kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 19)

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So guys waiting for my updates..really I am sorry for the short update as it’s due to my heavy works but things apart I am happy that you people enjoying my fiction. And thanks to my regular commenters and readers …lets get into the story..

     Pragya looks around to find no one there except tanu. She gets up from the place and tanu looks puzzled of her act. Tanu, pragya..what happened..PRAGYA by holding the braclet close to her heart ,tanu… Abhi needs me .I have to go. She just walks off from there and tanu tries to stop her but in vain. PRAGYA sees purab and nikkil standing over a distance with that inspector but her eyes falls on a body covered with white cloth. An unknown fear formed in her. Tanu comes behind her and was shocked to see the situation and prays to god that nothing should happen  to her friend . Pragya moves towards them while the inspector opens the cloth. One minute…one second there remains a silent and it was broken by pragya. She says I told you right ..he can’t leave me. See it’s not our abhi. The inspector smiles saying your love on him saved from his bad times . NIKKIL ,then how comes abhi’s car here.. a constable comes saying sir , the car is breakdown. PRAGYA gets relief and says he may left by walking. PURAB,  ok ..let’s go..agar I stand here for a minute I will get nausea..

PRAGYA and others smiles saying let’s go.. while returning , nikkil gets a message as purab is driving the car and he was sitting beside him. PURAB while concentrating on the drive ,who is that bro..don’t say it’s priya.  Tanu fumes in anger asking who is priya.. PRAGYA smiles and purab says his friend come girl friend..oh..tanu..he looks at nikkil saying i am sorry bro..I just thought tanu was not here..and I spilled the truth but I didn’t say one thing that she proposed you.. both pragya and tanu looks in shock while nikkil says now you told purab.. PURAB then turns to drive while tanu glares at nikkil. They reached their college. PRAGYA while moving , nikkil..finish your fights and send her soon to class..nikkil with a pout , you decided it’s gonna be fight .. PRAGYA nods yes and leaves. While she was on her way to class she sees abhi coming on her way . That moment she must be the happiest girl in the world. She runs to him and hugs him tightly. Abhi looks at pragya who is just freezing the moment. PRAGYA,I missed you a lot. .   how could you do this ..you know how much we searched you.. don’t dare to do this again..I thought you were..Abhi in cold voice ,

I am dead right… PRAGYA feels a sharp pain in her heart. Abhi pulls her by holding her shoulder , you thought I am dead right..PRAGYA ,abhi..tum ..you are thinking wrong.. Abhi gritted ,yes I thought wrong about you..when I loved you  but not now..you are such a cheap girl I have met..PRAGYA looks at abhi with tears. PRAGYA , abhi..you are hurting me..Abhi , you hurted me in the name of love. .PRAGYA pushes him saying are you mad..listen to me once..Abhi shouts I don’t want to hear anything. I could not believe that you changed when you saw arjun more wealthy than me.. PRAGYA looks confused about his lines. PRAGYA ,what you mean..Abhi , I mean you are behind the money…you came to know that arjun is rich than me ..so you left me.. if you find more richer than arjun..will you leave him too.. PRAGYA slaps him saying enough…I know that it’s my fault and I thought to clear the point but you are not ready to hear ..what you said..how can you ever think about me like that abhi ..Abhi,  I know..you middle class girls are like this..PRAGYA pushes him saying what you know..ha..what you know.. listen..there is nothing between you and me..everything is finished now..
I dont even want to see your face..you hurted me abhi..the words you spoke..you cant take back …you will definitely feel for that..really a big thank you for proving me whom to myself. She leaves from there crying.

Abhi stands there still in anger. Everything left him..his love , her care ..
He feels a hand on his shoulders and turned to look at riya who smiles at him.
Abhi , I can’t understand what’s happening around me..
Riya, abhi..don’t worry ..soon the truth will be out ..and if she loves you ..she would have told what’s between her and arjun..but not till now..
Abhi  , but she came running to me ..I could see the pain in her eyes.
Riya,  these are fake tears for you abhi..
Abhi looks at riya who holds his hand and says I am always with you..let’s hope for the best..
    ” how could he even think about me like this..I am after money..and moreover he is doubting on me and arjun. Thank god I didn’t say the truth…however he never gonna believe it..why …I am crying for a person who doesn’t even care for me..I can’t even get anger on him…because I love him..I can never see him in pain..but he always give me pain..is this love..”pragya reaches the hostel and sees tanu already sleeping . She lies beside her and sleep is far from her eyes. She takes a tablet as she used to have when sleep is far from her eyes. She then lies again and closed her eyes hoping for a better day..

      Next morning , tanu was getting ready while she looks at pragya who was in her deep sleep. Tanu by heading towards her , wake up pragya..please it’s getting late.. she sits beside her but no response. Tanu, see..if you are not going to get up..I will pour a bucket of ice water on you..still no response. Tanu by turning pragya towards her pragya…she was shocked as there is no response. As of she is scared now and that time pragya’s phone rings. She picks the call without looing the id.  Tanu in phone ,hello.. arjun in phone , tanu..where is pragya.. tanu crying, arjun…pragya is unconscious here..I am trying to wake her but all in vain. Arjun ,
What..don’t worry I am near to your hostel..I will come..  Arjun reaches her hostel and took pragya from there.
While in car  , tanu calls nikkil and informs. NIKKIL informs abhi and they were on the way to  hospital.
Don’t worry guys…soon they gonna patch up…and some past mysteries…that’s it..
Will be continued. ..

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