Kumkum Bhagya 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid gets kidnapped

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dida telling Prachi that whatever happens is for best and she can see their love getting deeper. Prachi and Ranbir look at each other. Dida laughs. Ranbir says few people acts ignorant. Dida asks where is he going? Ranbir says he is going for Rhea’s DNA test. Prachi says tomorrow is the test. Ranbir says Mummy asked to get the test done today itself, so that reports come tomorrow. Dida asks Prachi to go with them, as Rhea might change the report. Vikram is talking to someone and gets angry. Pallavi comes there and asks why is he upset? He asks if she has the licence only in the house to get upset. Pallavi says she knows that he is upset due to office. Vikram says I am upset with you. Pallavi asks you mean to say due to Prachi and Rhea. Vikram asks her to think if they spend a day without any fight or argument, as some drama or fight happens here, and says you increase the matter rather than solving it. He says if there is no peace then it is because of you. Pallavi asks him to tell directly what he wants to say. Vikram asks her to hear directly and tells that Prachi is bahu of the house, and infact she is beti of the house. He says I couldn’t overcome whatever you have said to Prachi, you told her, but I am feeling bad, how can you humiliate Prachi so much. He says she means a lot to him and that’s why she shall not humiliate her again. Aaliya hears them. Vikram goes out. Aaliya calls his name. He goes.

Aaliya comes inside the room and tells Pallavi that she doesn’t see Vikram talking to her like this. She says Pallavi filled all this in Vikram’s mind indirectly, acted as helpless and innocent. She says she wants to be shown herself as victim, and wants to show that you are doing wrong with her. She says Vikram is a simple man and Prachi is taking advantage of this. Pallavi says Prachi can’t do acting as she will not get stage, very soon she will leave. She says she will never forgive her for spoiling her relation with Vikram.

Prachi comes out running and calling him. Ranbir asks why is she running? He asks her not to run, else he will make her sit on the wheelchair. She says she will fine and will run away. He says he will tie her and will lock her. Prachi says don’t lock me, don’t cage a free bird. Ranbir says I will give the grain. He asks why she was running. Prachi says she wants to come with him to get Rhea’s test done.

Rhea comes there and shouts asking why she wants to come? To check if I am getting test done or not. Ranbir says Prachi wants to get her tests done too. He thinks Chikchiki argues with me only. Prachi runs to sit with Ranbir in the car. Rhea also runs. Prachi sits with Ranbir and asks Rhea to sit on the backseat. Rhea sits on the back seat. Prachi asks Ranbir to drive. Ranbir says ofcourse and drives off. They reach the hospital. Rhea asks about Dr. Madhurima. Nurse says she didn’t come yet. Ranbir asks about the available doctor. Rhea says she wants just Madhu. Dr. Preeti comes there. Nurse says she is Dr. Preeti. Dr. Preeti and Prachi identify each other. Prachi asks how is everyone? She tells Ranbir that she was Sarita behen’s neighbor. Ranbir introduces himself as Prachi’s husband. Prachi tells Dr. Preeti that they have come here to get DNA tests done of Rhea. Dr. Preeti asks her to come. Prachi asks Ranbir, why did he tell that he is her husband. Ranbir says I can tell this infront of all the world.

Aaliya comes to Pallavi and asks if she is still thinking about Vikram’s words. Pallavi says Vikram was never angry with her before. Aaliya asks her not to take all these things personally. Pallavi says she heard all this due to Prachi. Aaliya thinks she don’t want to talk about husband and wife, and wants to hear wrong things about Prachi. She asks Pallavi to get Prachi married, if she goes from here then everything will be fine. Pallavi says you are right. Aaliya thinks she has become normal.

Dida comes there and tells Pallavi that Sid is missing from his room, as if he is kidnapped, there is a mess in his room. Dr. Preeti asks Rhea about her pregnancy month. Rhea says everyone takes care of her. Ranbir asks Prachi about Dida’s words. Prachi says she didn’t understand. Ranbir says you look cute. Prachi asks him if he trusts her, as when truth comes out, I might question you, and asks if he will answer her or will question her. Ranbir gets up and asks if you don’t know, and says you will like the answers. Rhea thinks Madhu is good and throws water on the tissue box. Dr. Preeti says she will throw it and goes out. Rhea calls Madhurima. Prachi thinks truth will come out.

Pallavi, Dida and Aaliya come to Sid’s room and find the room messed up. Dida says someone forced him. Pallavi calls Vikram and hits her head with the door accidentally. Aaliya thinks she didn’t ask her goon to kidnap him. She calls him. Pallavi asks whom she is calling. Aaliya gets Rhea’s call and goes to attend it. Vikram comes there and sees the room messed up. Aaliya picks the call. Rhea says Madhurima didn’t reach here. Aaliya says a big problem happened here. Rhea says who will do my fake DNA test, my secret will be out. She says I will be caught, and says Madhurima and you are not here. Aaliya asks her not to panic and asks her to tell Ranbir that she will get the test done by Dr. Madhurima. Rhea says I can’t make Ranbir understand and asks her to call Madhurima, says she is losing the game. Aaliya asks her not to show mood swings. Rhea asks what is your problem? Aaliya says tomorrow is sangeet and Sid. Just then Preeti comes there and Rhea asks Aaliya to do the work and ends the call.

Precap: Rhea tells her bua when DNA test report is back, we have to make sure that it does not go in someone else’s hand. Prachi says to her sister, I’m done with the games, now we have to come to a solution. Sid says to Rhea, Pallavi, I have already decided if my sister won’t come to the function, then I won’t do all the rituals and will leave in between.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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