kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part-17)

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“What have you done pragya ..” tanu shouted while making pragya to sit who is crying aloud. Tanu gives her a glass of water and makes her to drink while pragya resist. Tanu, why you said that arjun is more important to you .do you love him..no na..pragya while sobbing ,you know what abhi asked me..and you too asking the same..if we care for a person it means we love them..tanu sitting near her ,exactly..that’s why we are asking you..pragya looks at tanu who wipes her tears saying now tell.. pragya looks down and remains silent.

    Abhi while walking on the road drunken thinks about Pragya’s words. YES HE IS IMPORTANT TO ME..he kicks the nearby tree and cries bitterly. Why you did like this? You are the one whom I loved more in this world but you too left me..why pragya ..why..he sees a bridge nearby and walks near it . He looks down and sees water flowing by. He then climbs up standing at the edge looking up the sky. He just closed his eyes and tears flows from his eyes . As I said you gonna suffer after I leave..you will come to know my importance after my death..please forgive me for not fulfilling my promise. Fb starts..

PRAGYA was sitting on abhi’s lap and both are spending their quality time in the balcony of abhi’s home. Abhi nuzzles pragya’s neck as she smiles seeing him.
Pragya ,abhi..why do you love me?
Abhi looks at pragya who suddenly asked a question which related to his love. Abhi clearing his throat ,what’s there to think about this? Pragya looks at him saying please tell me na.. Abhi ,then tell me..why do you love me.. pragya thinking for a while , because you are a rockstar..and more over you are good..you are wealthy she tells by widing her hands alot. Abhi raising his brows asked ,so you love me as I am wealthy.. pragya smiles saying ofcourse..if not..who will love a person like you. She looks at abhi’s face to see his reaction. Abhi holding her tight says so you love me for that..pragya nods her head fastly up and down. Abhi , if so then I love you only to spend a beautiful night with you and to find a next one. Pragya’s eyes popped out after hearing that   beats on his chest asking you will do..you will do like that..I will kill you.. Abhi chuckles saying then what..always asking silly questions and making me to tease you..I am teasing you means it’s because of you. Pragya smiles and remains silent. Abhi , are you sad after hearing my answer madam.. pragya nods no.. Abhi , I know you won’t worry even I leave you..right.. pragya shouts saying stop talking like this..you are always like this or you are behaving only to me.. first understand that you dont have right on you..you have to live or die. .it depends on me.. so don’t dare to say again.. Abhi smiles saying ,I am joking yaar..how can I leave you ..it’s almost taking my life from my body.. pragya ,it may be a joke for you..but not for me.. she takes his hands on her and placed it on her head saying you promise,  you will never leave me alone.. whatever may be our problem..we can solve it..but dont try to leave me alone..I can’t live without you.. my life depends on you.. Abhi takes his hands nodding no.. pragya looks at him gesturing why.. abhi then places his hand on his head saying i will not..pragya hugs him saying i love you.Abhi kissed her forehead saying i love you too..

Fb ends…
  Abhi opens his eyes saying i can’t fulfil my promise..please forgive me…he looks down and jumps. ………

      Tanu , so this is why ..you said that arjun is important to you..but what’s thee to be mad at abhi. .pragya says I know that but you know what…I decided to tell him about me and arjun but what he just said made me to stop saying further . I thought he doesn’t trust me and what’s there in a relation without trust.  Tanu, just explain him once..may be he will understand right.. Pragya, i know what I did is wrong and he is quite mad at me..but tomorrow I will talk to him..tanu,why not today.. pragya , I know he would be drinking alcohol and it will create more problems..I will talk to him tomorrow. .don’t worry..let’s sleep. She lies down and the night passes by pragya’s thoughts on abhi.
   Next morning…
     Pragya reaches college soon and searches for abhi. She sees purab,nikkil sitting on their bike tensely . PRAGYA ,nearing them..purab..where is abhi..purab looks at her saying he didn’t reached yet ..pragya , what do you mean..you two will accompany him..right..nikkil ,pragya..he didn’t reached home from yesterday.. pragya shocked asking them where he went. Nikkil , I am trying to his phone but he is not picking my call. Suddenly pragya gets a call. She looks at purab and nikkil and attends the call. PRAGYA , hello…

       She drops her phone and shatters….
Tears started rolling from her eyes…nikkil and purab looks at each other . Screen flashes between their faces….

So the episode ends here…drop your views…in comment box
Will be continued. …

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