Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Aaliya and Rhea are exposed

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rhea telling that if she is lying then her would be born baby, will be born dead. Doctor comes there and says nobody will die with your lie, Rhea, as you are not pregnant and there is no baby in her womb. He says she has been lying with everyone about her pregnancy. He shows the real report with his signs. Aaliya says he is a liar, he is lying, Rhea is pregnant and we don’t want you to know this. Rhea says we read the report, given by you. She says everyone had gone to hospital. Doctor says it was fake report. Aaliya says how to believe you, may be you have manipulated the report on someone’s insistence. Doctor tells that they can change the report on paper, but not on mail. He shows Rhea’s report in his email. He says I received this report before you people came to hospital, and it is written that Rhea is not pregnant. Aaliya asks who are you? he says I am a doctor. Aaliya says this is our family matter, why did you come? Prachi says I have called him and tells that you had gone to hospital, so I was sure that you will do something. She says she requested the doctor to come here and read her real report. Aaliya says you are making fun of Rhea’s pregnancy and asks everyone to kill her at once, rather than killing her every moment. Ranbir asks Aaliya to let them talk, and says when Rhea is questioned, you are answering and asks if I answer when someone questions Prachi. Aaliya asks Pallavi to stop Ranbir. Pallavi asks why shall I stop him, he is right and tells Aaliya that she has lost her dignity. Rhea says Mom. Pallavi asks her to shut up and asks her to answer Prachi. Rhea says when everyone announced me as guilty, then what shall I answer. She says Prachi has done an amazing set up and brought a doctor who is bought by her. Doctor says I came here to tell the truth, and tells that he brought the CCTV footage. He shows them the CCTV in which Rhea is offering him money to hide about her fake pregnancy. He says if I was a saleable doctor, then I would have been sold by your money. Rhea says Prachi is not pregnant, she is lying. She says I am pregnant. Prachi removes the belt showing her fake tummy from Rhea’s clothes. Rhea is shocked. Everyone is shocked to see her fake baby bump. Prachi asks if you want to say anything. Doctor says everything is proved now. Rhea says Prachi will be responsible for my death, and goes. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and asks her to let Rhea go. Aaliya asks if Rhea does something to herself. Shahana goes behind Prachi.

Pallavi tells Aaliya that she don’t expect this from her, and she don’t want to fall to her level by arguing with her. Rhea goes to her room holding kerosene can and locks the door. She thinks why nobody is coming, come and save me. She thinks if someone came, comes out and looks outside. She thinks nobody cares for her, even before her death. She says they used to roam around them and used to get scared with her threat, but now. She thinks if she pours kerosene oil and light the match stick to scare them, it can catch fire and can be dangerous for her. She thinks to feign to hang herself and thinks someone will break the door and will save you. She then thinks if nobody saves her, then she will die. She then thinks to act to cut her wrist with the knife. She thinks whenever she did this, she was successful. She hears someone coming and pretends as if she wants to die, as Ranbir is not with her. Prachi comes to the window and asks her not to do this, and says I love you very much, and will give you Maa, Papa’s love. She apologizes to her from Ranbir’s side. Rhea asks where is Ranbir? Shahana comes there and asks if you really want to commit suicide. Rhea cuts her wrist slightly shocking them and says she really want to die, as there is nobody who loves her. She says she don’t want to die and blames Prachi for snatching her love from her. She says if Ranbir had stopped me then I would have stopped. She says he don’t care for me, and says he don’t want to see me and I can’t live without seeing him. She says he ended everything and now don’t care for me. Prachi says I care for you. Shahana asks Prachi to go and call Ranbir. Prachi goes. Rhea asks do you want me to write your name on suicide note. She opens the kerosene oil.

Aaliya says if we don’t get anything with right way, then we have to twist the finger. Pallavi shouts enough and says I tried not to talk to you, but you are making it difficult for me. She says we have accepted Rhea infront of our guests and called her as Ranbir’s wife and his would be baby’s mother. She says what Rhea and you have done with us. She says you have enmity with Prachi, but what is our fault. She says you didn’t think even once what we will feel when truth comes. She says there is no excuse of cheap doings and asks her to shut her mouth. Vikram says if you have been like Abhi, even a bit then you would have been happy. He says you didn’t have family due to this. He says just as Abhi went in coma, you have taken over all his business, I never saw you going to office as your entire concentration was on planning, plotting and extortion.He says you couldn’t become a good mother, sister, aunt etc. Aaliya says I didn’t ask you for a reward so don’t talk about me. Dida says you didn’t fulfill your relation with your son. Pallavi says I don’t want to stoop to your level by arguing with you, but I have to make my hands dirty to clean my house. She asks her to get out of her house right now. Vikram asks her to leave. Aryan opens the door and says he can’t overdo what she has done. He breaks his relation with her. Aaliya says have you lost it? Aryan says I chose you than chosing Dad, but I couldn’t be with you as you was with Rhea. Aaliya says Aryan..Aryan says we shall leave the relation incomplete and says I can’t see my mother’s face this way. Pallavi says Aryan has values of his Mama Abhi, and he has good values as he is like his father Purab. Aaliya asks if everyone is done and says I will not stop here, where people don’t want to see mirror. She says she will talk to Rhea later and goes. Prachi comes out and tells Ranbir that Rhea is trying to cut her wrist. Ranbir says she has done this before also, and that’s why this thing has happened. He says she will not do anything. Prachi says if she does anything then we will repent. Ranbir says you will repent. She takes Ranbir with her and asks Rhea to open the door. Rhea says Ranbir don’t want me to live and that’s why he is not saying. Prachi gives her swear to Ranbir and asks him to ask Rhea to open the door.

Precap: Rhea asks Ranbir if he accepts that he loved her first, but this Prachi came between them. Ranbir says even if Prachi haven’t come between us, then also we would have never united. He asks her to take her bag and leave from their house. He says never come back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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