Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that someone was there. Pragya looks on. Aaliya thinks how did Pragya return and is shocked. Sarla comes to Tanu’s room and saw her unconscious. Abhi asks pragya to open the rope. Pragya says the goons hit on your head, and if you have memory loss again. Abhi asks what is your relation with my memory loss. She says you can’t see goons now. Aaliya informs Nikhil that Pragya is with Abhi in the room and asks him to stop them. Nikhil says why she will return, and asks her to wear mask and come with him. Aaliya says Abhi will identify her and asks Nikhil to go before she elopes. Nikhil asks Damru to open the lock. He opens the lock. Pragya and Abhi are still there. Nikhil asks him to go inside and check if Pragya is there with Abhi or not. Sarla tells that she couldn’t understand why Purab did this. Dasi says he did right. Dadi says she will leave Dasi to keep eye on Tanu and asks her to make her unconscious if she gains conscious. Beeji asks Janki to stay with Dasi. Purab says we shall leave. Damru comes inside and sees Abhi tied. He looks for Pragya.

Nikhil also comes there and thinks if Pragya was here, then where is she? He asks Abhi who came here? Abhi says whoever came have brought flowers also. Nikhil asks him to reply rightly. Abhi says when nobody can come here then why you are questioning me. He asks him to have courage and show his face. Damru says shall I beat him. Nikhil talks to him in changed tone and asks him to reply clearly. He tells when I can stop him from killing you, then I can ask him to kill you. Abhi provokes him and asks him to open his hand and then see his manhood. Nikhil says I will make you alright in one go. Abhi asks him to free his hands. Damru lifts barrel to hit him. Abhi provokes him and asks him to kill him. Pragya moves and something falls down. Abhi says gas to divert his attention. Nikhil says someone is there. Damru checks, but couldn’t see Pragya. He asks his goons to wait. Pragya thinks she came out at the right time and thinks to get some knife or something. Aaliya is still there and thinks if Pragya eloped with Abhi. Aaliya thinks Pragya is chashmish, but a super woman. She thinks she would have killed her if Abhi was not here.

Pragya thinks she got the rod and thinks she needs another thing. She sees door there. Aaliya checks inside and thinks she shall wait until Nikhil comes back. Abhi thinks to use his phone and thinks why he didn’t get this idea. He tells that he is getting itching. Damru asks if he want to call someone or Police. Nikhil asks Damru to check his pocket and says may be some cockroach got into it. They check for phone in his pocket. Abhi gets tensed. Damru finds phone in his pocket. Nikhil slaps Damru and asks him to break it. Damru breaks his phone. Nikhil asks him to lock the place and meet him outside. Abhi says last chance went to escape from here.

Aaliya asks Nikhil what I will do by going there. She says if he sees me then I will get exposed. Nikhil says I am exposed and tells that Abhi is doubtful that I am behind the mask. Aaliya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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