kumkum bhagya – ACCIDENTAL LOVE (Part 11)

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Hope all are waiting to know more about that person..soon you will get to know who is that..this episode is exclusively dedicated to all adi’s lovers…

       ” why did you talked rudely to him adi ?” Aditi asked as she sits near adi who was adjusting himself in his seat. He looks at her and smiles saying ” you had became papa’s girl..so that you can’t see pain in ma’s eyes. See aditi when you support him , do you have any idea how ma feels..” adi asked while aditi looks down. ” mumma was the one who gave us a peaceful life before we met him and seriously aditi , she didn’t even thought a life after he left us. She almost gave her life for us..” adi tells as aditi stares at him. ” I don’t want to hurt mumma aditi..” He simply said . ” then hurting your pappa is right..this is what ma taught us..I know he did a mistake but it doesn’t means he have to be punished for his life time.. ” aditi tells while adi looks away from her.
That time their class teacher enters..
Teacher : students..I am having a good news .. no not 1 news but I have 2 good news.
   All the students pays attention to her and adi looks at her furiously.
Teacher : students..I think all of you are aware of the news that out school is going to participate in the interschool competition for juniors and it’s first time they introduced cricket for your age students..
All the students ( in chorus ): yes mam ..
Teacher : so there is going to be a selection on the upcoming week.you can entrol yourself students .
Adi : mam .. we have already given our names to our master.
Teacher : oh..that’s great..and I have another thing that a special person is going to train you guys..
Adi looks at aditi.
Aditi ( whispers ): adi. .you are going to take part na. .
Adi nods his head.
Aditi : do you know who is the person ..who gonna train you ? Adi nods no and says let’s wait and watch aditi.
Teacher : students..he is well known for his playing ..in fact he had played many matches for our country..so without any delay let’s welcome Mr. Abhishek Mehra.

  Everyone claps while adi looks dumbstruck.  Abhi enters the class with a smile on his face. He looks at adi who looks at him with his open mouth and winks at him. Adi closed his mouth and looks at aditi who giggles seeing them. Adi : tum chup kar .. do you know he gonna come ? Adi asked her with anger while aditi nods no childishly.
Abhi : happy morning students..hope all are fit and fine to play cricket..I am going to be your new coach and we are going to begin our classes from tomorrow. So guys are you excited ?
Everyone shouts yes but adi looks unintrested.
Abhi smirking at adi : looks like someone is not happy ? He looks at aditi who thumbs up at him.
Adi murmers : I will not leave you Mr.Mehra
Abhi : so students..as your teacher said there are more than 30 students from your class and I could not handle everyone so I asked a person for his help and he will arrive in short time. That time his phone rings. Abhi( in phone) : ya …come in..I have told about you.. he cuts the call and looks at the entrance. Ranveer enters dashingly while adi smirks at abhi.
Abhi ( in mind ) : I know jaan. .what you are thinking about..but it will not affect me..soon you will understand it..
Aditi : it doesn’t look like school..it looks like our family..only mumma is missing..don’t know she may too enter for designing your clothes as she is a designer.
Adi looks at her blank asking are you mad..just keep quite for a minute..
Teacher : ok students..I am leaving now and these two handsome will give instructions .
She leaves while abhi looks at ranveer.
Abhi : thanks for coming bro.. he hugs him while ranveer says I am doing this only for pragya and adi. Abhi breaks the hug and nods his head.
Adi gets up from his seat and moved away from there. Ranveer follows him and all students starts to leave.
Abhi looks at aditi who is packing her bags.
Abhi : he got mad at me right..
Aditi without looking at abhi : more than you expect.
Abhi looking at her daughter who is more concentrated on her packing smiles : woh meri plan … now I know what he will do now.
Aditi stopping her works : what he will do ?


  Ranveer shouts adi stop…adi. .
  Adi sits on the bench while ranveer sits near him.
Adi : how you got convinced with him..
Ranveer: did I say that I forgave him..actually your school approached me.
Adi : I am sorry chachu. .without knowing the truth I got anger on you..
Ranveer ( smiles ) : it’s okay..you don’t worry..you will be in my team..I will train you..okay..
Adi smiles widely : chachu..you made the thing easy..I was about to ask you but you told ..I am happy… he hugs him.
  Abhi and aditi looks at them while abhi clears his throat.
Abhi : adi..let’s go .. it’s getting late right..
Adi looks at aditi : adhu..tell him that I will come in 5 minutes.
Aditi : but why ?
Adi smirking at abhi : I have to discuss something with my coach.
Abhi : it’s okay aditi..let’s go… Abhi holds aditi’s hand and they both leaves.
Ranveer: so champ..let’s see tomorrow.
Adi smiles at him and leaves from there.
Ranveer smiles saying : i want my old pragya back..so that I can do anything …


  All the three reached back while adi and aditi runs to pragya.
Adi hugs pragya : mumma you know , ranveer uncle is my new coach for our school team selection..he gonna train me.
Pragya : that’s the great news..hope you will enjoy his company.
Adi nods his head and looks at abhi.
Aditi : mumma..papa is also going to come for training as he and ranveer uncle gonna train these guys.
Pragya looks at abhi who looks away from them.
Pragya thinks why he is going there..sure he wants to win adi’s love but if so he would have become his trainer and would have not left ranveer in charge of this. Oh.. god..what he is trying to do..

Adi : mumma..I am going to my room..
Aditi : ha mumma..I have to complete my home works..if not that Godzilla will eat us.
PRAGYA sternly ” aditi..”
Aditi in pleading tone : ok mumma..maths teacher..
    She runs from there while abhi smiles at them.


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