Kumkum Bhagya 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sangram Singh to marry Disha

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Kumkum Bhagya 4th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi and Dasi talking about Prasad. Raj says 56 bhogs are ready for Prasad. Episode starts with Dadi and Dasi talking about Prasad. Raj says 56 bhogs are ready for Prasad and says puja is for Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya tells Tanu that she got an idea to spoil Puja. Purab thinks once he calls Abhi, he will do something. He thinks if he shall save himself or Disha and worries about her. Bua tells Disha’s dad that she always asked him not to give much liberty to Disha and says girls are always girls. Sangram Singh comes there, smiles seeing them crying. He says he acts and apologizes, says he just wanted to present her lie infront of them. Bua says who will marry her now and cries. Sangram Singh tells them that he is ready to marry Disha and says I won’t let anything bad happen. I will make your burden as my responsibility and will marry her. Bua ji says you have talked big thing and says I can’t think if this is truth or lie. Sangram says he is Bholenath bhakt and says he drank poison and I will drink too by marrying her. Bua gets happy hearing his approval covered with taunts. Disha’s father asks if he is saying truth. Sangram Singh says yes and asks him to send Disha with him. Disha’s father agrees and says now he don’t have money to do all arrangements again. Sangram Singh says I am ready to marry Disha in this mandap. Bua says you didn’t get damad, but an angel. She says she will tell Disha. Sangram Singh says he wants to tell her. Bua agrees.

Tanu asks munni why she is wearing saree and walking in the house. Munni says she is very happy today, and worn because of Dadi’s saying. She asks if you are jealous. Disha talks to God and thinks it is good that she is saved from coward Pradeep. She asks God to make her marry guy like Purab and prays for him. Sangram Singh comes there and knocks on the door. Disha says this is my room and asks him to leave. Sangram says your father sent me here happily, and says he was crying when I went there, and I asked him to put his burden on him and he agreed. He says he will marry her today itself. Disha is shocked. Sangram Singh asks whom she will call for help. Disha thinks my Papa can’t do this. Sangram Singh says they both are happy, and is about to touch my feet. He says if you refuse for marriage, then your father will get heart attack. He says you have slapped me in the market, I will scratch you like a toy all life, I will make you feel what is pain, but will not do anything now, will do in suhaagraat. He laughs and goes.

Munni says I came here to work here due to helplessness and asks them not to blacken her character. Tanu says how dare you touch my finger. Aaliya asks them to stop fighting and go and make the puja flop. Tanu asks her to set off puja diya. Aaliya says no and asks her to set off havan fire and says Abhi and Dadi will get angry. Tanu says if Dadi gets heart attack. Aaliya asks her to stop being melodramatic and says if she gets then it will be too good and Abhi will get more anger like bursting volcano.

Mitali tells tai ji that house is changing. Tai ji says Pragya brought this change and will make us bhakts. Dadi asks Abhi to do puja with Pragya to keep off evil eye and says she will be fine. Abhi asks Pandit if this is truth. Pandit ji says yes. Abhi says he will do puja and asks where is she? Mitali says she must be coming and says she has done her make up and also made her wear saree. Munni thinks if I agree to Aaliya and Tanu and do some mistake, then Dadi’s health can worsen.

Abhi asks Pandit ji to leave if he thinks that pragya have done a sin.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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