Kumkum Bhagya 29th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Disha feels guilty of lying to Aaliya

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Kumkum Bhagya 29th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Purab stopping Aaliya and asks where are you going, weather is bad. Aaliya says Aaliya…Purab recalls his conversation with Disha. Disha thinks about Purab and thinks he never wanted to be with her and gave all her rights to someone else, now she is all alone and has no happiness, with whom to share the pain or the happiness, she don’t have anyone except Pragya di. She thinks Pragya di, I need you. She calls her and cries. Pragya picks the call and asks why are you crying? She asks her to come to her house else she will come there. She asks her to come. Disha cries. Pragya ends the call. Aryan calls Shahana from his phone. Ranbir asks him to scold her much. Aryan says she didn’t pick the call and might be sleeping. Ranbir asks him to call her. Aryan says if she don’t hear me then. Ranbir says first act like praising her and then scold her continuously. Aryan asks how? Ranbir says I will help you write it. Aryan writes Om first and says Dad used to write it as it is auspicious.

Aaliya walks on the road thinking about Disha’s words and comes infront of the car, but Purab comes and holds her at the right time. Aryan hugs him and cries. Disha is going from there, looks at them and goes. Aryan writes and shows to Ranbir. Ranbir holds the paper upside down and asks if he wrote in Urdu. Aryan asks him to hold the paper rightly. Ranbir reads the letter written by Aryan for Shahana in a polite way and tells that it is bakwas. He says he will write it and asks him to tell it face to face with Shahana. Aryan asks him to write such a letter after which she shall cry a lot. Aryan reads the letter and says it is much. Vikram comes and asks what they are doing? Aryan says we were writing a letter. Ranbir hides the letter. Vikram asks him. Ranbir says some things shall be secret. Aryan says Ranbir was teaching me. Ranbir keeps hand on his mouth and tells that he was teaching him how to impress a girl. He says if he tells the girl that he has a girlfriend that she will feel safe and then later after knowing him, she will fall in love with him. Vikram says this might work. Ranbir says this is trial and tested.

Aaliya asks Purab not to touch her and says let me die, you want Disha, you will get her after my death. Purab asks her to stop it. Aaliya says you are not apologizing to me and ordering me to stop it. She says we are married and have a son, blames him for cheating on her. He says you know everything, how and in what circumstances we got married. Aaliya asks him to tell if he loves disha now or not. He thinks of Doctor’s words and tells that if I had loved Disha, then I would have been with her and not you. He says I wouldn’t have come here. He says he did a mistake that he didn’t tell her that he dropped Disha to her house. He says he went inside her house as her friend Hritik called him else he wouldn’t have go. Aaliya asks him never to hide things and says she can’t afford to lose him else she will give her life. She says I need you and says I love you. Purab says lets go home. Ranbir, Vikram, beeji and Aryan see the promo of Haiwan. Ranbir promotes the show.

Pragya gets worried for Disha. Disha comes there and says I am really bad, I was not like this. She cries. Pragya hugs her and says there might be a reason for your doing. She asks her to sit. Disha sits and tells her that she did wrong thing today. She says she went with CM’s team and saw Purab and Aaliya as a married couple and is happy. She says she made myself understand that I have nothing to do with him. She says Purab came to her house, later Aaliya came and confronted and accused her, so she lied to her that they are together. She says she shouldn’t have said this and tells that she is feeling bad that he is not with her. She says 20 years have passed. Pragya says she didn’t know what had happened 20 years ago and asks them to sit and talk if she thinks she still loves him, clear the misunderstandings and solve the problem.

Precap: Aaliya plays game with Disha and makes her see him with Purab in the bathroom. Purab asks disha not to think her wrong.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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