kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 20)

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Happy to see new comers…thanks a lot guys…hope you are enjoying…

     “I dont know how she got unconcious arjun ” tanu explains while arjun is driving the car.

” call bulbul and ask her to come there” Arjun tells while still driving speed .
   Tanu calls bulbul and asked her to come while abhi , nikkil and purab are on their way to hospital.
” I don’t know how arjun came there? ” abhi questions while nikkil and purab glares him. Although purab is driving the car he takes a second to throw a glare at him.
” seriously abhi..we are praying that nothing should happen to her but you are thinking how he came there..you should thank arjun for this as he saved your love” purab tells while concentrating on the road.
” she is no more for me. ” abhi said uninteresting looking down .
” what you mean by no more ” nikkil asked him to which abhi ignored.

    But they reached hospital and abhi prays to god that nothing should happen. Though he is anger at pragya but he never wants her to go away from him. He always wants her to be happy and if her happiness lies with arjun he should move away from her life. He talks bitterly to make her anger on him and to move on with arjun. He thinks she will be happy with arjun but she have to understand it. Though he could see love for him he convinces his heart as its only as a friend and moves with purab and nikkil to see her..
       ” what happened to my beti..” they heard a lady shouting at arjun and tanu. BULBUL was consoling her while arjun looks down. BULBUL,  ma..now a days she used to lie to me and i don’t know about it.tanu , I think she took her tablet late.. bulbul in confusing tone ,what tablet.. tanu , arey..she used to take when she doesn’t feel sleepy. Sarla,  but I don’t know about it.. bulbul , do you have that now.. tanu gives her while bulbul cries by seeing it. BULBUL,  ma..it’s her bp tablet…she should not take it when her bp is high..it will drop down fast . She was explaining while doctor comes. Arjun ,doctor what happened..is she fine? Doctor , arjun beta. .I could not say anything now..she is under observation now and after 24 hours I could say anything..more over her bp is very low..it may lead to coma if she doesn’t gains her conscious in 24 hours .

All were shocked especially abhi. He knows that she is here because of him. His inner feelings is killing him for behaving like that to her. He slowly moves towards purab who asked him to say truth. ” what you mean..I didn’t do anything”abhi continues but earns a tight slap.. he looks at the person who slapped him and was shocked. It’s arjun. Who never raised his voice before him ..but now he is slapping him. He could not believe that his true friend slaps him for a girl. ” I know you are behind this..I already warned you not to harm her..i will be silent if you hurt me but I will not be silent if you hurt her..if something happens to her then you will see the bad face of arjun. ” he holds the collar but nikkil stops him. Arjun gives a deadly glare to abhi and moves to sit with sarla ma.she hugs him saying beta..Arjun consoles her saying ma..she is brave..she will not fail for God’s game.soon gonna come and torture you. Tanu gives juice glass to arjun who tells ma. ..you have to stay strong to fight with her when she gets up and she will ask why you dodnt care for my ma ..I could not answer to her questions ma..please have this..he makes her to drink and bulbul smiles at him.

   ” because of me ..she is here purab” abhi finally opens his mouth but now purab hugs him to comfort him.purab, it’s not your fault abhi..actually you have to clear your misunderstandings with her.Abhi ,purab..I don’t have the gut to hear the truth..I don’t know why but I could not live after hearing her truth . PURAB,  so you gonna hurt yourself and run from the truth..how long you can abhi.. Abhi ,I don’t know how long but not now purab.. purab,  Abhi..you are wrong. If she doesn’t love you then why should she get for you..why should she long for you..you know when we could not find you..she worried more than us. When we believed that you are dead she diesnt lost her hope.. she shouted us not to speak a word against you..these are for whom abhi..for you..purab pats his shoulder. Abhi while crying , no purab ..you are wrong. .it’s for a friend. She is thinking me as a friend ..if she would have in love me..she would have confessed by now. PURAB , may be she needs time.. Abhi wiping his tears , no..I have to finish this.. you are making this more complicated.. soon our college gonna end and I am going to leave India . I have got an offer from Cambridge university.. purab ,you gonna leave us. Abhi , not only me ..you ,nikkil and riya.  I have applied for us. Promise me..you won’t tell anything about this to anyone..purab nods thinking what happened to him..how should I make him understand.

     ” the patient wants to see you all.” Everyone looks at the nurse who informed and thanks her. Sarla and arjun rushes in followed by bulbul and tanu. Abhi stood there while nikkil and purab stands with him. PRAGYA slowly sits while sarla scolds her saying you cant even take care of yourself ..pragya looks at sarla asking when you came. BULBUL sits near her saying she wanna suprise you but you gave a shock for us. Sarla caressing her head , how are you beta..pragya smiles saying fine ma.. dont worry. BULBUL,  arey why you took that medicine ..I have warned you not to take when you are stressed. .pragya, I just didn’t get my sleep ..so I took. Arjun ,ma..you dont worry..I will take her to my home.my mom will take of her well. PRAGYA looks on sarla sadly while she covers her sadness with a smile. Sarla, you are right for her. Please take her to your home and convey my wishes to your Amma. Arjun nods asking pragya ,get ready soon..you are going to come to a hell . Pragya pouts saying i hate you. Arjun smiles saying it never works with me..abhi sees this from far and gets teary eyes.he leaves without informing anyone.
PRAGYA looks around to look for abhi. But gets sad thinking he even doesn’t care for me..come on pragya..he never cares for you.just focus on people who love you..dont care for a person who doesn’t even care whether you are alive or dead. She wipes her tears when bulbul hugs her saying dont worry di. .he is not worth for your tears .

Screen flashes between abhi’s sadface and pragya’s crying face…

Will Destiny bring them close…
Will be continued…

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