Kumkum Bhagya 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir comes to rescue Prachi

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Kumkum Bhagya 29th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aaliya calling Rhea. Rhea sees her driving the car and says the goons haven’t caught you. She says I am sure that you have taught them a lesson. She asks her to come there for party. Aaliya says you didn’t know that we are in trouble. Rhea says she just wants to hear only positive things and don’t want any negativity. Aaliya tells that Prachi, Sid and Shahana had come and rescued Mihika, but she tackled them. Rhea says destiny is with them, as Ranbir was following them, but lost the way. She says we proved Prachi as characterless and asks her to search permanent solution for her. Aaliya says she has taken out permanent solution for them and tells that she is her lucky charm, and wants her to be at her side to make her plan 100 percent success. Rhea asks her to take her from there before Ranbir comes. Aaliya says alright. Rhea keeps back the clothes and thinks she has to burn Prachi’s clothes after her death.

Shahana and Prachi are searching for Mihika. The goon catches Prachi and takes her with him. Ranbir comes to the house and thinks if Sid and Prachi have come here. He thinks how to search Prachi here. The goon and Prachi see Ranbir downstairs. Prachi thinks look at me Ranbir. She thinks if he came to search me, or stopped seeing the car there. She kicks the goon and thinks to do something. The goon catches her again. Other goons bring Sid there. Ranbir thinks his phone battery is dead and goes out of the house. The goons take Prachi and Sid to tie them in the room.

Aaliya and Rhea reach the place and are still in the car. Rhea tells that nothing shall happen that they get saved, and wishes for their death, along with Shahana and Mihika. Aaliya says we have to justify their death, and will make story that they had come here to spend quality time, but fire broke out. She says Shahana and Mihika had come to rescue them and they died too. She says we will not murder them with our hands, as I don’t want us to be called as murderer sister and aunt. Rhea says yes. Aaliya says kerosene oil is heavy, we will order goons to burn them.

Ranbir thinks to search Prachi’s location. He sits down to tie his shoe lace. Rhea and Aaliya don’t see him and go inside. Ranbir gets up and turns but he doesn’t see them. He thinks this place is scary.. He says why Prachi and Sid will come here as it is dangerous place. Aaliya and Rhea come inside the house. Rhea asks Aaliya if she wants to kill them with fear, as it seems to be like haunted house. Aaliya says it is my friend’s old house. Rhea says why scary mannequins are here. Aaliya asks her to come with her inside. Rhea refuses. Aaliya asks her not to behave like this. Rhea says we are walking since long. She sees a door and tells Aaliya. Aaliya and Rhea go inside the room. Aaliya calls her goon and asks him to search them. Rhea gets scared.

Ranbir thinks there is nobody here in the haunted haveli. Prachi thinks she has to stop Ranbir, he can help her. Ranbir thinks why this haveli is attracting me towards it as if someone is calling me for help. He checks in his car decky and finds torch. He thinks why is he going inside again, and thinks ghosts are calling him. He sits in the car scared, but his car doesn’t start. He says please ghost, let me go.

Prachi signs the goon. The goon removes the cloth from her mouth. She scolds him and asks him to tell where is Mihika? Other goons come there. Prachi asks them to tell where is Mihika and tells that her anger will burn them. She calls Mihika. Sid asks where is my sister? Other goon tells that he couldn’t get Shahana.

The goons talk to get food online. Prachi opens Sid’s rope and frees his hand. She gets knife and threatens the goons. Sid also gets the goon’s gun and asks where is Mihika? The goon says she is inside and asks them not to shoot. While Sid tries to go inside, the goon keeps knife on Prachi’s neck and tells that he will kill her. Ranbir comes there and fights with the goon. He holds Prachi’s hand and asks them to run.

Rhea tells Aaliya that sound is coming out. Aaliya says they might be jumping and doing something, but nobody can come inside or go outside. She says I have my goons, and everything is happen as I wanted. Rhea says game is ours, rules is ours and victory too.

Precap: Rhea says, I’ll snatch Ranbir from Prachi. Ranbir says to Prachi, you are getting married to him, but why are you trying to frame me? so that you can take money from me in future?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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