Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Sangram Singh traps Purab and Disha

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tanu asking Robin to go and tells that why pragya will have a shop. Munni makes excuses. Tanu thinks pragya was better than this illiterate Munni. Munni asks Mitali to come to her room. Disha returns to her house with Purab. Neighbors gossip and talks about Disha. Disha sees Pradeep there with his parents. She sees her father upset and tells that they were stuck and asks him not to worry, as she will get ready for marriage fast. Her father asks for whom she will get ready and shows the pics. Purab asks what nonsense, who have clicked these pics. Sangram Singh comes and says he had clicked it and asks disha’s dad to see that the guy is same. Disha asks him to shut up and tells her father that Sangram Singh is taking revenge on her as she had beaten his goons. Her dad asks if you were with her last night. Disha asks you are doubting on me. He asks her again. Disha says she was with him but. Purab tells that they were stuck because of Sangram Singh. Sangram says you have spent night with her, a day before her wedding. He says this drama is happening because of you. Purab asks Disha’s dad to trust them. Sangram Singh tells Disha’s dad that they are guilty and his goons found them in compromising position etc.

Purab asks him to shut up and says you have lighted the fire. Sangram says you both were on fire last night. Bua scolds Disha and says you didn’t think about us. Disha cries and tells that there is nothing like that, she didn’t do anything. Purab says Disha haven’t done anything. Bua gets angry and asks him to leave. Goon asks Sangram Singh if Pradeep’s family asked dowry and she did this to reply them. Disha asks how dare you to talk such cheap thing about me. Purab asks Disha’s dad to listen to him and says Sangram Singh and his goons tried to kill him. Disha’s dad slaps him. Purab asks him to enquire about him and says he is Rockstar Abhi’s friend and have never done such thing ever. Sangram Singh asks his goons to keep him captive and they take him. Purab keeps on telling Disha’s dad that Sangram Singh is guilty. They tie Purab to pillar and goons threaten to kill him.

Abhi calls Purab and tells Dadi that he is not picking the call. Aaliya hears him telling Dasi about the girl.

Sangram Singh tells the villagers that the guy Purab spent night with her and asks villagers to decide about them. Disha says who are you to decide about me, asks him to respect women first before talking about respecting women. She tells that Purab has saved her respect from Sangram Singh. He slaps her and asks did you sleep with him last night. Disha says I slept, but not like that. Her father slaps her hard again and asks why did you humiliated me. Bua tells her father that Disha is taking advantage of the liberty. Disha is shocked and cries, tells that she has not done wrong. Her father cries. Bua takes her inside. Pradeep looks upset with her.

Disha tells Bua that she didn’t do anything. Bua says nobody came infront to tell that you are innocent and asks if Pradeep will trust her. She says your father have taken hefty loans.She asks her to tell Pradeep not to leave her and says if this marriage breaks then your father will be broken.

Sangram Singh tells Disha that he will punish her all life and tells that whatever he wants to do will do in suhaagraat. Disha is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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