Kumkum Bhagya 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Aaliya Plans to snatch Abhi’s wealth

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd October 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mehra family having food. Pragya tells them that Disha made food today. Dadi says she is handling kitchen fine. Dasi says she can handle home well with Pragya’s help. Abhi asks Pragya to come. Dasi tells that she wants to ask something. Dadi asks her to be quiet. Dasi asks Purab and Abhi how was the night. They say it was ok. Dasi says answer is not convincing. Dadi asks her to have food. Dasi says she can’t have food until she is convinced and asks if they understood what she is asking. Mitali asks Babli to go. Abhi asks Dasi what she wants to know. Dasi directly asks about their wedding night. Abhi, Pragya, Disha and Purab make excuse and go. Aaliya gets angry and goes. Disha feels shy and comes to kitchen. She sees Pragya also shy and tells that she never saw Dadi talking this with bahu. Pragya asks her not to take tension of Dadi. Dasi says this family is unique and good. Pragya tells that when she came here after arranged marriage, Dadi was supportive and gave her so much love. Aaliya comes there and asks Pragya to come.

Pragya says she is talking to Disha now, but Aaliya takes her with her forcibly. Pragya says Disha might doubt her and asks why she got angry. Aaliya tells that she tried to stop them from celebrating wedding night, but they celebrated. She tells that Dadi and Dasi were making fun of her and were teasing her. Pragya thinks this is the start of her troubles and tells that nothing is left now, what you can do now and asks her to calm down her anger, stay peacefully with her brother, take care of elders, and return her kids (Munni’s niece and nephew). Aaliya says shut up and says she will kick everyone out and will make them work according to her. She says she will complete the incomplete game, I have given enough liberty to Abhi, Purab and others. She says she has already transferred 50 percent of Abhi’s property on her name and now she will transfer other 50 percent on her name. She says you will help me take his signatures. Pragya gets tensed.

Aaliya comes out of room and collides with Disha. She talks to her badly. Disha gets thinking. Aaliya then collides with Dasi and makes vegetables fall. Dasi curses her. Pragya thinks what to do now, how to save Abhi. She thinks she is Munni now infront of Aaliya and asks God to do something and save Abhi and Munni’s kids from her. Disha comes to Pragya and asks her why Aaliya dragged her to room. She says nobody does like this with a servant. Pragya says they are like friends. Disha asks her to share her problems with her. Pragya says there is nothing and goes. Disha thinks she is definitely hiding something. Pragya thinks she is the first woman to have ruined her husband.

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Aaliya comes to the lawyer and asks why the papers are not ready till now. Lawyer says he will do her work. Aaliya threatens him. Lawyer asks are you threatening me and says my Servant knows how to kick people out. Aaliya tells info about his wife and daughter and says anything can happen with them. She asks him not to force her to do such things and asks him to make papers fast. Lawyer asks Servant to bring her papers.

Lawyer gives the papers to Aaliya. Aaliya thinks she will get signatures of Abhi through Munni and will not leave anybody now, not even Munni. Pragya thinks about Aaliya’s threat and thinks she must be first woman to have been supporting her husband’s own enemies to ruin him.

Abhi is massaging Pragya’s hairs and says you used to torture me and pat on my head while massaging my head. Tanu thinks Munni is crossing her limits.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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