kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part-12)

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Sorry for late updates…??hope you guys will forgive me ☺?☺?so let’s get into the story…

Abhi thinks is she gone mad? She called me akadu yesterday and today..what the hell she is thinking..he moves to his class and looks at his friends who are looking at him. Nikkil coming towards abhi ,you are dead man..Abhi in shocking tone ,why ..what happened..arjun drags abhi near him and all settles in their seats. Arjun, Abhi..tomorrow is your concert..did you prepared for that.purab in mocking tone ,he never prepares for his exams..Abhi ,shut up..you know right..I love music more than studies. Nikkil,arey ..it’s not time to fight..you need practise..Abhi after thinking, yes..you are right..okay I am leaving now..you guys carry on this boring lectures.he leaves from there while purab ,arjun ,nikkil starts their blabbering. Riya ,I have to find a way to separate abhi and pragya..I could not see them like this . I have to plan something big to seperate them. PRAGYA was listening to her classes where tanu listens to her songs.Abhi sighs at pragya but she was busy in lectures.tanu sees abhi and calls pragya to look at abhi. PRAGYA looks at abhi who asked her to come out.but pragya refused saying busy with lectures. Abhi sighs like boring lectures. PRAGYA eyes him saying i will kill you..go away…the lecturer noticed pragya and says get out. PRAGYA in anger takes her bag and tanu questions the lecturer ,may I mam ..the professor in harsh tone,both of you..tanu moves from there happily while pragya in anger. Abhi smiles at pragya who throws her bag on him making him gasp in pain.Abhi in anger ,what the hell are you doing..I rescued from that ghost..PRAGYA,hell with your help..i asked you not to disturb in my class hours right..Abhi in kiddy tone ,but I want to inform you onething..how can I..PRAGYA looks at him in you are impossible look.Abhi ,listen..I am leaving as I have my concert tomorrow..PRAGYA in almost tired tone, for that you called me here..making me out of the class. Abhi ,I am saying that I gonna perform tomorrow but you are thinking about that ghost lectures..seriously you are my loves or that ghost’s. Tanu laughs at his last sentence while pragya glares at her. Pragya crossing her hands over her chest smilling ,so what should I do mr .mehra ..Abhi ,you can help me in many ways and moves towards her
PRAGYA pushed him saying it’s not your room..it’s college and too have some shame..tanu is here..tanu in teasing voice , I will not hear or see and turns opposite direction.PRAGYA , you know because of you I missed her lecture. Abhi in happy tone ,there is a punishment right..pragya ,ha..but not that kind of punishment you are thinking mr. mehra.Abhi pouting ,then what kind of punishment mumma..pragya laughs at abhi who looks like a 5 years old child
Pragya, I will say after your concert..practise well and all the best..

Abhi ,something which boost my energy level and moves towards her . PRAGYA looks around and sees tanu walking towards canteen and she looks at abhi who was looking at her immensely. PRAGYA in anger ,close your eyes..Abhi ,why you gonna run away from here..pragya,I will not..but first close your eyes..Abhi asking pakka na and closed his eyes. PRAGYA looks at him and pressed her lips on him.Abhi pushed pragya whereas her back hits the wall and starts to kiss her back with same intense. PRAGYA tries to move but his hands were strong on her waist.pragya in between ,abhi..please..move ..I could not breathe…she starts to suffocate. Abhi noticed that and moves back holding her shoulders.pragya trying to catch her breathe leans on abhi’s shoulder. Abhi in panic tone ,are you ok..and taps her cheeks.pragya nods her head and holds his hand stronger. They sits near in a bench and abhi caresses her hair while pragya closed her eyes and lost in his love .Abhi ,you almost took my life..when I saw you in that state…I could not..pragya smiling ,abhi..relax..it’s just normal..I am quite having problem in breathing..it’s not a bigger issue. Abhi ,pragya..you would have told na..if you are not comfortable with it..I would have stopped myself..pragya nods her head saying how can i stop you..Abhi looks at her. PRAGYA,you are my life abhi…and whatever you give it gives only happiness to me. .you think I am in pain..no..I am happy today..Abhi ,still now I am not out from that incident..from today I will not dare to kiss you..pragya raising her eyebrows ,are you sure..you don’t want to kiss me. Abhi , I will think another way to kiss you..pragya pokes his shoulder saying dont worry …concentrate only in your music..I am okay..you know I am quite eager to watch your concert as it’s my first time to see you performing live in front of my eyes.
Arjun looks at pragya was sitting in the reading hall. Arjun takes place near pragya ,hello madam…miss.dimples. pragya looks at him suprised . Arjun ,why you are looking at me as if I called you a ghost..pragya,no..I am just shocked because of your pet name..Arjun smiling if you can name me Mr. India then why can’t I name you miss.dimple. he pokes her nose.pragya smiles saying sure you can..you have all rights boss. Someone clicks their pics . Arjun ,by the way..you have the habbit of reading books right. PRAGYA nods her head. Arjun ,you know I am a book lover.pragya looked at him in shock..Arjun sighs what..pragya,then how can you have a friendship with a person who hates books.Arjun smiles asking abhi.pragya nods her head. Arjun ,if someone loves him though he hated books then why can’t I..pragya smiles saying you are brilliant than me..and I need classes from you ..and bends her head.Arjun acts as blessing her and both laughs. Arjun , come..i wull drop you. …okay..pragya nods her head saying yes boss …
Both leaves from there.

Hope you guys guessed so don’t think that arjun will love pragya ….if so you are wrong..let’s see what happens next…

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