kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part-18)

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Thanks guys for your wonderfull support and I know you people are waiting for abhi’s condition…hmm..let’s see who gonna play their role correctly..

“What happened pragya ? “PURAB asks pragya while picking her phone. PRAGYA shatters as her whole world came to an end. She could not believe what she heard . She broken down and shatters by sitting down.  Tanu who looks at her suddenly kneels beside her hugging close to her. Tanu , kya hua pragya..  purab in tension ,pragya..who was that om phone..and what’s the matter..why you are crying.. pragya mutters abhi.. in her sobbing voice. This exactly tells how she feels now and all were confused by her answer. Nikkil ,pragya..what happened to abhi.. pragya still sobbing , woh. .abhi’s car was found nearby the bridge and they found a body near that ,asking us to confirm if it’s him..She wipes her tears saying purab..but I know ..it can’t be him..as he can’t leave me like this.. tanu in tears , you both go and then inform us. Pragya shouting at tanu, are you mad..I too want to go with them. Purab,  there is no need ..we both will go..you please leave with tanu . I will let you know once I reach there. PRAGYA gets up saying i am coming..if you don’t want to take me there. .it’s ok ..no problem..I will go by myself. She moves from there while purab stops her saying ok fine…let’s go there.
PRAGYA in car praying to god that nothing should happen to him as she could not leave without him. She knows that it’s her fault of hiding the truth behind her and arjun’s relation and wants to say sorry to him. PRAGYA closed her eyes and says I will not let anything happen to you..I will not … soon her thoughts were broken as they reached near the bridge. Pragya felt as if she reached a place where she gonna die. The whole atmosphere of ambulance , police men and people with the reporter’s , press made her to feel lost but she doesn’t let her hope to fall. PURAB holds pragya’s hands and all went to the site. They may the inspector who called pragya. PRAGYA with trembling voice ,sir ..I am pragya..
The inspector turns to her saying yes ..i called you to.. pragya cuts him saying it’s not my ABHISHEK.. police inspector looks her fear on her face and says mam ..we too hope so..but once you confirm we will do our further procedure ..come ..
pragya and purab follows him and while on the way near the land area down the bridge pragya finds something near her legs which looks shinny . She stopped walking behind them and looks down. She looks at the bracket in her hand and shouts no…this can’t happen.. all looks at her shocked who was sitting on the sand with her Braclet near her chest.
Fb starts..Both were sitting near the beach. The waves are touching their feet and both were lost in the sounds of waves.  PRAGYA was just admiring at the waves while abhi was looking at pragya. 
PRAGYA without turning towards abhi , why you are looking me like this..
Abhi smiles saying you called me to come here and was lost in that waves .
PRAGYA looks at him saying yes I called you to give you something..
Abhi in eager tone,  what..what’s that..
PRAGYA,close your eyes..
Abhi ,you gonna kiss me. .
PRAGYA says if you want or not..else I will leave..
Abhi, ok meri ma..don’t get mad..I am closing my eyes.  Abhi closed his eyes and feels something in his hands.  He opens and finds pragya looking at his hand . He looks down and he looks at the braclet that’s clinging on his right hand written abhigya. Abhi looks at pragya saying it’s looking cool.. really nice..I love this yaar..thanks a lot. . PRAGYA smiles saying don’t take this from your hand..it’s like taking me out of your life..I am always with you still this is with you..in your hand. Abhi kissed it saying thanks a lot. He hugs her saying you will be with me till my last breath..if this Braclet is not with me..it means I am dead ..pragya breaks the hug saying cant you speak good things..always speaking negatively.  Think positive.. Abhi , whats there in it..as these gonna happen right.. pragya, it’s total waste to talk to you..better let’s leave. Abhi ,please..can we stay here for some time. .pragya smiles saying you don’t wanna leave from here. Abhi holds her hand saying dont wanna leave you..
Fb ends..

PRAGYA  shouts Abhi. … Purab asked her what happened. PRAGYA shows abhi’s Braclet and tanu consoles her .
Tanu, pragya..nothing happened to abhi..
Let’s leave from here..purab and nikkil is there na. They will inform once they confirm. PRAGYA, no..it can’t be abhi..please tanu..I want to see him..please .tanu  hugs her as her friend whom she loves  a lot is in bad state. She rubs pragya’s back saying please don’t let your hope down..let’s pray to god that nothing should happen to abhi..while saying this he signals purab and nikkil who were standing beside pragya to leave with inspector as she will stay with pragya.both understood and leaves from there..

Hope still abhi’s condition is not revealed..soon I will..

Will be continued. ..

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