Kumkum Bhagya 29th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Vikram requests Prachi to return Ranbir

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Kumkum Bhagya 29th July 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Sushma that you were concerned for my image and respect, but he had no reason and whoever has nothing to lose, can do anything. Sushma asks if he will defeat your courage. Pragya says I am thinking much. Sushma says he can’t defeat you. Pragya tells that if we threaten him or challenge him then he will win. She says she can’t win from him by hurting his ego. She says there is 1 percent chance to defeat him and that is his middle name Prem, and he can be defeated by love, but I don’t love him now. She says love can be his weakness, but not mine. She says I understood that he wants to trouble me and defeat me, but he couldn’t see that he is nothing to me. She says I will show him what he couldn’t see and says good night. Sushma thinks where Pragya thinks of her past, she gets angry on her husband, but gets sad inside. She thinks to handle Abhi somehow.

Mitali asks Tanu to cut the vegetables atleast. Tanu says I go to fetch water, did I ask you to stand in queue. Dadi asks Abhi what happened to him, seeing blood on his forehead. Mitali offers water. Abhi refuses. Tanu says he might have drunk and fallen in some pit, that’s why got this injury. Mitali asks Abhi to say. Abhi says Tanu said already. Dadi asks Aaliya to bring first aid box. Aaliya says there is no medicine or dettol. Tanu says wine works for the injury. Abhi asks her to bring it. Aaliya says you have to leave wine. Abhi says he gets irritated with Tanu’s talks. Aaliya says you have to leave drinking. Abhi says I have lost everything, just one thing is remaining. He says Dadi didn’t say and that’s why he loves her a lot. Mitali brings haldi lep. Tanu says she will apply. Dadi asks Tanu to sit and apply slowly. Abhi thinks about Pragya and recalls his moments with her. He smiles looking at Tanu, thinking her to be Pragya. He then gets up and asks what she is doing? Tanu says you was smiling. He takes out his mobile. Tanu finds earrings and asks Abhi if he has an affair with someone and asks him not to tell that it is of Pragya, as she will not talk to him.

The manager from the garage calls Sushma and asks him to inform insurance company to check the car. Sushma tells that they have come to India few days back and the insurance is expired, will get it done soon. The manager tells that car needs to be repaired and the expenses will be much. Sushma says she had already paid the money and asks why it needs to be repaired. The manager tells that the car is damaged after the accident and got many dents and also some parts need to be exchanged. Sushma says your mechanic Abhi had taken the car. The manager says he is not mechanic, but my mechanic Sumit’s friend, why will he drive your car. Sushma says ok.

Abhi asks Tanu to find out with whom was he? Dadi asks really? Abhi signs her. Dadi says I would have understood if the earring was of Pragya. Mitali says affair is affair, even if it with Pragya and tells Abhi that it is wrong. Aaliya asks Tanu not to talk to Bhai like that. Tanu says first wine bottle was found and now this earring and comments on Aaliya’s married life. Aaliya gets upset and goes out. Tanu asks Abhi to tell about this girl and says he has extra marital affair. Abhi says he has no extra marital affair as though they stay in one house, but their relation is not of a husband and wife. Tanu curses her destiny and says it is ruined. Abhi asks her to make her destiny better and leave from here. Tanu says I will stay here with all the rights and asks if she was Pragya? Abhi says no. Tanu says if she is not Pragya then she might be like her. Abhi says she is like Pragya, but she is not her and I get angry seeing her. Aaliya tells that Sushma has come, may be to get Bhai arrested. Abhi gets shocked.

Dida asks Ranbir and Sid to help Vikram sit. Vikram asks call her. Rhea asks shall I call Pallavi aunty? Pallavi comes there and asks him to say. Nurse asks them not to stand there. Vikram asks who is she? Pallavi says I am here, asks him to open his eyes. Vikram asks where is Prachi, call her. Ranbir says she is standing outside, shall I call her here. Vikram says call her. Prachi comes inside. Vikram asks Prachi to come to him. Pallavi gets up. Prachi sits at Vikram’s bedside. Vikram says Prachi, please return my son. She recalls Pallavi asking her to return her son, whom she has snatched. She says Vikram wants just his son and not you, and asks her to leave him. fb ends.

Vikram says I couldn’t say this to you, but today I gather my courage and asking you to return my son. He says you kept my son with you, we didn’t say anything, but now I can’t live without him. He says return my Ranbir. Ranbir tries to say. Pallavi stops him and says your Dad is talking about you, you shall think about him now. Vikram folds his hand and says return my son. Prachi says your son is with you, he had gone away from you for sometime, but he is always with you. Vikram thanks her. Pallavi thinks thank god, Ranbir will be back now, she has agreed. She thinks they have missed Ranbir very much. Vikram asks Pallavi to get Ranbir room cleared. He tells Ranbir that now he shall not go anywhere and will stay here. He says Prachi and you will stay here. Ranbir and Prachi get emotional hearing Vikram asking both of them to stay here. Vikram tells Dida that his son and daughter in law will stay in the house.

Abhi says may be Tanu did something. Tanu says I didn’t do anything. Abhi says then why she came. Sushma comes there and says you have done my car accident. Abhi recalls meeting with an accident. Sushma says car garage manager called and said about the accident. She says I saw you driving the car, you did that accident. Abhi asks Manager why did he tell her, should have get it repaired by Sumit. Manager asks why he went to deliver the car. Abhi says you have made your daughter as an angry person and tells that he had gone to deliver the car as Sumit had to go somewhere. He says Pragya made me angry. Tanu asks what was he doing with Pragya? Abhi says he was in Pragya’s car and was not with her. She argues. Sushma says she hasn’t come here to hear their family drama and tells Abhi to pay 1 lakh towards the car damage loss. They get shocked hearing the amount.

Precap: Vikram tells Prachi that she won’t stay alone. If Ranbir lives with them, she will too. Sushma tells Abhi to either pay for her car damage or go to jail.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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