kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 13)

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Sorry guys for not updating . …as I can’t update further after seeing a comment and I don’t want to hurt anyone as I always try to forget the things …may be sometimes I may be not good or up to the level may be because of my tiredness or bored but never thought to hurt anyone .. please if you didn’t like my updates , please don’t post anything wrong but leave as such.. I am hurted and I could not upload further…so my only wish is , if you really like my updates , you comment otherwise please dont do … suggestions are always welcomed and I specially thank those who comment even if my update is not good…may be I will try to soon complete this…

Thanks to everyone and I know abhigya got separated again by the misunderstandings. Sometime we believe what we see or hear but never think before doing a thing..

   PRAGYA walked inside her room with thoughts of abhi. Her mind was filled with abhi’s presence . She starts to cry by holding the pillow when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Without turning back , she wiped her tears and said I am okay.. bulbul looks at her with tears saying no di..you are not okay. PRAGYA looked at her in pain which clearly states how much she is hurted .

” why you did so di?  You would have talked with abhi before saying yes to aditya..” bulbul tells while she sits beside pragya.

” bulbul..I did what’s right..and you think he is the same one I loved long back ..no he changed a lot..I am the one who is sticking with the past..” pragya tells by wiping her tears. .

” how could you say that he changed these years..” bulbul asked while pragya looks at her 

” if so..you know about him..don’t say that you are still in contact with him..” pragya asked looking  at bulbul .

” if I say that he came to meet you..then I know what will be the consequence..first I have to know how she accepted for this..” bulbul thinks as looking outside.

” what you are thinking..” pragya asked in a stern voice .

” how did you accept aditya’s proposal..if you love abhi ..it’s quite confusing di ..” bulbul asked looking worried for her sister

” I accepted because i thought that past memories gives only pain..and I don’t want to carry for my life time..I need to change and I want to move on in my life..” pragya tells while bulbul looks at her in shock.

” di. ..is that you ..who used to think about others is speaking like this..I could not believe that you are my di..” bulbul tells worriedly.

” sometimes changes may happen bulbul..not everyone will have a happy love ending ..” pragya says as she gets up from the bed.

” matlab…” bulbul asked in a shock tone.

” I am ready to marry aditya..” pragya tells and smiles at her .


” how the hell she can accept his proposal..that too infront of me…” abhi asked while walking on the lonely road.

He drinks heavily and was carrying his friend ( whiskey bottle ) in his hand.

” what she think of herself..she will love me and will marry him..that too woh ..kadoos..who even doesn’t know how to smile for a photo..he looks like a monkey..” abhi murmers while walking without his sense .

” abhi stop this yaar …” arjun pulls him while abhi moved his hand.

” look if she is not your sister na..sure I will murder her for cheating me..she cheated the rockstar itself arjun..” abhi spills his drinks on him while arjun holds him.

” oh..you gonna kill her..look you could not even stand properly after seeing her..” purab tells while riya pinched his hand.

” are you mad..he is not even in his senses..I think it’s not right time to speak about it..” riya tells as abhi looks at them.

” what you both are talking about ? ” abhi asked with a blank expression.

” abhi..I was just explaining riya that what you told..arey yaar ..you told na..you will kill her if she is not arjun’s sister. ” purab tells while riya looks at him in anger.

” you are making him to remember…” riya asked while looking at purab in anger.

” what happened now..I will kill her today itself..I am going to kill her…” abhi shouts while arjun shuts his mouth.

” arey..don’t shout ..some one will have doubt on us that we are really going to kill her..” arjun tells while making abhi to sit inside the car.

” I have to kill her bro..don’t take me wrong..how could she even think about other person when I am alive..” abhi tells while leaning on the seat.

” bhai..don’t worry..tomorrow we are going to kill her..” purab tells while sitting beside him.

” you just shut up purab..” arjun tells while he starts to drive the car.


Next morning .

” bhai. .get up..we have an important meeting today..” purab tells while waking abhi .

He gets up lazily and looks at the clock.

” purab..it’s just 7 in the morning..why you want me to wake up so early and what’s the important work..” abhi asked quite irritated.

”  bhai ..you forgot. ..we have to kill her today…” purab said with a furious look.

Abhi who was sipping his coffee spills it with a shock.

” what. … whom we gonna kill ? ” abhi asked while placing the cup on the side table.

” woh..ladki..who cheated you and gonna marry that monkey..” purab tells making abhi to recollect the things happened yesterday.

” you took those things serious..I was not in my sense….I just blabbered something….” abhi tells and was about to move but was stopped by arjun and riya.

” I was also telling that …but he didn’t listen to me ..” arjun tells while purab looks away from him.

” we have to leave right…as our flight is in few hours..we have to pack our things. .i came here to inform that…”riya tells and leaves from there.

” how long you gonna punish her abhi..” arjun asked while abhi looked at him in anger.

” till I get my pragya back…” he tells and moves away from there.


” bye ma…will miss you..” pragya tells as she hugs sarla in the airport.

” will miss you too beta..don’t fight with aditya…” sarla pats her cheeks and pragya smiles at her.

” don’t worry ma..if she fights ot beats me ..I will land in your home the very next day…” aditya tells while hugging sarla.

” di..what you are doing is not right…but take care of yourself…”bulbul says as  pragya was about to hug her but she moves back.

   Both sarla and bulbul leaves from there and pragya turns back after biding bye to them and was shocked to see arjun,abhi and riya with purab. Purab ran towards her and hugs her. Aditya looks confused and pragya smiles at him.

” I missed you alot …” purab tells while breaking the hug.

” it’s purab..purab..he is aditya..” pragya introduced purab to aditya.

” ya ..I know..I saw him when he proposed you on stage..” purab tells and looks at abhi.

ADITYA gets a call and moves from there while riya asked purab and arjun to come with her.

Both stands silently looking away from each other. Many questions were running in their mind but none had the courage to spoke up …but finally abhi breaks the silence…

” how are you…” these were the words that abhi spoke. Pragya nods her head up and down without looking at him.

” you changed alot …you are not the person whom I saw long years ago..”

” there is nothing like that we should stay like what we are..we need a change in our life abhi..” pragya tells while smiling at him.

” you really moved on …” abhi asked with a hope.

” we should..otherwise we can’t live.  ” pragya tells looking into his eyes.

” you know him?  ” aditya asked pragya who nods her head..

” of course everyone knows him..” pragya smiled forcibly.

” I asked do you know him personally ” aditya again asked her .

” yes..he is abhi …my college senior…” pragya tells eying at abhi.

” oh..if that so..nice to meet you..” aditya shakes his hands with abhi.

” you have to  come for our engagement… as you are her friend..sorry senior..” aditya tells while surrounding his hand around her shoulder. ..

PRAGYA tries to remove his hand and abhi’s blood boiled in anger.

” let’s go…” aditya asked and takes pragya with him.both turns to leave but stopped hearing abhi’s voice..

” will meet you both in your engagement…” abhi tells while smirking at pragya.

ADITYA looks at him while abhi moves towards pragya. PRAGYA looks shocked .

” sure as I am going to stay here for a month.. sure me and my friend will attend your engagement  ” abhi tells as he looks at pragya.

He walks off from there by winking at pragya. PRAGYA looks confused and screen flashes between abhi’s smiling face and pragya’s confused face ..


Sorry if I hurted anyone’s feeling…but I am really hurtec inside and I just want to share with you all..

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