Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with pragya thinking she has to save Abhi somehow. Abhi thinks Fuggi escaped from her and thinks she is his fan no. 1 and he is her Diwana no. 1. Damru asks Nikhil what to do with rockstar. Nikhil asks him to bring guitar. Damru says guitar and tells that Abhi threatened to kill him including him. Nikhil recalls Aaliya’s threat and asks them to kill Abhi. Aaliya tells tanu that Nikhil is mad and can’t be trusted, says if he does anything to Abhi then. Tanu says she will call Nikhil and asks him to leave abhi. Tanu says if you goes there, then abhi will ask what you are doing there. Aaliya says she can’t take any chances and have to go there.. Mitali hears them and thinks if she shall tell Dadi. She thinks to use this news and blackmail Tanu and Aaliya to get rich. Truck driver gives lift to Pragya and drops her near the dhaba. They ask her if she needs help and asks if her husband will come in groom’s look.

Pragya thinks Abhi might ask her if he sees her in bridal dress and asks driver that if she can get dress from his drama company costumes. They agree. Truck owner tells driver that her lehenga is costly and asks her to leave that inexchange of dress. Pragya agrees. She asks for help and asks them to give phone to her. She calls Sarla and tells that she escaped from goons clutches. Sarla gets emotional hearing her and tells that she will send Purab to pick her. She tells her that Abhi left mandap and went in her search. She says he will be happy to get you. Pragya tells her that Abhi is caught by goons. She says his life is in danger and I have to go there. Sarla is shocked and drops her phone, cries.

Abhi wonders how Pragya eloped from here and thinks this rope is tight. Damru tells his men that they have to kill Abhi. He looks at the knife and says his first murder will be of a rockstar. He says he will be publicized everywhere. Other goon says he will kill him. They fight over who will kill him first and decide to make grass dummy and whoever attacks best, will be given the chance. Abhi hears them and thinks they want to kill me. Sarla picks the phone and tells that it is not necessary that your luck supports you again. She asks her not to go and calls Police. She asks about that address. Sarla asks her not to go alone and go. Pragya says I can’t wait till Purab or Police comes, and asks do you trust me and your upbringing. She asks her to trust on her kumkum and says we will be back home. Sarla blesses her. Pragya returns the phone to truck driver. Truck drivers hears her conversation and tells that she will protect her husband.

Tanu thinks to inform Nikhil that Aaliya left from here. She calls him. Nikhil says whatever he did is right in this situation. Tanu asks him not to do anything to Abhi, and says if he gets even a scratch then. Nikhil asks are you threatening me. Tanu asks him not to do anything, as Aaliya is coming there to kill you. Nikhil thinks what has happened, and thinks to stop Damru. Tanu thinks he will be alert now and sees Mitali eavesdropping on her.

Tanu takes her inside. Mitali blackmails her and says she heard her conversation with Aaliya and asks her to give her diamond necklace. Tanu twists her hand and tells her that she will give her chappal necklace and will expose her infront of her saas and asks her not to try again to blackmail again.

Nikhil wearing mask comes to Damru and asks him not to kill Abhi. Abhi finds his voice familiar and asks if he is Nikhil. Nikhil is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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