Kumkum Bhagya 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi ruins Aaliya and Tanu’s plan

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Kumkum Bhagya 8th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pandit ji scolding Munni for dropping water in the havan. Aaliya says now their hate story will start. Tanu says and my love story. Dasi asks what you are saying. Pandit ji says they have forgotten that the fire which have united them can separate them too. Abhi says when you are calling her sinner then you can go. He says he will take care of Pragya as she is having pain in her foot. He gets angry on Pandit ji. Munni thinks he don’t see any thing wrong in my doings. Aaliya and Tanu think that their plan failed. Dadi gets worried about the abshagun. Dasi asks her to see the good part. Raj and Taya ji tell that may be God wants them to be together always. Disha thinks about the happenings. She thinks if her mum would have been alive then she would have trusted her. Bua comes and asks her to get ready for marriage fast.

Purab thinks Disha will be punished all life and hopes he could save her from this bad marriage. Aaliya tells Tanu that their plan failed badly. Tanu says Abhi is having blind faith on her. Aaliya says we have to do something big. Tanu says but what. Abhi massages Munni’s feet. Munni thinks she lied so much in such a short time. Abhi asks if she is feeling pain and is about to call Preeta. Munni asks him not to call anyone and says she will be fine.

Sangram Singh brings baraat for Disha. Neighbors gossip that Disha is lucky to get married in a rich house. Bua welcomes him. She comes to Disha and asks her to get ready to marry him. Sangram Singh’s goons come to Purab and tell that he will marry Disha soon. Purab hears them. The goons tease Purab. They have wine sitting there and goes. Disha’s father asks Sangram Singh to take care of his daughter. Sangram Singh says he will love her so much that she will miss you every moment, then says not miss you. Sangram Singh sees Disha coming and tells that she is looking beautiful. Disha comes and sits for marriage. Sangram Singh sits beside her. Purab thinks marriage started. I have to escape from here and save her. Purab manages to cut the rope and frees his hand. While Disha is sitting in the mandap with Sangram Singh. .

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Precap:Abhi asks Munni to tell him why she is going far from him and behaving as if she don’t remember anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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