Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya to unite

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Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mitali asking Tanu, Aaliya and Pragya to come and says Dadi called them to have sweets. She asks if someone died. Aaliya says no. Tanu says someone was saved from death. Aaliya says you said right that everyone is happy with Disha. Mitali says she has become jethani of two dewranis. Aaliya asks her to thank Disha. Mitali says she will thank her. Aaliya asks her to take juice and give to Disha, and thank her. Mitali agrees and says Disha will be happy. She asks did you know that I was coming here and got this drink ready. She asks if something is mixed in it. Tanu says no and tells that they asked Pragya to give drink to Disha, but when she came, they thought to send drink with her hand. Mitali is still doubtful. Aaliya threatens her. Mitali gets scared and goes. Aaliya smiles.

Mitali brings the juice and keeps in the tray, other juice glass were also there. Dadi asks her to come and tells about purab and Abhi’s childhood incidents. Raj and Taya ji tells about Abhi. They laugh. Abhi asks Dadi to tell about Purab. Purab says you shall not and run after him. Abhi teases Purab and tells about his childhood habit. Dadi says she has the pic. Purab says you are gone. Pragya comes. Abhi hides behind her. Purab says he has exposed me infront of Disha. Pragya asks them to stop fight and have sweets. Dasi asks Raj to play music. Raj, Abhi, Purab and others dance on the song main bani teri radha. Aaliya thinks this is the right time to change the glass. She asks Mitali to give her glass. Mitali asks Robin to bring the glass kept there. pragya sees Mitali taking glass and continues to dance. Babli is about to drink it. Mitali stops her. Pragya thinks to change Disha’s glass with Tanu’s glass.

Raj announces that Purab and Disha will marry now. Abhi asks Pragya to come and dance with her. Pragya says she will go. She changes the juice’s straw and thinks Tanu will have loose motions now. Pragya thinks Tanu’s idea worked on Tanu. Tanu feels pain in her stomach and goes. Purab asks Disha to go and says he will come. Aaliya thinks Purab will wait for Disha, but she will be in bathroom. Disha comes to room and sees the decoration. She wonders who did this and sees Saree kept there. She thinks if their relation will get stronger after this night, thinks to talk to him. She wears the saree and thinks Purab wants to see her in this avatar. Purab is standing outside room and hesitantly knocks on the door. Disha thinks it seems he came. He comes inside and closes the door. He sees the decoration and thinks Disha might be thinking that I have done these decoration and thinks what to do now. Disha thinks why did he stop.

Abhi sees Pragya coming and drinks milk. Pragya looks at him surprisingly. Abhi says he is drinking kesar milk, and says I know you will forget, will go to kitchen to bring it and then will say you are tired. He says I have brought this milk so that your time and my energy is saved. He says he needs energy now and asks her to kiss him. Pragya is about to kiss him. Abhi asks her to wait and says this will happen on terrace. Abhi asks her to wear clothes and give him a kiss to make the moment special. Pragya asks what is this? Abhi says it is a gift which will look good on his fuggy. Pragya smiles and says thank you. Abhi asks her not to waste time in saying thanks and asks her to wear it. Pragya says I will wear it tomorrow, I am tired. Abhi says no excuse will work today and asks her to come to terrace as he called moon there. He says it will be fun to see you in moon light and asks her to get ready. Pragya is surprised. Abhi asks her to come soon.

Abhi gets romantic with Pragya. Pragya sees someone reflection and tells Abhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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