Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir gets shot

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rhea telling unconscious Ranbir that he shall be in the car until she comes, and shall be unconscious too. She goes to get the keys. Ranbir gains consciousness and gets down from the car. He walks towards the house. Shahana, Sid, Mihika and Prachi are all unconscious. Prachi opens her eyes and sees fire around them, and faints again. Ranbir comes there and asks Prachi to get up. He wakes up Sid. Sid wakes up Mihika. Ranbir wakes up Shahaha. He asks Shahana, Sid and Mihika to go out, and says he will bring Prachi outside. Yaara ve plays….He lifts unconscious Prachi in his arms and tries to go, the burning wooden logs fall infront of them. Ranbir looks on, how to leave. Rhea comes back to the car and tells Aaliya that don’t know where Ranbir went? Aaliya says where did he go? The goon asks if you really don’t know where he went, and tells that he might have gain consciousness and went inside to save Prachi.

Rhea is shocked and is about to go inside. Aaliya stops her. Rhea says I am going to Ranbir. Aaliya asks if you came to party that you are going to meet him. She says Prachi will tell him everything and he will take you in remand before taking the goons. She says he will not let you stand with him. Rhea says if anything happens to him. Aaliya says nothing will happen to him. She asks goons to tie his hands and legs and bring him out, if needed make him unconscious again. The goon says he will charge extra. Aaliya says ok. The goons are going inside. Rhea says she wants to see him coming out. Aaliya asks if she wants to see him now or forever. She asks her to come with her. Other goon comes to the goons and asks for the car keys as his car is not working. The goon gives him car keys, and tells other goon that they will go by another car.

Pallavi tells Vikram that Prachi and Sid haven’t come back. She tells that their phone is not connecting. She says I had gone to ask Ranbir, but he is not in room. She says I am thinking about Rhea. She says even Rhea and Aaliya are not at home. Vikram says so Rhea, Ranbir and Aaliya have gone out without informing, but Prachi and Sid have informed. Pallavi says that they had said that they will come soon. She says she is very worried, and asks if he is taking their side. She says I don’t know where is everybody, and goes worried. Vikram thinks she can’t hear anything against Rhea and Ranbir and can’t stop herself from talking against Prachi.

Ranbir thinks to go out through the window as the way is blocked with fire. He asks Prachi to do something else they will be burnt. He manages to open the window and asks Prachi to come. Prachi gains consciousness and asks him to go alone. Ranbir says how can I leave you alone. He thinks she can’t stand. Shahaha, Sid and Mihika go out from the window. The goons see the heavy fire and thinks if they go inside, they will be burnt. The other goon tells that they are khatron ke khiladi and earns money fighting with danger.

Ranbir takes Prachi to make her sit somewhere and then search the place to escape from there. He makes her sit and tells her that he will return for her. Prachi asks him to go from the window and don’t return. Ranbir says if you say this, then I will make you fall down the window and I will burn here. Prachi says I am fine, and can jump down the window. He asks are you sure? She says yes. She asks where is Shahana and others. Ranbir says everyone went outside. The goons see Ranbir and Prachi alive, and tell each other that their love passed fire test too. Prachi and Ranbir see the goons. Prachi asks them to let them go. The goon tells Prachi that you have to die anyhow. Ranbir asks why she has to die, I will give you money. The goon says we have done commitment. He shoots at Prachi. Ranbir recalls Prachi telling that the baby is his and comes infront and takes the bullet on his shoulder. The goon says we have to save him. Other goon asks him to kill Prachi also, so that nobody is alive to give statement. Prachi says you didn’t do right by firing him. She takes the rod and starts beating the goons. Sid, Shahana and Mihika return hear the gun shot and beat the goons with Prachi. The goons runaway.

Prachi asks Ranbir to open his eyes and asks Shahana to bring water. She tells Ranbir that she will not let anything happen to him. Shahana brings water. Prachi sprinkles water on his face and asks why did you become hero? She says I asked you to go, but you don’t listen to me. She says stay with me, don’t faint. Ranbir says I am listening to you and asks her to hear. He says I am feeling food in your lap and is peaceful that you are fine and I am happy that if anything happens to me, then in your lap. Prachi says nothing will happen to you. Ranbir says there is darkness coming infront of my eyes and asks her to be with him and talk good. She says I am your chikchiki, and will never leave you. Ranbir says why I can’t see you, I can see darkness. Prachi asks Sid to take out the car. Sid says all cars are missing. Prachi is shocked. Shahana says she saw one car outside. Prachi says nothing will happen to you. Ranbir faints. Prachi shouts Ranbir.

Shahana, Mihika and Sid run to the car. Sid starts it. They come back to Prachi. Prachi asks them to wake him up. Sid says we need to take him to hospital.

Aaliya and Rhea come back home. Aaliya says I have spare keys always, nobody comes to know when you go or come back home. She asks Rhea why she is not saying anything. Rhea says she is feeling bad and getting bad thoughts. She says we shall go and bring Ranbir back. Aaliya asks her to keep control on her emotions. She says my goons are very clever and have taken so much from you and me. She says they are very smart. Rhea asks her to call them and ask about Ranbir. Aaliya asks her to drink water from kitchen. Rhea goes. Aaliya thinks Rhea’s love is love with obsession, deadly obsession and it is heavy for both.

Sid is driving the car, while Ranbir is on Prachi’s lap unconscious. Shahana and Mihika are also in the car. Prachi asks Ranbir to get up. Sid says nothing will happen to him.

Precap: Prachi, on call, says that Ranbir got shot. Ranbir’s mom gets in shock and says, if this time something happens to my son, I’ll make Prachi’s life hell.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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