Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th January 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi scolding Purab and asks him to share his plan. Purab says Abhi will feel jealous and will express his feelings to Pragya. Dasi, Dadi and Pragya hear his plan. Dasi says you have done wonder and made handkerchief out of dhoti, asks him to keep it safely. Dadi says you have thought so deep, I wouldn’t have thought this. Pragya apologizes to him. Purab says its okay and asks her not to say sorry. He tells that he has promised Bulbul to unite Abhi and her, and the day they get united, he will think that his promise is fulfilled. Tanu comes to Abhi and asks what is he thinking? She says you must be upset and can’t take this betrayal. Abhi goes and sits on bed. Tanu says you might be in shock as Purab and your secretary lied to you. She says Purab was your childhood friend and wouldn’t have lied. She says this is not their love, but enjoyment. Abhi gets angry and shouts Tanu. Pragya hears him and gets sad.

Tanu comes out and asks Pragya, where is she going? She says you gave me valuable gift and says it was too good. She says you have cleared my way to marriage and this sacrifice of yours is big one. Pragya asks her to stop the crap and says you know clearly that I have no relation with Purab. Tanu says so he betrayed you and says fantastic. Pragya says you have ruined brother and sister’s relation and asks until when she will stoop. Aaliya comes there and tells that she has done all, and not Tanu. She says now I am Tanu’s sister in law and calls her bhabhi. She says she doesn’t care about the level and says this lecture is not right after you are having relation with your dewar and jija ji. She says jija and saali and says don’t know how did you do that. She says nobody will believe now, as Purab shouted and confirmed that he is in love with you. She says I felt bad when he said that he loves you, as I loved him at one point then made myself understand that Bulbul’s soul should feel bad and not me.

Pragya says I don’t have time to talk to you. Tanu falls on Pragya and asks her to be careful. She says you are not needed here, as Abhi don’t want to see your face. She asks her never to come back again and leave from there. Aaliya asks Tanu to tell Pragya’s words to her, that she is Abhi’s wife now and will not let her come back etc. She says over confidence is too bad. Aaliya says your all achievements are gone now. Tanu says she was calling us cheap, but she fell down in his eyes in one day. Pragya says you can snatch my everything, but not my luck. She says God decides the life partner and says nobody can separate us. Tanu says she has gone mad?

Aaliya asks Pragya to move from her way else she will be ruined day by day. Pragya says I will pass this test too. Aaliya says I like it, and I want to see you ruined, will wait for tomorrow.

Purab comes to Abhi and tries to talk to him. Abhi says I am angry. Purab says I am going now, but I will come later. He thinks my one lie will give you biggest happiness of your life. Abhi thinks I am not angry on you, but on myself. He thinks he met Niku and trusted her, and saw this day. He thinks why did Purab have hidden the truth. He thinks why did I have grown feelings for her, when she loves someone else, and thinks he is getting mad.

Pragya comes back home. Sarla gets angry and asks Pragya why she lied that she is going to Abhi’s sangeet when she went to meet Purab. Pragya says she is thinking wrong and says I don’t know what you are saying and with whom you had talked. Sarla shows the pics and asks about it. Beeji says I will talk to her. Sarla says I trust her and wants to know the truth, but gets angry on her. Janki asks Sarla to stop it. Sarla says I want to know why their pics are clicked in this position. Pragya says I was going to Abhi’s sangeet in taxi and asked him to take short cut. She says she was kidnapped by the goons and taken to their place. She says she called Abhi to save her, but he didn’t pick the call. She then call Purab and he saved her. Beeji and Janki ask if you are fine? Pragya says it was Aaliya and Tanu’s conspiracy to trap both of us. Sarla asks why didn’t you tell the truth to Abhi.

Pragya says Abhi didn’t believe on those pics, but Aaliya and Tanu provoked Purab and that’s why he agreed to have relation with her. Sarla asks why did he do this? Pragya says he is thinking two steps ahead of us, and shares his plans. She says I thought this is the only way as Aaliya and Tanu will trap Abhi in marriage. Sarla says this plan will not work and refuses to accept it. Pragya says this way is twisted, but they will succeed. She is hopeful. Beeji gives her strength and says when you have decided to reach your destination overcoming troubles, you will reach surely. Pragya is happy and hugs Beeji.

Pragya brings coffee for Abhi. Abhi says I need it and is about to take coffee cup, but then realizes yesterday happenings and refuses to have it. Pragya says you said that you need it. Abhi says I need it, but not from your hand. Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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