s sleep..tomorrow I will drop you. PRAGYA stopping abhi who was about to take her in his arms by placing her hand on her shoulder sighing him to hear. Abhi looks at her to continue ..Pragya , abhi..as you know i lost my father when I was young.Abhi interrupting her , I know all that..don’t stress yourself..come let’s go. She raised her voice , please abhi.. Abhi remains silent . You know  my father left us when I was 10 but my mother never failed to bring us in this society. As a single women she struggled a lot for our survival. I have longed for father’s care when I see my friend’s and their father .

But you know what ,when I came to know about his real face I hate my dad..I hate him..he left us and married another women. You know who is that.. arjun’s mother .I didn’t know that he married again leaving us until I met arjun in his home.  I was shocked when I reached his house where I saw their family photos and was shattered. I nearly can’t take it anymore and thought to confront arjun about this. I asked when he  came back after his call. Arjun,pragya..what happened..why you are standing. Pragya stammers,  Arjun..who is that..In that pic next to your mom. Arjun bends his head down saying her husband. Pragya in confusion , what you mean ..your father right. .Arjun , pragya..I am not interested to talk about him ..cheap man. Pragya quietly,  why you hate him? Arjun makes pragya to sit and kneels down. She looks confused. Arjun , I know you are more anger now..on us.  But believe me pragya mom doesn’t know he was married when she marries him.PRAGYA stops him asking what you are saying..why should I anger on you..she hides her feelings but arjun continues , why you are lying to me as I know everything about you.

PRAGYA was shocked to core thinking how he knows about me. Arjun, thinking how I know about you..pragya nods her head. Arjun , when we were on the party , he drinks more and was not in his sense ..that time he blabbered about his first marriage and we were shocked . Mom didn’t believed him as she thought he is not in his senses but I had a doubt and starts to enquire about him.later I came to know that he was married and has 2 daughters and he married ma only for money. After knowing the truth as I finished my school days I asked mom to transfer all her properties on my name. Mom too agreed with me and this made him to show his real face to mom.he almost starts to beat mom and I stopped him and hand overed to police . Then I searched for you for a year and came to know that bulbul finished her schooling and want to join in our college . I made a special deal with the college committee and got your seats in our college. I really want you both to live a comfortable life as I thought I am also responsible for your state. Later you became close to me and i never expect that you will find the truth soon as I want to hide it from you..I feared I will lose you when you come to know the truth of our relation. After seeing your care for me I don’t want to see hate for me in your eye’s.

Please tell something..if you want to fight with me ..come on..and you don’t know the truth that he already loved mom before marrying your mom and he left her when she was pregnant in fear. But after he lost everything in business he came to us saying he rectified his mistake..pragya sits quietly without a move . Arjun sits beside her and says I am sorry for hiding this from you..pragya hugs him saying why should I get anger on you as you did all things for me but I can’t forgive him. He almost destroyed two women’s life and how can he ever think like this .. she gets up and leaves from there while arjun follows her. Then is what happened  you saw in your eyes. You know I really want to share all my pain with you but you shouted at me. I came to a conclusion that no one is this world loves me .. and I felt lost when you too fought with me. Pragya cries while abhi hugs her saying enough..I am sorry..mistake is mine..I never enquired about you..I thought only about me but not you..please don’t cry. .look I will not do this again. He makes pragya to look at him and wipes her tears saying i am there for you..if whole world is against you..I will be in your side..please forgive me. He too cries while pragya caressed his face. She continued  I could bear all the things..hatred , his betrayal but not your anger on me. Abhi hugs her while pragya silently shed her tears . ..

Will be continued..

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