Kumkum Bhagya 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd January 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Aaliya to tell the remaining plan. Aaliya says she will tell her which even Pragya doesn’t know. She says Purab gave me this idea and challenged me that whenever I will try to harm Pragya, he will step infront of her. She says I have taken his challenge and thought about this plan. Tanu asks but why did you do this? Aaliya says I loved him at one point and faced everyone hatred. She says even he shall get return gift back, and says my love have become hatred. I thought how to make you marry Abhi, and remove Pragya and Purab’s names from Abhi’s life. She says she have given contract to Nikhil and he created such situation. Tanu asks Nikhil how he managed to bring Purab and Pragya so close and who took their pics. Nikhil says he has to become Ravan to kidnap Sita/Pragya, and says this time Lakshman have to cross the line and saved his bhabhi. Tanu asks how he come there? Nikhil says we let her hide and call Purab. Tanu asks why she haven’t call Abhi. Nikhil says Aaliya took care of all this thing. Aaliya says I sent you with Bhai on dance floor, and I was on phone call with rocky.

A fb is shown, Rocky tells her that Pragya is trying to call someone. Aaliya says okay. She says then I got the call and that Pragya is escaped. When she called Abhi, he was dancing with you and laughs. Nikhil says photographer took such pictures that tricked them. Aaliya says purab is trapped now, and feels pity on him. She says Pragya was so scared that she hugged him, and our photographer clicked the pics. Tanu gets happy and hugs Aaliya for the wonderful plan. She thanks her again and again. Nikhil says I am also involved in this plan. Tanu thanks him for the help and apologizes for scolding him. Nikhil says anytime. Aaliya tells Tanu that one thing is bothering us, as everything went as per the plan. Pragya cried and screamed that she is innocent, but why did Purab agreed and took the blame on himself. She says what is going on in his mind, and thinks if he has feelings for Pragya, as he says he sees Bulbul’s reflection in Pragya.

Dadi tells Pragya that Aaliya has fallen so low and didn’t leave even brother and sister’s relation. Dasi says they have ashamed all relations. Pragya says we can’t hope that they will do good. She says why did Purab supported their truth and took the blame. She says Purab said what I can’t think about. What Abhi might be thinking, he did wrong. Purab comes there. Pragya asks why did you prove that accusation right and asks if you was drunk to took the blame? She says your one move made me go far from Abhi, and asks him to think about Abhi once. She asks why you have done this, do you want to help Aaliya and Tanu? Purab asks her not to accuse him, and says I am your younger brother and will always be, this truth can’t be changed. Pragya says whatever you have done…there.

Purab says you made me stranger by talking like this. He says Abhi have faith on Nikita that she can’t do this, and asks her to have same trust on him also. Pragya says I trusted you, but you said wrong infront of them. She says I couldn’t bear your betrayal, and says we have relation because of Bulbul, and it didn’t end after she went. We think of you as a family. She says you did wrong. Dadi says you made all of us ashamed. Dasi asks why did you claim that you want to unite them. Purab says you both think that I am wrong. Dadi says you want us to ignore this thing. Purab asks them to listen. Pragya says you are supporting me to separate us. Purab shouts that whatever he did was to unite Abhi and Pragya, and tells that Aaliya and Tanu’s plan was fool proof. She was not letting Pragya speak. Purab says I couldn’t tell that I am your dewar and jija also. He says I saw them smiling and realizes that the goons left when I started beating them. He says they might be happy now, but soon they will cry.

They will never try to make pure relations spoil. Nikhil tells Aaliya that they shall not think why he has done this, and rather be happy with the results. Tanu says he is right. Aaliya says they shall reach the reason as it is like cancer. Tanu says yes, may be. Nikhil says I told Purab is stupid and you agreed, and when Aaliya said that he is a james bond, you says yes may be. He asks if you have any opinion and calls her brinjal in the plate. They argue. Aaliya asks them to shut up and says if Pragya and Purab’s affair is going on then technically Abhi will not look at his bhabhi.

Dadi asks Purab what he means by failing Aaliya and Tanu’s plans. Dasi asks him to understand. Pragya says now no plans can bring us together. Purab says you are doubting on my intelligence. Dasi asks him to share his plans. Dadi asks him to tell clearly. Purab tells them that Abhi’s feelings for Pragya will come to his mouth. Pragya looks on.

Pragya tells Aaliya and Tanu that nobody can separate Abhi and her, and tells that their (Aaliya and Tanu’s) seven births will be incomplete to separate them. Tanu and Aaliya smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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