Kumkum Bhagya – Accept Me (Episode 16)

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Days passed, abhi kept on trying to explain to pragya atleast five times a day. Pragya had been home for four days three days were left and just now abhi started again
A ; Pragya please listen to me . i can explain what happened even though i was still wrong
P;u will not quit will u?
P;I am not in the mood to here some more blah blah from u so ,u get five to tell me what u want and make good use of those five minutes because u will not have any other and they start now
A; thank u for giving a chance to explain ,i was already getting so desperate
P,five minutes

abhi explains what happened and pragya was listening very carfufuly

P;That means u did not trust me
A;Nothing like that ,i am just very possessive over the people i love
P;is that why u did not talk about it with me
A; I was feeling insecure and i was feeling like if told u about it i will loose u and if there is one thing i know for sure is that i can not imagine to live a life without u because i love u
P; thats enough of an excuse but now u need a punishment
A; just u asking the divorce and me crying my eyes out is enough punishment for me
P; but u have to do some thing memorable for me to forgive u
A; come with me
P; where are u going to?
A; surprise

they both went out to the garden that was gorgeously decorated with flowers and balloons pragya was supper impressed and before she could realize it abhi was already down on his knees with a diamond ring
A; i know i already said this but i will never be tired of telling u how much i love u and how much i will like to spend my whole life with u so will do me the honor of accepting me as ur life partner and also accept my love
pragya was overwhelmed and she tried to hide it by looking away
P;i am not crying(she says that turning her head away from him )just go ahead and put that ring on my finger cause yes i accept u mr jealous and i love u too
Abhi just smile at her antics and put the ring on her finger and hugged her real tied then trying to control her joy she turned and said can we have dinner now it is going to get cold there(pointing towards a table with dinner covered )
they went and had dinner and went back to her home and were talking to eo
P; how did u plan all that so fast
A;it was already planned
P;so u knew i was going to give in today
A; no i did the arrangement every time i tried to talk to u hopping u will give in
P; and the dinner it was still hot
A; i asked purab to bring it and when we were going i made sure he already brought it and that he left too
P; ok i see. the fact that i accepted ur proposal do not means i have forgiven u
A;oh really(says that moving closer to her and her moving backward)
P;what do u think you are doing keep your distances
A; oh please where is the playful and flirty pragya i got married to
P;well that pragya is tired and her doctor said she needed to rest
A; that makes things easier for me (he says this dragging pragya closer to him )
this do not surprise pragya as she thinks she knows what he is doing ,she tought he just wanted to get close to her to make her feel uncomfortable so she basically let him do what ever he wanted trying her best not to react even though his touch was really affecting her.abhi saw her trying to resist which made him even more attracted to her.he kissed her forehead came down seductively from her forehead passing by her nose bridged now pragya got tensed to her lips ,she was very shocked by his bold action but she did not push him back she kissed him with the same intensity . they kissed like that for about five good minutes till they ran out of oxygen. pragya got very shy and looked down but abhi was not yet done he captured her lips for another passionate kiss while one of his hand was on her waist to keep her to the same hieght as him since he is taller than her the other hand found the zipper of her dress that he opened in one loop which made her gasp in surprise .since they were still kissing this gave abhi the chance to bring in the tongue and start playing with hers. he lifted her which made her wrap her legs around his waist and he went towards their bed without breaking the liplock but before he could go any further the calling bed rang. this made abhi furious he got up fixed himself and went down furious ready to yell at who ever was at the door,during this time pragya was fixing her dressed still not able to believe what just happened ,she was red red due to blushing .abhi opened the door and when he was about to say something purab and bulbul just ran in and started talking to him abhi on seeing purab ,his anger just disapeared

pu;how was it did she forgive u
B;what are u talking about
A; ya she did forgive me
B;where is my sister u guys are talking about some thing yet no one wants to tell me what it is let me go and spend some time with my sister (saying that she went up to pragyas room)the screen separates showing the two pairs

the screen freeze on the two pairs

precap still processing

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