kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 12)

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??thanks guys for your wonderful support..I am happy that I am not irritating you all with my stupid story lines..??so let’s see what’s gonna happen..

” welcome sir..mam..” As pragya and aditya reached venue , everyone’s eye were on them.

” look..everyone is looking at this handsome man..” Aditya murmers near pragya’s ears while adjusting his tie

” of course you are an upcoming star.. So everyone is eying at you..” Pragya tells as she looks around.

” oh ho..pragya..look today I am going to won this best musician award and you gonna give me the treat..” Aditya tells as Praga looks at him shock.

” you gonna win the award so Mr.Aditya … you have to give treat for me as well as bulbul ..” Pragya tells as she turns aditya towards her.
     He looks at her in rage while Pragya laughs at him.

” now ..why the hell you are laughing..” Aditya asked  quite irritated.

” oh ho..my hero..your hair is just messed up..”  Pragya tells as she adjust it with her hands.

” stop it pragya…” Aditya tells as she pushed pragya’s hand. Pragya looks at him in fear of his raised voice.

” I am setting a new trend..but it seems you will spoil it..”  Aditya tells while adjusting his hair.

”  I was concerned about your fame but you are yelling at me for this mess hair..” Pragya tells as she gets anger .

” madam..we are here for function..let’s not fight and will concentrate on it..” He tells while surrounding his hand around her shoulder .

    Pragya  smiles at him and both heads inside the party area.

” Good evening ladies and gentlemen..we are here gathered t enjoy this night with full fun and also with numerous awards for the best talents..I am happy to welcome you all to the sixth annual music awards ” …the anchor tells as everyone claps their hands in happy.

        The function started with a musical dance and continues with many awards.
Abhi enters dashingly with his whisky bottle. He looks hot with his unshaved beard and messed hair. Every girl runs towards him for a selfie bit purab stops them. Abhi waved his hands in air for his fans and walks inside.


    ” ma..it had started ..I told you na..we are late..” Bulbul tells as she enters the home. She switched on the TV and both mother and daughter sits before it.


” ouch…” Pragya gets up from her seat as the juice spilled on her dress.

” what the hell…” Aditya scolds the waiter but Pragya  stopped him.

” where is the washroom..” Pragya asked the waiter and he shows the direction.

” I will just come…” Pragya  tells and leaves from there.

     Pragya walks towards the washroom as abhi walks opposite to her. Both didn’t see each other as two men carried a mirror between them.

” why I feel like he is around me..” Pragya thinks and looks around.

” why I feel like she is near me..” Abhi thinks and he looks around .

Pragya and abhi walks in opposite direction. Abhi sits on his chair and aditya looks at him.

” so guys..its time to know about the real hero of this music industry.. So who is going to be today’s hero of this function…’ The anchor tells as abhi and aditya looks at each other.

” so the best music director award goes to …” The complete area looks silent and aditya was praying to god.

” Mr.Aditya kapoor..”

    Aditya gets up and jumps happily. He looks at abhi who looks at him shock. Aditya walks to the stage and everyone congrats him.

” I like to get this award from the person who is behind this success. Sorry ..I will take more time.. People say..behind every men’s success  , a  women will be there. My success lays beside her. She is most important person for me in my life . so I want to recieve this from her. So …my jaan..your hero wants you beside him…” Everyone starts to clap and Pragya gets teary eyes . she walks towards the stage and abhi looks at her in shock.  The moment freezed. Abhi looked at her with tears. He stood by looking at her while purab,arjun, riya stands after him. Pragya walks to the stage and aditya hugs her emotionally.

” you achieved my hero…” Pragya pats his back and aditya broke the hug.

” Pragya…” Abhi muttered under his breath and looks at them with jealous filled eyes. He sips his whiskey bottle and looks at Pragya.

       Pragya looks around and her eyes falls on abhi . her world stops after looking at him who looks at her with hatred. She just want to run towards him but something inside her stops it. She looks at his eyes which is red and her heart breaks into pieces. She was about to walk towards him but her eyes instantly falls on riya who holds abhi’s hand. She surrounds her hand around his arm and makes him to look at her.

” abhi changed his mind and had moved on..but I am the one who is sticking to the past..”  Pragya thinks and looks at abhi who just sips his bottle.

” what happened to you ..Pragya..you almost changed these years..I thought you are still my fuggie but I think you forgot me..” Abhi thinks as he sits on his seat.

” so guys…I have a surprise for my lady love..” Aditya tells as Pragya looks at him in confusion.

” as per the order from her ma..I have to do this…” Aditya tells and kneels before her.
Pragya looked confused at him.

” what you are doing Adi…” Pragya utters but aditya stopped her.

” within these years I understood what true love is? Ma said that she will talk to you but I want to hear the answer from you..” Aditya tells and Pragya looks at him shocked.

” will you marry me..” Aditya asked and Pragya looks at him with a blank expression.

Everyone shouts yes..yes….

Pragya nods her head with the same blank expression.

   Aditya makes her to wear a ring and Pragya asked him to stand.

” so guys. ..we are officially engaged now..I never thought that she will accept it …but I am happy..so soon our engagement dates will be announced and I am inviting you all for my wedding..” Aditya tells and takes Pragya with him.

The media runs behind them but he securely took Pragya from that crowd.

  Abhi breaks the bottle and leaves from there in anger.

Hope you all liked this..
Don’t worry…as Pragya was engaged..
Will abhi leave her as like…not na..
Will be continued..

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