Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Simonika stabs Abhi repeatedly to kill him

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Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Simonika getting upset on Pragya for sucking the venom out from Abhi’s body and ruining her plans. Tanu accuses Pragya for acting to be sucking the venom to become great in everyone’s eyes. Dasi tells her that Munni has saved Abhi and kept her life in danger. She says I know that you will never risked your life for Abhi and says whatever Munni has done, you can’t do. She asks Mitali not to tell Dadi and goes to hospital. Aaliya brings Abhi and Pragya to hospital. She takes Abhi on stretcher and pushes Pragya. Pragya’s condition deteriorates and she feels like fainting. Dasi asks Doctor to treat her. Aaliya says she won’t let her take doctor’s service. Dasi says you can’t change and tells that even Munni needs treatment. She asks her to shut up and calls doctor asking him to treat her as well. Aaliya prays that Munni shall die. Mitali says she is in tension. Raj comes back home. Mitali says there is a big problem at house. Raj asks if dadi is fine.

Mitali says she is sleeping in room. Taya ji says snake entered Abhi’s room. Raj asks did anyone throw it out. Mitali says Munni was brave and went to room. She says Abhi held the snake, and it had bitten him. Dadi comes downstairs and gets hearing this. Taya ji and Raj makes her sit. Simonika thinks this condolence meet will go on and thinks to go to hospital and check. She asks Mitali shall I attend a call. Mitali says yes. Dadi cries and prays for Abhi.

Simonika comes out and meets Ganesh. Ganesh asks what happened? Simonika says your snake had bitten the right person, but his wife sucked the venom and spit. Ganesh says it is like 1 for 1 free and says his wife will also die with her husband. Simonika says I will not give you money until I see him dying. Ganesh says we haven’t decided this and says it is an injustice. Simonika gives him money and says she will go to hospital and will kill him. Ganesh thinks if she don’t give me money then I will make the snake bite her. Tanu thinks Munni troubled her and thinks if I am bitten by mad dog to save Abhi risking my life. She thinks may be Munni saved him as she loves him. She prays Munni shall die and thinks she deserve this.

Aaliya comes to Abhi. Abhi takes Pragya’s name even in unconscious state. Aaliya gets angry and thinks Munni didn’t let him forget Pragya showing her face. Doctor tells that pragya is more serious than Abhi and asks Dasi to sign on consent letter, and says she can’t tell if she can save her or not. Dasi says she can’t sign and says she is not Pragya mehra. Doctor asks did you lie? Dasi says no and recalls Munni saving them from Sangram and Pragya sucking the venom. She signs on the consent form. Abhi takes Pragya’s name. Chadariya plays…..Pragya is more critical than Abhi. Dadi tells them that she wants to go to hospital.

Taya ji asks her to rest and says Abhi will be fine. Dadi says I can’t be relieved until I see him. Raj says I will take you. Tanu comes and asks why did you let Dadi go? Tayi ji scolds her. Aaliya comes back home. They ask her about Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya says Abhi is fine and gets angry when they ask about Pragya. She says she is Munni and not Pragya. Tanu asks her to come. Aaliya asks about Simonika.Tanu says she left. Taya ji says Aaliya will not change. Simonika comes to ward and says you will have to die. She stabs him. Abhi is still unconscious. Simonika thinks I have written your destiny and says you have separated my dear ones from me, and says I am in pain without my husband. She says today I got justice. She stabs him repeatedly.

Pragya gains consciousness and calls Abhi. Simonika puts flowers on him and says it is time to go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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