Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Pallavi blesses Prachi for saving Ranbir

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Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pallavi hearing the Nurse telling Receptionist about Ranbir. The Nurse tells Receptionist that his condition was serious and just as she held was serious and just as his wife held his hand, he got fine. The Receptionist tells that Prachi really loves Ranbir, when she brought him here, she was fighting with everyone to admit her husband, and then she argued with doctor, and then requested him. She says Doctor agreed to admit him seeing her tears else doctor never takes the gun shot case without informing Police. Nurse says if she wouldn’t have argued, then it would be too late and he couldn’t have been saved. Pallavi walks away from there. Prachi is standing outside the OT. Doctor comes out and asks her to let them do the treatment. Nurse asks Doctor to think what she said inside. Doctor asks Prachi to come inside and tells Senior doctor that when she held his hand, his heart beat normalizes. Senior doctor asks have you lost it, being a doctor how can you say that. Nurse asks him to see it himself and says even they were not believing him. Prachi holds Ranbir’s hand and says baklu, you are making everyone worried. She asks him to become fine. Doctor asks her to go and wait outside, and pray. Prachi goes out. Nurse comes out and tells Shahana that doctor asked Prachi to say, as his heart beat is not stablized. Pallavi hears and goes to pray.

Aaliya tells Vikram that everything is happening due to Prachi. Shahana says she will go to temple. Rhea makes Shahana falls down intentionally. Shahana gets up and asks if she is cheap always. Rhea asks what do you want to say that I made you fell down, and says making a cheap person fallen down. She says both sisters are same, if any accident happens then you will blame me only. Prachi goes to the temple and asks God, why he did this with him. She says Ranbir came to save her, and you please save his life. She says his life is very precious and is connected with all the family members. She says my baby and me needs me and asks him to save her Ranbir aand gives all her happiness and life to him. She says save my Kumkum, I have repaired my mangalsutra, please save him. Shahana tells Rhea that your habit is bad and not our.

Rhea says Ranbir is in this condition because of you both. Aryan asks Rhea to stop it and says I have seen that you made Shahana fell down. Rhea says you are not my brother anymore, Shahana taught you all this. Vikram says think that you are in hospital, you people talk so much leaving Ranbir. The doctors try to save him. Pallavi and Aaliya come to the temple. Aaliya instigates Pallavi against Prachi and says Ranbir is shot because of her, she is inauspicious from day 1. She asks her to find permanent solution for her. They come near Prachi and hear her asking God to please save Ranbir. Aaliya asks her to stop the drama and says he must be shot due to you. She says if you have called us, then we wouldn’t have let Ranbir in this situation. Prachi says when he was shot, he was about to faint, I was talking to him continuously to keep him in his senses. She says I couldn’t think anything and called you after reaching hospital. Pallavi gets emotional and hugs Prachi. Aaliya and Rhea are shocked. Aaliya says Ranbir is in danger because of her. Pallavi says I don’t know what had happened there, but I know what happened here. She says I heard Nurse saying that due to Prachi’s argument, doctor started treatment without paper work. She says when Ranbir’s heart beat was not stablized, when she held his hand, his condition was fine. She says I don’t know how was Ranbir then, but I know how is him now. She says Prachi fought with Yamraj as Savitri and saved him. Aaliya says stop being dramatic. Pallavi says Nurse told this. Aaliya says you agreed to her sayings. Pallavi says all my bad doubts got removed, as Prachi was here. She blesses Prachi and hugs her. She says Ranbir will be fine, God will hear you, if not us. Aryan comes there and tells them that Ranbir’s heart beat is stable. Everyone go from there.

Pallavi asks Doctor how is Ranbir? Doctor asks her not to insist to take him home. Pallavi says we will not, but how is he? Ranbir asks Nurse to call his wife. Rhea is about to go inside. Doctor says only his wife Prachi can go. Rhea says I am his wife, Rhea Ranbir Kohli. Sid goes to call Prachi. Nurse says Prachi was his wife, as his heart beat normalized because of her. Rhea tells Doctor that Prachi is going to marry sid and today was her sangeet. The Nurse says I will ask the patient about his wife, he will tell. She goes inside.

Precap: Ranbir asks Prachi what she was doing with Sid there. Prachi tells Rhea that she needs 2 days to expose her. Rhea says lets do it, you can do whatever you can and I will do whatever I can.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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