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Hi guys…hope you are enjoying this show..thanks for commenting and I am really happy for you all. Thanks once again..

  “Why did you replied to him like that? See his anger is in peak now..” tanu was blabbering to pragya while they were coming out of canteen.pragya smiled at her asking you will not speak when it’s needed.tanu looks at her confused asking what you mean..pragya chuckles saying you should have opened your mouth there..they would have ran away. .no crying..no ragging.pragya finished her sentence and looks at tanu who was glaring at her.pragya mutters bad joke..tanu in irritated tone, I will see you when I get my chance..pragya smirks at her saying let’s see.both attends the rest of the classes.for pragya it’s intresting but tanu was not able to sit there as for her the classes are boring .and on top of it ,seeing pragya who was listening to lectures she got irked . She silently bend down and plugged her earphones listening to songs.pragya looked at her and smiles and again starts to take notes.

     Abhi was not even intrested to listen to lectures as his thoughts were on pragya”.how can she even ask who am I..and itne attitude..I will not leave her..sure she have to pay for what she had done..”Abhi was thinking while he felt a hand on his hand. Abhi turned to see and it’s riya. Riya ,dont think much. .we will show her whom we are …okay…Abhi smiles at her to which purab and arjun looks at each other.purab doesn’t like riya because of her attitude and behaviour, he prays to god that never abhi and riya should marry but he doesn’t know the face that his best friend arjun loves her. He knows that what feelings riya have on abhi is not love just an infatuation but never riya understood him.she asked him to be away . PURAB too keeps distance from her but he prays that abhi should never accept her.
Time passes and everyone starts to leave.bulbul and aliya left so pragya thought to go with tanu.both were on the way while pragya eventually falls over abhi. No one is aware of this as abhi was busy in talking with riya and arjun and pragya’s concentration were full in tanu’s statement.but before pragya falls abhi holds her.they had an eyelock while abhi was looking deep into her eyes.riya got irked by their closeness and she coughed.both came back to their senses and abhi makes her to stand.
Abhi in attitude, now apologise me..quite in harsh tone.
PRAGYA in fear,I …a..m sorry..
Abhi smirking , now you remember me?.
PRAGYA after thinking sometime ,no
Abhi,you don’t remember me..and you don’t remember what you did..today.
PRAGYA loved  to tease him and she was enjoying inside.
PRAGYA with much innocence ,no
Abhi explained how she proposed to him and everything
PRAGYA with smirking, oh..then well..nice to meet you and moves from there.
    Abhi was confused as why she said like that.tanu and pragya walks while pragya turned and winked at him.
    Then abhi realised that she fooled him and arjun while laughing said bro..she is the best competitor for you..Abhi looks at him but his heart too thinks same.he thinks how cute is she..my attitude queen.seriously abhi..when did she became yours.Abhi was back to his sense when riya asked him to come.they three leaves from there.

In night
    Abhi was thinking about pragya from the meeting till her wink. He could not sleep as he doesnt know what his heart feels.he dont know why he feel happy today…his heart  feels light..because of her..no how can be..may be love at first sight..but you are not a man who falls for girls abhi..girls will fall for you..but today what happened ..Abhi was thinking while lying on his bed.his inner voice ,accept it abhi..you had fallen for her.Abhi now speaks looking at mirror, no I am not..inner voice,then why you feel happy today ..nothing is special ..Abhi was talking to him when purab and arjun comes there.they  are staying in a compact flat which consist of one room ,hall and kitchen.while abhi was not in his sense ,purab sits on his lap gesturing arjun to be silent.arjun too nods his head as a child and purab,abhi..I am really sorry.
Abhi without realising ,for what..
Purab smiles as his plan is working..
PURAB,for playing prank in you…
Abhi by holding his chin ..he thinks purab to be pragya ,its okay baby..I am not angry in you..what I did was wrong..how can I ask you to propose to someone like that..arjun sits beside abhi saying yes..you should have asked her to propose you.Abhi came to his sense when he heard their laughter.he then came to know that purab is sitting on his lap.he pushed him shouting what the hell is this?   But both were busy in their laughing which irks abhi more.PURAB in between his laughs, baby..he laughs hard.Abhi scratched his fore head.arjun looking at confused abhi  ,accept bro..you love her.Abhi ,but how can I..just at one sight .now purab comes to him and keeps his hand on his lap,bro..love is a feel..we never know when will it come..but we feel complete. Abhi smiles and purab nods his head at arjun.arjun,bro..nikkil is coming tomorrow and you know his lover is fresher to this college…wait..only two girls joined in the second year …nikkil too says that his lover joined second year.   PURAB ,may be other department bro..arjun,no purab..she is our department. PURAB ,oh..oh..what will happen if she is pragya..as both were talking abhi was just looking at them in shock.arjun pats his shoulders saying let’s wait till tomorrow bhai ..nikkil will come. ..Abhi don’t know what to say but he knows he must wait till nikkil returns.

  Next morning, pragya and tanu reached college.both were standing near the corridor and was talking about the classes.pragya senses that someone is looking at her.she looks around but could not find anyone as all were busy in their work..
  Abhi,purab,arjun ,riya were near the entrance.riya  ,why we are here..let’s go in..PURAB gets an idea. He begins saying we are waiting for nikkil.Riya in irritated tone,he is not child right..he will come.arjun,arey ….we are here to clear a thing.riya, what…arjun,is his lover is pragya or not…riya atmost irritated,why you people are intrested in it. He will tell once he comes ..let’s go. PURAB,arey riya…we want to know because abhi loves her.Abhi was not listening to their talks as he was looking for pragya nor nikkil.Riya for shocked and asked abhi is it true..Abhi smiles at her which clearly tells her it’s true..Riya thinks how can he cheat me..how can he betray me for that chashmish. I thought he loves him but he loves pragya..I will not allow for it..Abhi is mine ..only mine.her thoughts were broken as nikkil comes there.now she is more curious to know whether pragya is his lover.all catches nikkil who was almost running.
NIKKIL ,I know guys. .you are happy to see me..but let me to meet principal ..as he called me.PURAB holds him.Abhi ,but before that say who is your lover.nikkil looking around and sees tanu and pragya talking. He shows them but when abhi and others turn to see tanu left and pragya was standing there.nikkil walks from there..arjun shouts are you sure..nikkil shouts yes and leaves.
Abhi breaks down while riya holds him.riya,don’t worry Abhi. .we are here with you..I am with you..leave ..she is not right girl for you..you deserve more than her.inside riya was more happy.purab looks in helpless state .Abhi pushed her and walks to pragya.he holds her shoulders and dragged her to a corner.
PRAGYA in pain,abhi..what you are doing..leave me.
Abhi,what you are thinking about me..I will fall for you..you played with my feelings…you don’t deserve me..you are so cheap , money minded girl..pragya looks at him confused and in tears. She feels hurt seeing abhi in pain.she doesn’t know why but her heart aches seeing him in pain..she doesn’t know whats happening here.pragya pushed him asking what you are talking about.Abhi moves to her saying i am telling the truth..from now I don’t want to see your face..get lost…pragya looks at him in shock ..

Hope you like this part..
Will be continued…
By aditi….

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