Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Disha’s marriage is called off

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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2017 Written Episode

The episode starts with Purab telling Disha’s father that they are innocent. Sangram Singh’s goon asks them to keep quiet. Disha’s father cries and asks Pradeep not to break the marriage, says you came to me asking for Disha’s hand and now I am requesting you to marry her. Pradeep’s father tells that they can get his son marry Disha now and apologizes to him. Disha’s father asks him to forgive him and counts on her qualities. Pradeep’s mum tells him that if she had such daughter, then she would have killed her. She says they can’t swallow the housefly knowing it. Pradeep makes him sit and says he can’t marry Disha now. He says even my life is spoiled now. Purab thinks why did he meet Disha and spoiled her life.. Bua asks Pradeep to think from their perspective and says once she marries you, everything will be alright. Pradeep says I can’t marry her and forget everything. Munni thinks she is looking good like a heroine. Abhi comes to room talking on phone and sees Munni, he recalls the romantic time with Pragya. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays…

Munni tells that Mitali helped her to wear saree. Abhi says she is looking simple and good.. He says people call me hot and you look good than me. He says we give goose bumps to couples. He asks where is your mangalsutra and says he will bring. Munni recalls telling Aaliya that she will not wear mangalsutra, sindoor or sleep with him. A fb is show, Aaliya asks her to wear, but Munni refuses to compromise with her values. Disha tells sthat she don’t want to marry Pradeep who don’t trust her. Pradeep says don’t think me wrong, what you have done if you are on my place. Disha asks can you see yourself on my place and says I am getting punished without doing anything. She says you had promised to stand with me under any circumstances and asks if he don’t trust her.

Pradeep says he loves her even now, but can’t marry her and says he is worried about society. He says even if I marry you, will my parents or society will accept you. Disha says she don’t care about the society. Pradeep says our marriage will not work. He says sorry. Purab tells Pradeep that Disha is innocent. Sangram Singh asks his goons to lock him in godown and says I will punish him. Pradeep and his family leave. Bua, Disha and her father cries.

Dadi prays to God and thank him for bringing Pragya home and asks him to make her like old Pragya. Mitali comes and says she got her saree changed and ready. Dadi says she will go and see her.. Mitali says Abhi went to room. Dadi says I will go later. Mitali hears the whistle and goes. Sangram Singh comes to godown and tells that he will punish Disha all life and she will curse herself. He goes. Purab is tied in the godown and blames himself. He thinks how to help Disha now. Abhi gets Pragya’s mangalsutra from the almari. He tells Munni that his faith on mangalsutra is increased now and says he will make her wear it. Munni says she will wear and takes mangalsutra from his hand and wears it. She thinks if he had made her wear mangalsutra then she would have become his wife.

Sangram Singh tells Disha that he will make her pay for the slap and will have suhaagraat after marriage. Disha is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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