Kumkum Bhagya 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 7th February 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi going to Pragya’s room and asks why she is crying, just because her make up is spoiled. Pragya says your hardwork is ruined and your trust is broken. Abhi says who told you this and says you have kept my trust, as I know that you can’t do this, as your foundations and values are strong, and I knew that you can’t change. He says I don’t want to change you, but people’s thinking. You are so good, innocent, cute and says you are the true girl whom I have met. Pragya looks at him. Sanam Re plays……. He shows her photo and asks if she remembers when it was clicked. Abhi says it was her first meeting pic. He says you are same even now and will not change as you are unique and different from others. He asks her to forget everything and says I just want you to show off at the party, but now you can wear anything you want, I will feel good. Pragya says you want me to come as I am….

Abhi says when a flower have its own smell, why to put scent on it. He says we will meet tomorrow and asks her not to cry. Pragya thinks he is sad and trying to cheer her up, and thinks she understood what he couldn’t tell. He comes home. Tanu says him hi….Abhi says you scared me suddenly. Tanu asks where are my dresses. Abhi says you have left that dresses for alteration. Tanu says she called at the shop and came to know that he took the dresses. Abhi says he went to office and forgot dresses there. He says I will get it tomorrow. Tanu says we will send Robin and get it back. Abhi says I will get it tomorrow. Tanu insists to show it to Aaliya. Abhi asks her to show tomorrow. He thinks I am saved, else she would have taken me to office now. Tanu thinks if Abhi is creating scene with Pragya and wonders what.

Pragya looks at the dress in the mirror and thinks she can’t wear it, never. Tanu calls office and asks about shopping bags and comes to know that there was no shopping bags in office. She thinks Abhi took interest in shopping with her and then lied to her. She thinks to go and check by herself. She goes to Pragya’s home and asks where is Pragya. Beeji says you can’t meet her, but can see her pic. Tanu says I am not joking and asks where is Pragya? Beeji asks her to go. Tanu sees the shopping bags and gets angry seeing the dresses. She asks if Abhi gave these dresses to Pragya and says she will not leave her. She goes to Pragya’s room and says what a dress, seeing Pragya covering her legs with a cloth. She asks if she has worn her Mamaji’s lungi and asks her to dance on the song lungi dance.

She asks her to use her mind and says you can wear clothes like me, but from where you will get attitude and class. You can change from outside, but you will remain middle class from inside. She says just as you told me that I can’t become Abhi’s wife, I tell you that you can’t be like me. She says Rocky said right that you are a servant and I want to hear same thing from me. She says you can’t be a peacock if you have peacock feathers, says Abhi is marrying me as I look good with him. She says Abhi respects you, but sees me as his life partner and is marrying me. She says tomorrow is our bachelor’s party and asks her not to come, and says even servants will have more class than you. She says if you come even by mistake then I will humiliate you so much infront of my friends that you will not show your face to others, calls her behenji. Beeji comes and makes Tanu falls down. She asks her to walk properly on land.

Aaliya tells Purab that he can’t be successful even if he tries hard. She says tomorrow is Abhi and Tanu’s bachelor and bachelorette party, and says they will be marrying soon. Your plan will not work, and it will be like your farewell party with Pragya. Purab says I don’t want to make any plan, as my last plan’s result is affecting Abhi. He has become more caring and protective towards Pragya and started loving her even more, but you couldn’t see being heartless. Tanu comes and tells that she is coming from Pragya’s home and they are planning fancy dress competition. She says Pragya wants to become like her and Abhi tried to do her make over, and thought she will become classy like her. She says Abhi tried to make a crow look peacock. Aaliya laughs. Tanu says Abhi went for shopping with her and tells that she doesn’t care. She says Pragya understood that she is lost, and says she couldn’t reply me anything. Purab looks on angrily as Tanu and Aaliya make fun of Pragya. They tell bye to Purab. Purab thinks what Tanu did in Pragya’s home.

Aaliya blames Tanu that it is looking as Abhi and Pragya’s bachelor and bachelorette party and says you have lost and now get ready to celebrate your defeat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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