kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part-13)

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Hello guys….thanks for your support…
Let’s get into the story ..

It’s a bright morning , all were busy in their daily schedules while one is standing near the bed looking at her outfits with quite confused face. PRAGYA looks at her dresses and says pragya..he is a rockstar …come on..you have to match his class.many girls will be coming there but his eyes should be on you..that time her phone rings. Pragya gets irked and says this phone bhi na ..and smiles after seeing the caller id.
PRAGYA picking the call ,ha…tell me why you called..
Abhi , kuchh pyaar ke saath poochhana( you can ask me with some love na). Pragya smiling, why did you called me sweetheart..

Abhi with a smirk ,why you are acting for 500 rupees when you are paid only 50.
PRAGYA,you called me to say this and by the way 500 rupee note is now invalid.
Abhi ,ha..they are printing new notes and listen..i am not in mood to fight with you.pragya, what you mean..I am pulling you for a fight .
Abhi ,arey meri ma..I called you asking you will come today na.PRAGYA,yes..I will come..Abhi , for that only I called you..I have a big suprose for you..PRAGYA ,what..tell me na..
Abhi ,I am saying it’s a suprise ..wait untill madam.
PRAGYA, abhi..you are making me restless.
Abhi smiles and says whatever you say…I am not going to reveal..ok bye..
Pragya ,ok bye and cuts the call.
Pragya sits on the bed thinking about his suprise when tanu comes there.
Tanu, what happened pragya..why are you sitting like this.
Pragya looks at tanu saying i am confused tanu what to wear and suggest me na.tanu sitting beside her tells everything suits you but you can try western outfit . Pragya ,no i am not going to try that..tanu,please …so your love will not take his eyes from you.pragya blushes and says no means no..I will not wear such dresses. Tanu, then wear whatever you want..but keep onething in mind ,there will be many girls showing off and then you should not complain to me. Pragya nods no and says I am wearing something that is comfortable for me..tanu,as you wish..now stop eating my brain..pragya chuckles and holds her cheeks saying my cutie pie..tanu smiles saying you are becoming naughty day by day..only abhi can handle you..pragya nods her head while tanu says I am leaving ….

In evening, pragya and tanu reaches the venue. Pragya ,tanu..where is this idiot.tanu in anger ,you are calling nikkil as idiot. Pragya ,arey baba. .purab…he asked me to wait as he said he will pick up. Tanu looks around while she sees nikkil and arjun coming towards them.tanu,they are here..pragya looks at them and smiles.
Pragya, where is Mr. Romeo..
Arjun,he is with abhi..
Pragya, oh… nikkil , you are looking pretty pragya. Pragya thanks him.nikkil , please teach tanu also about Indian styles. Pragya is wearing a pink Saree with matching accessories and light makeup. Tanu is wearing a white knee length dress with light makeup.
Tanu, it means I am not looking pretty.

Pragya and arjun looks at each other.
NIKKIL ,did I say like that..you are looking beautiful…and tries to hug her but tanu pushed him.
Tanu, dont dare to come near me..
Pragya, arey why are you fighting with my brother. NIKKIL and pragya puys hifi.
Tanu ,oh..you both continue your drama I am leaving..she was about to move and looks at nikkil.
Tanu smiling ,if I say to abhi what you said just before na..that compliment..he will break your bones..
NIKKIL ,arey meri ma..dont do like that..
Arjun and pragya laughs while nikkil takes tanu with him.

Arjun,seriously..you are looking gorgeous..pragya smiles at him.
Pragya, where is he.. Arjun looking around asks who..pragya blushes and says abhi.. Arjun ,woh ..he is in green room ..now we can’t see him so let’s take our seats. He surrounds his hands around her shoulders and says let’s go my princess. Pragya laughs at him and someone captures their pictures. They both moves to the concert area..

All takes their respective seats . Pragya in centre with arjun on her left side ,tanu on her right and nikkil next to tanu and purab at last. Riya comes there and sits beside arjun. Riya looks at pragya who laughs at purab’s joke and thinks laugh..how much you can..because after this concert everything is going to come to an end. And after that abhi will be mine and you will be out of our lives.
Get thoughts were disturbed by the anchor’s voice .
Hello..young mens and beautiful ladies so i am proud to welcome you all to this show.. I know you are eagerly waiting for him..so put your hands together to welcome our abhi the rockstar…

The lights goes off and a spot light falls on the centre. All screams Abhi…abhi…Abhi waves his hands . PrAgya looks at abhi but was shocked as his eyes were blood red. She thinks did he cried..his eyes were red..oh..god what happened to him..she wants to go to him but they are surrounded by many people..she cant go as such.and she noticed that abhi smiles sad and he never looks at her. He is just ignoring her presence. Pragya thinks what happened to him..why he is avoiding me..
Abhi strings his guitar…the lights becomes dim…
He starts to sing…

Meri rooh ka parinda phadphadaaye
Lekin sukoon ka jazeera mil na paaye
Ve ki karan ve ki karan.
Abhi closes his eyes thinking about pragya..

Ik baar ko tajalli toh dikha de
Jhoothi sahi magar tasalli toh dila de
Ve ki karan ve ki karan
Pragya looks at abhi with tears …

Abhi forwards in anger and continues
Ranjhan de yaar Bulleya
Sun le pukaar Bulleya
Tu hi toh yaar Bulleya
Murshid mera, Murshid mera

Tera mukaam kamle
Sarhad ke paar Bulleya
Parvardigar Bulleya
Hafiz tera Murshid mera

Ranjhan de yaar Bulleya
Sunle pukaar Bulleya
Tu hi toh yaar Bulleya
Murshid mera Murshid mera

Tera mukaam kamle
Sarhad ke paar Bulleya
Parvardigar Bulleya
Hafiz tera Murshid mera..

Abhi thinks about his first meet with pragya.
Main taan gul se lipti titli ki tarah muhajir hoon
Ek pal ko thehrun, pal mein udd jaun
Ve main ta hoon pagdandi
Labhdi ae jo raah jannat di
Tu mude jahaan main saath mud jaun

Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words..I hate you…it lingers in his mind..
Tere kaarwa mein shaamil hona chahun
Kamiyan tarash ke main kaabil hona chahun
Ve ki karan ve ki karan

Pragya looks at fear as abhi looks at pragya in anger.
Ranjhan de yaar Bulleya
Sun le pukaar Bulleya
Tu hi toh yaar Bulleya
Murshid mera, Murshid Mera

Abhi cries thinking about pragya
Tera mukam kam le
Sarhad ke paar Bulleya
Parvardigar Bulleya
Hafiz tera Murshid mera.
Abhi cries but soon he looks behind.

Pragya in white gown with light make up comes singing behind him.Abhi smiles at her.
Ranjhana ve.. ranjhana ve..
Pragya comes towards abhi and he forwards his hands.
Jis din se aashna se
Do ajnabi huwe hai
Tanhayion ke lamhein
Sab multavi huwe hai
Kyun aaj main mohabbat
Phir ek baar karna chahun
When abhi was about to hold pragya moves back by forwarding her hand asking him to hold and abhi smiles at her.
Haan aa..

Yeh dil toh dhoondta hai inkaar ke bahane
Lekin ye jism koi pabandiyan na maane
Milke tujhe baghawat
Khud se hi yaar karna chaahun

This time abhi holds her hands and pragya hugs him while abhi surrounds his hands around her waist.he smiles at her and closed his eyes.. …

Mujhme agan hai baaki aazma le
Le kar rahi hun khud ko main tere hawale
Ve ranjhana.. ve ranjhana..

Abhi opens his eyes and pragya was not there..he is sitting as such in the position where he started and looks at pragya who was in the verge of crying seeing his anger. He wants to comfort her but suddenly his blood boiled as arjun hugs her and pragya too hugs him by placing her head near his chest.
He sings in anger…
Ranjhan de yaar bulleya
Sun le pukaar bulleya
Tu hi toh yaar bulleya
Murshid mera, Murshid mera
Riya smiles at abhi’s anger..
Tera mukaam kamle
Sarhad ke paar bulleya
Parvardigar bulleya
Hafiz tera Murshid mera

Arjun takes pragya from there and abhi sees this in anger.he continues..
Ranjhan de yaar bulleya
Sun le pukaar bulleya
Tu hi toh yaar bulleya
Murshid mera, Murshid mera

Tanu looks at arjun who is taking pragya from there and purab stops them saying there is a suprose for pragya and asked her to stay back..
Tera mukaam kamle
Sarhad ke paar bulleya
Parvardigar bulleya
Hafiz tera Murshid mera..

Murshid mera.. Murshid mera..
Murshad mera..

Abhi finished his song and everyone claps for him.the anchor praises abhi and ask him to say few words.Abhi takes the Mike from him and says hello Mumbai…how are you..all shouts fine …..Abhi ,I am here to share something with you guys..thanks for your support…hope you enjoyed this performance ..and it can’t be achieved without a person..riya looks at abhi in confusion and pragya looks at him.
Abhi continues because she is most important person in my life..I know she never expected this from me..purab pats pragya’s shoulder. Riya thinks , how can this happen..he is damm anger on her but now he is reacting as nothing happened.
Abhi , so you guys wanna know who is that person.everyone shouts yes.tanu kissed pragya’s cheeks saying congrats.pragya smiles at her. Abhi ,and the person is…..pragya looks at him while riya looks at him and there is a silence prevailed to hear the name from his mouth….the screen flashes between everyone’s eager face..

So whom abhi gonna say…gues ..guess..keep guessing..next part will be the major twist part of this story….and I hope I will update soon..
Will be soon continued…

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