kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part-15)

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Hello guys..my new update for this new year 2017…i am not having time even for breakfast ,lunch and dinner..don’t think I am busy..loads of writing  works ….so I could not upload continuously. …so let’s get into the story..

        “What happened there? Why my heart is feeling that something happened there? “PRAGYA blabbers to tanu who got much irritated . Tanu ,come on pragya..nothing would have happened. .and if so..what’s your fault? You didn’t did anything wrong right..so chill..let’s sleep and tomorrow we can speak about it..she makes pragya to lie to which pragya smiles weakly. PRAGYA prays to god that everything should be fine…she closes her eyes .

    ” what is this abhi..how can you doubt arjun and pragya..nd that pics of them are really fake abhi..I am believing it..why can’t you..? ” purab shouted him as he enters after dropping arjun . Abhi turns to purab who is standing in anger ,purab..I would have never doubted if someone have shown this..how could I not beleive when riya shows me. Purab in his mind ,so it’s her plan..how cheap she is.. he then clears his throat asking what you mean…

Fb starts..

    ” I could not believe this riya..I can never doubt her..and arjun ..how can you..” Abhi bursted out when riya shows the pictures of arjun and pragya. RIYA sitting beside abhi ,I know you will never believe me ..as I know you love her more..but that love is making you to believe her bluntly…you won’t trust me ..I always want you to choose the best..I always want you to be happy.. do you won’t believe me..Abhi holding riya’s hands ,it’s not like that..but how could I even think like that..may be they are good friends ..riya,  it’s your problem abhi..believing everyone…i think they are in love..ok..if i am wrong then why didn’t she proposed you till today..she must have replied to you right…think abhi..Abhi thinks while purab comes there.
PURAB,actually abhi…its time to rock..Abhi leaves without replying to riya ..he comes to stage his eyes falls on pragya  who is laughing at arjun’s joke and this makes him to get anger more.

Fb ends..

PURAB after listening to abhi’s words ,so this means you didn’t saw them close right. How can you believe on that photos..we should not believe that abhi. .Abhi ,what you mean.. purab, promise me..you should not talk to pragya about this . If you see this with your eyes then you confront her .. Abhi ,why should I.. purab ,so that we can have a proof right.. Abhi , we have photos purab.. purab , they are not enough abhi.. purab thinks to prove that abhi is wrong..and there is no relation between pragya and arjun. He wants him to realize his mistake. Abhi nods his head saying ,om I agree with you..i will never speak a word but if its prices right then you should not come in between.  PURAB says okay and both leaves to their rooms.

     Next day in college …
          All were in their respective classes while pragya decides to meet abhi in his class to confront abhi about his last night’s behaviour. She looks completely weak but even though she decides to meet him. Tanu stops her as she knows abhi’s words against arjun. She never wants pragya to get hurt by abhi’s words. But her bad luck ,pragya leaves without informing her. PRAGYA enters his class looking around for abhi. She sees her friends sitting at the last bench. PRAGYA moves towards them and smiles. But all looks at her tensed. She slowly looks at abhi and decides to talk to him later about last night’s ignorance and she just tries to behave normal as everyone is around. Riya looks at pragya in pitty eyes where purab looks at riya in anger. PRAGYA , hi guys…looks like someone is missing..PURAB ..where is arjun. Abhi looks at purab in anger but he nods his head as no.purab, woh..he didn’t reached yet .. pragya , not reached yet means.. Abhi in anger , if you want better ask him… don’t just irritate us..
PRAGYA looking at abhi in shock what you mean abhi..i just asked where is he..do I look irritating you.. she just controls her anger to which abhi just stares down in anger. PRAGYA continues to speak but her phone rings. PRAGYA picking the call , ha..bolo Arjun ..where are you..Abhi looks at her while she is speaking in the phone. Purab whispers to abhi , be calm abhi  …
Riya looks at purab thinking this purab na. .always coming between my way..until he is here..he will not allow me to complete my work. PRAGYA, what.. are you okay..ya…i am coming..you don’t worry.. PRAGYA cuts the call and walks back saying i have an important work….i am leaving now . PRAGYA leaves from there by looking at abhi sighing him that she will meet him in evening.  She hugs tanu saying bye and leaves. Riya tells I am right abhi? .abhi just looks at the direction where pragya left and closes his eyes .

    ” arjun..I never want to see his face. .I hate him..I hate him to the core..” ” don’t worry ..I am here right..you are not alone..I am with you..”

      So again with late update..I know it’s not upto the level..but this scenes are required and as I said before I am not well in explaining …so forgive me for this late update..see you soon in super dooper update…and guys many twist and turns are waiting..

   Will be soon continued….

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