Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Simonika Fails To Kill Abhi, Instead Kills Nurse:

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Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pragya insisting Nurses that she wants to go to Abhi. Simonika thinks I can’t kill you here, and thinks if I kill you then I will be caught, as your sister, dadi and dasi knew that I am here. She thinks how to kill him and thinks to suffocate him with pillow. She laughs at her plan. She says good bye, you deserves this.. She tries to suffocate him with pillow. Nurses make Pragya relief and think to go and check on Abhi. One of the Nurse says she will check. Simonika thinks she is feeling peace to see him dying and asks him to bear for some time. She says you have to die, once you die, my revenge will be fulfilled. She says you have killed my love without whom I couldn’t live. She says when you didn’t think before killing him, why shall I think and says you have snatched two people’s life.

Nurse comes to Abhi’s room and sees Simonika trying to suffocate abhi. She asks what you have done and says she will tell everyone. Simonika stops her and tries to emotionally blackmail her, but nurse don’t agree. Simonika suffocates her with pillow and locks her up in a room. Aaliya tells Raj that once Abhi gains consciousness, she will take Abhi home, and says we have nothing to do with Munni. Dasi and Dadi think to go and check Abhi. Aaliya says she will also come. Simonika puts the flowers on the dustbin and checks Abhi’s breath. She says nurse died because of you, but you are shameless and not dying. She is about to suffocate him, but seeing Dadi and Dasi stops.

Aaliya asks where is the nurse? Simonika says she went for break. Aaliya asks her to go and call Doctor. She scolds Simonika and gets doubtful. Dasi says we shall be concerned for Abhi. She comes to doctor and tells that Abhishek Mehra family wants to meet you. Doctor says he was going now. Simonika thinks good plan went from her hand. Doctor comes to Pragya’s room and asks her to bring one more nurse to him.

Simonika hears them and comes to Pragya’s room seeing Nurse left. She says you are too much Ms. Pragya and says you tried to save him risking your life and interferes in my planning. She says whenever I try to kill him, you come between Abhi and me. She says I don’t want to harm you, but if you come in my way then I have to kill you before him. She says why don’t you understand my feelings and says I have promised my love then until I kill Abhi, I won’t be at peace. She tells that she was about to kill Abhi, but nurse came infront of her.. She asks her to move from her way.

Just then Pragya opens her eyes shocking Simonika. It was her imagination. Simonika asks her to leave from her way. Nurse comes there and asks what is she doing here? Simonika asks if they know how to interfere. Nurse asks her to go and says other nurse went to see Abhi, but hadn’t return. Simonika thinks she will not return. Nurse asks her to go. Simonika thinks until you recover, abhi will be dead.

Abhi asks what Munni did? Dasi tells him that Munni sucked the poison out from the body and now she is critical. Abhi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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