Kumkum Bhagya 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 8th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode stars with Pragya telling Abhi that when she woke up, she was happy to meet them. Now after seeing this, she felt that she would have died then also, atleast she would have become his bride in next birth. She asks Dadi how can she let abhi remarry and asks if she wanted her to die. She then questions Purab for letting Abhi marry, and says you being my brother should have stopped him and protected my sindoor. She asks if everyone wanted her to die. She says nobody have answers. He forgot the promise given to me, but why you people were so eager to get him married. You made fun of my life and death that you can’t wait for 2 mins. She questions Abhi why he didn’t think about his promise and forgot her so easily. She asks if her love was one sided. She says we both love each other, but why only I give the test. She says truth is that you got married although I am married. She says you would have thought that I will return, don’t you trust your fuggi, it would have been good if your memory haven’t returned. I have given many sacrifices for you. It turns out to be Pragya’s dream. A lady asks her to be careful while walking.

Aaliya and Tanu are in house. Tanu says if Munni went to do mannat to make her lifestyle permanent. They think to go and check. Pragya comes there and sees Abhi doing puja with Munni. Munni thinks she can’t betray him. Pragya thinks how can he do this with me. Dadi asks Pandit ji to pray for Abhi. Pandit ji tells about wife protecting her husband. Munni thinks this is happening as Pragya is not here. Pragya thinks he gave my rights to someone and forgotten me. She thinks it is enough and decides to question him. Pandit ji asks Munni to tie Mouli on his hand. Abhi lifts Munni’s ghunghat. Pragya is shocked to see her lookalike and thinks Abhi didn’t betray me, but this girl. Pandit ji asks them to take elders’ blessings.

Aaliya and Tanu’s car stops on the way. They take auto. Pragya thinks I was doubting my husband, who loves me a lot and thinks how can my lookalike take my place. She thinks who is she and how did she come here? She thinks Abhi will identify her and thinks to go and talk to him.

Pragya comes back inside the temple and thinks where are they? Mitali have something. Dadi tells Dasi that she got peace with this shanty puja. Munni thinks to apologize to God for doing the sin. She goes to temple again. Pragya asks God to help her save her family from her lookalike. She says she has to know her motive behind this. Munni comes there and stands beside Pragya. She apologizes to God for betraying Abhi and thinks she shouldn’t have done puja with him. She says this place is of Pragya and not me, and Aaliya and Tanu want to loot his property and get his sign. She says if I take his sign then I will repent all life and asks God to stop it, show some miracle and bring Pragya back and says please please. Pragya turns and sees Munni. Munni also sees her.

Purab says we will get late for office. Abhi says I will call her. Dadi says she might be talking to Pandit ji and asks Abhi and Purab to go, and says we will bring Pragya with us. Abhi says we shall go to office and apologizes to Disha for taking Purab on second day of marriage. Disha says she will wait for him and asks him to come fast. Pragya sees Munni. Munni sees Pragya.

Pragya asks if Tanu took you home. Munni says Tanu took me to Aaliya and made me stand infront of your husband and told him that I am Pragya and he believed them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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