Kumkum Bhagya 9th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi goes to meet Pragya in hospital

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Kumkum Bhagya 9th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya looking at each other while holding the chandelier rope. Aryan and Sarita behen bring the smugglers out in the hall. Sarita behen asks someone to call the police. They push Sarita behen and Aryan and run out. Abhi shouts Aryan and runs out. Aryan goes to see Ranbir. Pragya rushes to Sarita behen and sees Purab. She says we have to take her to hospital. Purab lifts Sarita behen. Dadi calls Pragya. Pragya says I will come and meet you later. Mitali asks her to remember her promise. Aaliya gets worried. Dadi says the goons tried to make Chandelier falls on Abhi. Aaliya says Bhai went behind them and runs worried. The smuggler/goon runs out and collides with their boss’ car. His boss asks him to surrender and says he will take him out from lock up else, and if he takes his name then will kill his family. Abhi comes and catches the goon. Police Inspector comes there. Abhi tells him that the goon tried to make Chandelier fall in his house during Ganapati function. The goon says that he along with his friend wants to spoil the function and that’s why tried to make the chandelier fall. He says they want to be famous. Inspector arrests him. Abhi turns towards the goon’s boss and he introduces himself as Sahil, Abhi’s college friend. Abhi says hi and asks about the other friend Omi. Sahil says he is out of Canada and asks can I drop you somewhere. Abhi says ok and says someone special will leave. Sahil says I will do Ganapati darshan.

Pragya and Purab bring Sarita behen to hospital. Aaliya messages Purab saying that Aryan is scared. Doctor checks Sarita behen. Pragya asks Purab what happened? Purab says Aaliya messaged that Aryan is scared. Pragya asks who is Aryan? Purab says Aaliya and my son. Pragya asks him to go as Aryan is asking and says she will manage. Purab asks how did you manage being a single mother? Pragya says she managed and asks him not to tell anyone. Purab says ok. Pragya asks him to go. Purab thinks Aaliya must have messaged him to call him. Sarita Behen’s grandson comes there. Doctor asks them to bring medicine. Pragya asks the boy to meet Sarita behen and goes to bring medicine. Meera asks Aaliya about the chandelier incident. Aaliya says Dasi said that the goons tried to make Chandelier fall on Abhi, but it is not confirmed. Vikram comes and says they want to ruin the party.

Rhea and Ranbir are in the room. Rhea says Prachi heard me confessing love to you. Ranbir says so what, I rejected you infront of her. Rhea says now Prachi will go to college and will tell everyone that you rejected me. She says her image will be spoiled. Ranbir says it will be easy for Rhea to convince Prachi that he is a good guy and asks her to praise him and counts his qualities. He says but tells about those qualities to me so that I can develop. Rhea says she doesn’t want any girl to get attracted to him. Aryan comes to Ranbir and Rhea and tell them everything about the goons attack. Rhea calls Pragya and asks if she is fine. Pragya says she brought Sarita behen to hospital and she is also fine. Rhea ends the call. Pragya thinks to tell Prachi about Abhi.

Prachi tells Shahana about Ranbir and Rhea. Shahana feels pity for Ranbir. Prachi feels bad for Rhea and tells that she shall tell her that Ranbir wants to trap her. Shahana thinks why Prachi is more sympathetic towards Rhea, who thinks bad about her. She goes. Shahana thinks some cute girl like her might enter Ranbir’s life.

Aryan and Ranbir praise their mums. Dimpy and Shahana come to the function. Rhea asks them to come and see her designer dress. Prachi comes to Rhea and asks her to listen to her.

Sarita behen talks to her grandson and says you are like me. He says mummy says that I am like her. Sarita behen asks her not to take her name and tells that she has replaced her daughter and Pragya is her daughter Anuradha now. He says my mum is lovely. Sarita behen says she is lovely and asks him to get him discharged and take her home. He says it is better to go home. She calls Mr. Mehra to ask him about catching the goons, but the phone doesn’t connect.

Abhi brings Sahil home and asks him to take Bappa’s blessings. Sahil folds his hands and says the gold which you are wearing Bappa is mine. The goon whom Rhea warned tells Sahil that they shall keep Rhea as a hostage and then asked for gold. Sahil says Abhi is a big man and tells that this plan is sticky so they shall take help of a Pandit. Sahil goes. The goon thinks he will take revenge from Rhea anyhow. Abhi comes to Dasi and asks about Pragya. Dasi says she took Sarita behen to hospital. Purab says City hospital. Abhi says I will go and come. Dasi asks if they will unite. Purab says 100 percent.

Precap: Prachi tells Rhea that she heard her confessing I love you to Ranbir. Ranbir tells Prachi that she has rejected Rhea’s love as he loves someone else.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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