Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi thanking Pragya and says because….you…have organized party and I thought to surprise you. Pragya asks him to check decoration first. Abhi says whoever is having a good heart, do work good. Pragya says Dadi’s tea will flow out. Abhi touches the tea bowl, and gets hurt. Pragya holds his finger and sucks it. Sanam re plays…..She says may be someone came..Abhi says nobody came. They have an eye lock and she continues to suck his finger. Tanu comes there and asks what is happening here. Abhi tells her that his finger is burnt. Tanu asks him to show. Abhi says Dadi asked me to keep finger at cold place. Pragya says fridge. He puts his finger in the fridge and gets a bottle, says he is relieved. Tanu looks on.

Tai ji and Mitali pose for pics. Reporter says they are clicking Dasi’s pic. Dasi says one need to have a special face also. Mitali laughs and asks Dasi to let them pose for pics. Tanu coes there. Reporters follow her. Tanu poses for pics and asks how she is looking? Pragya asks the sponsors about the arrangements. They say it is good. Tanu tells that she is happy for Abhi’s album and says she is happy for her marriage which is going to happen after 5 days and says these grand marriage can’t happen daily.

Dadi tells reporters that marriage is postponed till Purab recovers. Pragya takes Dadi with her and says Dadi will talk to you after sometime. Tanu tells reporters that Dadi is having some confusion and that they will not wait for Purab to recover and can’t postpone marriage for him. Pragya asks Dadi not to take tension and says if anything happens to you then I will be alone. Dasi says we will reply to Tanu altogether. Abhi comes to the party and likes the arrangements. Tanu compliments Abhi and says he is looking handsome. Abhi thanks her and looks for Pragya. Tanu asks he is searching whom? Abhi says Pragya. He sees Pragya helping a girl and freeing her stuck hairs. Abhi goes towards her. Pragya slips and falls in his embrace. Allah Wariyan plays…..They have an eye lock. Their sponsors come and says they were waiting for them. They tell that Pragya has organized party well. Abhi says even Pragya is good. They go to meet journalist.

He says he wants to say her something and says she is looking toota….Pragya asks what does it mean? Abhi says it is told to beautiful girls in Punjabi. Pragya says even you are looking toota….Abhi says yes, I look toota whenever I wear black. They have a good talk. Tanu gets jealous and takes Aaliya to side. She asks her to do something. Aaliya asks what to do? Shall I hit her like you tried to kill Purab. Tanu asks her not to taunt her and says whatever I have done is for us. Aaliya asks shall I give award to you. Tanu asks her to stop Pragya. Aaliya asks her to let Pragya do what she wants, else Abhi might cancel the wedding. Tanu thinks she will see Aaliya first after her marriage. Dadi and Dasi pray for Pragya and abhi. Dasi tells her that Abhi has surprise for Pragya. She whispers something in her ears. Pragya comes and asks what is the surprise? Tanu comes and asks what they are talking about? Dasi says Abhi has a surprise for you. Tanu gets happy and asks Dasi to tell what is the surprise. Dasi says she doesn’t know. Tanu is happy and goes.

Pragya asks Dasi if Abhi is giving surprise to Tanu. Dasi says not surprise, but shock. Pragya says I couldn’t understand anything. Sponsors/album producers announces that Abhi has composed the music album uniquely and calls him on the stage. Abhi smiles and goes on the stage. Everyone claps for him. He thanks the music sponsors. They tell that he shall get habitual to appraisal. He thanks everyone for love and support. He says he has brought a new concept in this album and his friend’s Purab have major contribution in this album. He says if Purab would had been here then he would have explained you better. Tanu asks Reporter to ask Abhi who is his inspiration. Reporter asks Abhi who was his inspiration for this album.

Abhi looks on. He says just as it says that one needs to have a broken heart to write painful poetry, and like wise one needs to feel love to write love songs, and says I had heard this, but felt this too. He says I have went through this feeling while making this album and now I used to sing from my heart and not with mind. Tanu smiles and thinks now Pragya will know what Abhi has for me in his heart. Abhi says the one for whom I have feelings, the one who has inspired me to sing well…Reporter asks him to tell her name. Dasi tells Dadi that surprise will come now. Abhi points finger towards Tanu. Tanu gets happy. Dasi asks Dadi if this is your surprise? Abhi says that is pragya? Pragya is standing behind Tanu. Pragya is shocked.

Abhi tells Pragya that whatever she couldn’t say, her reads said all. Pragya says her tears….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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