Kumkum Bhagya 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya’s romance is halt for a while

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Kumkum Bhagya 29th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi waiting for Pragya. Pragya comes wearing the gown. Saiyyara Re….plays. Abhi looks at her and says you are looking beautiful as if moon appeared on land itself. I thought to apply kajal to you so that you don’t get anyone evil fall on you. He gets closer to her for a kiss. Pragya feels shy and runs. Abhi thinks today he wants to see her and there will be no limitation of his love. Purab is in the room. Disha gets up from bed and asks if he is thinking about Bulbul and says I saw her pic in your house, I know how one feels when loved ones is gone far. She tells that when she mum died, she missed her, but started living life for her. She tells him that life can’t be run on memories. Purab thanks her for the understanding and for giving happiness to his family. He says if you continue to love me, I will love you too and that day it will be a new start of our life. He hugs her. Disha thinks she is not sad as they haven’t had their suhaagrat, but she is hopeful that he gave her hope and she will fulfill his life with happiness.

Tanu comes out of washroom holding her tummy and says don’t know if she has to go to hospital. Mitali comes and asks if she had anything. Tanu says she drank the drink which they asked her to give to Disha. She goes. Mitali gets worried and runs. Abhi and Pragya get romantic and dances while the song sukun mila plays. Pragya sees some masked person and informs Abhi. Abhi says there was nobody here and asks why you are talking about others. He lifts her and takes her to room. Dhoop se nikal ke plays….He gets closer to her and gets romantic, covers themselves with blanket when someone comes and switches on the lights. Pragya says someone is here? They see Babli coming to their room while in sleep. Pragya says Babli. Babli asks can I sleep in your room tonight as mummy and papa are snoring much. Abhi says no. Pragya says Chachu is saying why not. Abhi is upset. Babli sits in between them. Abhi says it seems they are enjoying. Pragya thinks who was watching us.

In the morning, Aaliya wakes up and thinks she had a good sleep. She thinks to see Disha’s condition and thinks why Tanu is sleeping on sofa, and asks her to get up. Tanu asks her to ask her condition and tells that Disha’s glass was drank by her. She tells that Purab and Disha might be sleeping. Aaliya says they were together for a night and asks her to come. Tanu says she can’t get up. Pragya knocks on Disha and Purab’s room door. Disha opens the door. Purab says he had a good sleep. Pragya asks them to come for breakfast. She thinks family is completed now.

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Taya ji and Raj tells that they were having food outside just as they were getting busy. Mitali asks Tanu if she is fine. Tanu says excuse me and goes. Dadi asks what happened to her. Dasi says she went to have the medicine. Pragya says because of medicine, she is in this condition. Aaliya gives an angry look.

Aaliya tells Pragya that she got Abhi’s 50 percent property on her name and will get another 50 percent then will make fun of her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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