Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi joins the Delhi company as the CEO

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Kumkum Bhagya 31st January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi telling Kaya that she had met some people who promised her and then snatched her everything. She excuses herself. Kaya thinks someone closer to her must have betrayed her, she is much wounded. The floor manager refused to open the room. Ranbir calls Kaya and asks her to come, as the floor manager refused. Prachi and Priya come in the car to the Sahara Plaza office. Prachi asks driver to go and says if you want then can go to hotel back. The driver says I will wait here, no problem. Prachi gets down. The security guard asks Prachi not to park the car here and tells that it is premium parking space. Prachi says she will get premium parking and asks if he doesn’t trust her. The guard thinks of Ranbir and tells that a guy refuses to take premium parking and argues with me whenever he comes. Prachi says make me meet him, I will make him understand. Priya asks him to let them go. Ashok calls Prachi and asks where is she? Prachi says she is outside his office. He says I have sent you to Delhi. She says she fulfills her promises. He says you are my sunshine and I want to adopt you, tells that not just about work, you are my favorite, gem of a person. Prachi says you praise me like a father and asks if you want my boss to scold me. He says I have sent you to Delhi. She says she fulfills her promises. He says you are my sunshine and I want to adopt you, tells that not just about work, you are my favorite, gem of a person. Prachi says you praise me like a father and asks if you want my boss to scold me. Ashok laughs and asks her to win.

Prachi and Priya come to the office. A guy sees her and tells that she must have acted and got this special post. He says I deserve this post and promotion. Priya comes out and asks whoever is involved with the project Aashiyana shall come for the meeting. They go to the conference hall. Prachi tells the guy that she wants two things in her staff, honesty and loyalty. She asks him to have strength to say anything loudly and calls him Mr. Satyendra. She asks him to sit straight. He says he has neck pain. Prachi asks if he is saying truth. He says you have done the good hw. Prachi says that’s why I am the CEO. She says we will work together and asks everyone to read about the project and tell, and give their opinions. She says every opinion matters, and tells Satyendra that girls can gossip and work too.

Kaya opens her room door and gets inside. He asks Ranbir, how dare the floor manager not to open the door for you. She says she will complain against him. Ranbir says no, don’t complain. Kaya asks if he didn’t insult him. Ranbir says he might lose the job and then what he will do, then you will repent. He says he is giving access to the person on whose name, the room is. Kaya asks if Dad asked you to say this. Ranbir asks why you are saying this, he is your dad and loves you. Kaya takes out the file and tells that it is construction site papers, and says it shall be shown to architect and resolve the problem. She slips and Ranbir holds her hand. He asks if you are fine. Kaya asks if you was trying to impress me? Ranbir asks her to take out this thought from her. She says everyone wants to see me and asks didn’t you see the demo in the reception. He says I was seeing that you are not bad then why they were looking at you. He asks her to give him side, else she will say anything.

Prachi comes to her cabin and says she will miss her Bangalore cabin. Priya says this cabin is bigger than that. Prachi says it is about memories, I had met you there. Ashok calls Prachi. Prachi picks the call. Ashok asks why she picked the call late and asks if she got any boyfriend. Prachi asks how do you know? He asks if you were telling that old man gave her a bad cabin, and Bangalore cabin was good. Priya says Maam was saying this. Ashok says that’s why I regard her as my daughter and asks Prachi to cheer up and says memories are because of us, and we don’t live with memories, and says I am sending Shahana and Dadi there soon. Prachi says ok. Ashok asks how was the first day in your office. He says if you don’t tell me, then will I not know. He says everyone was telling that they are super impressed with you, and tells that they might have got shock and might have not seen smart CEO like you and must have got the jerk. Prachi says your spy must have told you. He asks her to take care and ends the call. Prachi tells Priya that she will meet her in the hotel and goes. Satyendra tells another employee that if any girl can be smarter, and says she became CEO because she is a girl and not due to her talent. He says she had stolen this post from me, don’t know what boss saw in her. He says I hate her.

Ranbir comes to Mr. Walia’s office. Kaya also comes there. Mr. Walia looks at her. Ranbir asks her to sit. Kaya refuses and says it is better if we focus on this file, and says it has architectural issues which needs to be resolved. Mr. Walia asks how are you? Kaya doesn’t reply to him. Mr. Walia gets a call and goes. Kaya asks Ranbir not to judge her. Ranbir says I am not judging you, it is upto you, how you behave. He says may be your reasons may be valid. She says my reason is valid, and says we will want, when I feel. Aryan calls Ranbir and asks him to come and save him. He says he is very stressed, and asks him to come there. Ranbir says I am coming there, my jaan. Kaya hears him. He tells Kaya that he will leave. Kaya asks how can you leave me alone, how I will go to hotel. Ranbir says you came from abroad. He says he will book the car for her. Kaya thinks if he has a girlfriend? Ranbir goes home. Aryan hugs him. Ranbir tells the girl and her family that they have heart relation. Pallavi says if you have any question then can ask Aryan. The girl’s mother and father tell that they shall talk and decide. Dida says the children don’t agree to our decisions. Pallavi says but our kids are not like that. Dida says our kids obey us.Aryan tells Ranbir that something went in his eye and asks him to come, says he will take it out. Dida tells the girl’s family that the brothers love each other a lot. Ranbir says if you had loved someone then wouldn’t have been alone in the love field. Aryan thinks of Shahana and gets sad.

Precap: Prachi sees khushi falling down on the road. She gets down from her car and runs to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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