Kumkum Bhagya 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd January 2017 Written Episode

Episode starts with Aaliya’s drama that Abhi must be so hurt for what Purab and Nikita did. He made her family member and she did this. Dadi asks Pragya to say something. Say it’s lie. She has no relationship with Purab. Pragya is quiet. Aaliya tells Abhi.. see 2 people who were closest to him betrayed him. He was telling Tanu while ago that he trusts them fully and now he sees what they did. God knows what they were doing behind is back. Now as the truth is out why he is not saying anything. Abhi says he has made mistake not to trust Nikita before. He used to think she was wrong, but it was him who was wrong. Today he will believe what Nikita will say. He asks Nikita to tell the truth. Aaliya says what truth? Truth is out to everyone.. truth of their affair and he will still believe her? They just saw them hugging.. God knows what more they did. He must question them.. who knows today they exposed for this.. tomorrow it might be something else.

Abhi goes to Nikita and asks her what’s the truth. Nikita asks what do you think? Abhi says he doesn’t think it’s true.. but he just wants to hear it from her. Once she says, he will stand with her against everyone. But she must say the truth. Nikita says, the truth is that pictures are not fake, but the way they are being shown is wrong. They are being shown as even if someone wants to believe her, they wouldn’t. Aaliya says what can’t believe? You are caught red-handed and now you’re proving yourself innocent. Abhi says her to stay quiet. Aaliya says no.. she knows what Nikita will do. She will cry and act. She keeps saying and Abhi keeps asking her to shut and let Nikita talk. Aaliya accuses Nikita for being a liar, betrayer, cheap. Abhi warns Aaliya to shut else he will slap her. Tanu is worried. Nikita says she’s telling the truth. Pictures are hers, but what Aaliya is saying is not right. She can’t even imagine this in her dreams. There is no relationship between her and Purab. Tanu now interrupts asking Purab to speak up and tell the truth. Aaliya forces him to say whether he has an affair with Nikita or not. He’s caught red-handed. Purab says when the truth is out.. why is she asking him now. If she wanted to know the truth, she should have went to him. She shouldn’t have made chaos in Abhi’s sangeet. Today he will say the truth. Pragya thinks he might say that he takes her as a sister.. and that too since long time. She tells Purab he doesn’t need to say anything. Purab says he must speak today. They didn’t care about anything..now why should he. He says he has relationship with Nikita..relationship of friendship, trust, insaaniyat. Aaliya says and love? Do they love each other? Purab says if taking care of someone, saving someone from trouble, protecting someone from enemies is love, then yes. They have relationship of love. Aaliya is glad..while others are stunned. Purab continues.. if not leaving someone when she’s alone, then yes, they have love relationship. Pragya is confused. Purab continues, if giving up your happiness for someone else’s, if fulfilling your promise no matter what, then yes they have love relationship.

Tanu goes to her mum and asks her to leave. Abhi is distraught. Nikhil wonders what Purab is trying to do. All guests are leaving. Nikhil decides to hide somewhere and see what happens. Abhi gives a tight slap to Purab. Purab says he understands his anger. He kept Abhi in dark despite them being good friends. He should have told him everything. He apologises to Abhi and says forgive him if possible. Abhi says after doing such a big mistake.. such a small word? He was his friend and he hid such a big truth from him. What he thought.. had he found out.. he would tell her to break relation with Nikita? He never thought about his friendship? Purab says he is ready to accept whatever punishment he gives. Nikita asks Purab why is he lying. Purab says there is no point hiding. They shouldn’t lie when the truth is out. Pragya is shocked. Purab tells Abhi he was going to tell him.. he was just waiting for the right time. Abhi says it’s too late. He asks since when they know each other. Purab says they first met in his office. Whenever he used to see her, he thought there is something in her that attracts him towards her. He started finding excuses to meet her and then through Abhi they got to know each other well. And they didn’t figure when they fell in love. Nikita asks why he’s not telling the truth that it’s a lie. Purab says to Abhi.. he does not know why he hid this from him. But one day, he would have told him. Abhi says he’s very late.. he doesn’t want to see his face. Abhi walks away sadly. Tanu is smiling.

Abhi is lost in thoughts in his room. He asks himself what’s happening with him. Friends share everything with each other and they both hid such a big thing. Does Nikita even consider him a friend? All was so good while ago, and all of a sudden.. this. Why he didn’t have any clue? They can hide their relationship from him.. but not feelings. How he didn’t figure it out? He’s an idiot.. that is why. He comes in everyone’s talks. He asks why Nikita did this!

Sarla gets a nightmare about Pragya and wakes in a shock. She says it’s midnight.. and Pragya hasn’t returned. She didn’t call her either. Dadi says she has gone to sangeet and such functions go till late and she had also called from Purab’s phone that her phone is lost and she will be late. Sarla says she will call Purab. Purab’s phone is switched off. Sarla gets more worried that Purab might have switched off his phone to avoid her calls. Dadi tells her to sleep without tension. Sarla calls Abhi’s house. Dasi picks up. Sarla says she was worried and wanted to talk to Pragya. If she could call her…. Dasi says pragya? Sarla asks what happened.

Tanu, Aaliya, Nikhil are together. Nikhil and Tanu praise Aaliya for her masterplan. They make fun of Pragya and Purab’s relationship. Aaliya says Nikhil also helped her and he’s really good at his job. Nikhil says Team Aaliya rocks and Team Pragya shocks. They laugh and celebrate.

Precap: Pragya asks Purab what he has done. Was he on drugs? She’s trying to get closer to Abhi and he did all this to separate her from him. Purab is quiet. Dadi and Dasi watch.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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