Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Purab, Dadi and Pragya that she came to know about Purab’s plan through her spy, and did what she is best at. She tells that she has called travel agent. Fb is shown. She asks him to booked tickets for sure and not to give her excuses. She asks him to cancel his passengers and get 4 tickets. She threatens him to trap him in case and asks to get booking. Fb ends. She asks Purab and Pragya to do engagement as Abhi is conservative about such things. She says you will be Abhi’s bhabhi now in his eyes. She asks Tanu to go and sleep, and says she will also get good sleep today, but feeling bad for them as they couldn’t sleep today.

Pragya comes home and tells Sarla that they can’t cancel engagement. Sarla says you said that Purab will cancel engagement. Pragya says Purab tried to cancel engagement and Abhi got angry on him. She says Aaliya got air tickets for his family and then he has no reason to refuse. Sarla says lets sit and talk. Pragya says her trust is breaking and asks what I will do if Aaliya and Tanu’s trick is successful. Sarla says I am hopeful on your hope. Pragya says we went for shopping today and he made me realize that he loves me. She says I will feel bad if my dreams are broken. Sarla reminds her that she is Abhi’s wife and says Aaliya, Nikhil and Tanu tried to separate you both, but you was like a protective shield of Abhi.

She says your relation is made by God. She says I believe on you and asks why she is not believing on herself. She tells that Sita Ji gave agni pariksha being alone, but you have all the family members and asks her not to accept defeat before fighting. She says if you couldn’t stop your engagement then just remember that your mum is alive, and will not let you and Abhi get separated. Pragya gets emotional and hugs her. Sarla asks her to sleep and says she will make her sleep.

Abhi in his sleep sees Pragya and gets up calling fuggi. He thinks why do I think about her everytime, she thinks of me as a friend. He says she is Purab’s fiancé and I shall stop thinking all this, and shall respect her feelings.

He thinks what is happening to me and why I am feeling like someone closer to me is going far from me. Tanu comes and asks what happened? I heard your voice, did you call me. Abhi says no, I called fuggi. He says I felt like someone close to me is going far from me. Tanu says who…I am with you. She says I will sleep in your room tonight. Abhi says we can’t sleep in one room, we are not married yet. Tanu says you have such thinking being a rock star. Abhi asks her to think about Dadi. Tanu says she will take Dadi’s consent. Abhi says then Dadi will not let you stay in the house. He asks her to go. She goes. Abhi thinks he gets more bad dreams about Tanu than sweet dreams of Pragya. He asks himself to sleep rather than being with horrible Tanu.

In the morning, Aaliya is doing arrangements and asks Purab to help her. Abhi comes and tells him that Aaliya is doing everything alone. She asks him to help her doing the arrangements. Purab helps her hesitantly. Abhi tells Purab that Aaliya likes him even now, and if he was not getting engaged to Pragya, then he would have get him engaged to Aaliya. Purab looks at him. Abhi says you are getting a good girl than her. Aaliya asks what do you mean? Abhi goes. Aaliya tells Purab that she will make him get engaged to Pragya. She is very happy for doing wrong with him, but he couldn’t do anything. He goes angrily. Aaliya thinks I like your anger. She says you will be engaged to Pragya, but I will get you at the end.

Pragya is scared about her engagement. Sarla asks why she is scared of them and asks her to face them and think of an idea to stop engagement. She says you have to try and stop your engagement. She says I will bring your breakfast. Pragya asks her to forgive her if she do any mistake today and hugs her. Sarla asks her to have breakfast first.

Pragya comes to Mehra house. Tanu is busy organizing the decorations and calls her. She says I was waiting for you. She says you are going inside, silently and scared. Tanu says engagement party of Purab and Pragya and asks which color to select. She says function is here, so everything should be good, it doesn’t matter if you like it or not. She says you likes Abhi, but we can’t give Abhi to you. People gets things according to their value and status. She says your family gets Purab as damad for Bulbul and then you?

Pragya tells Dadi that she will not accept defeat. Tanu tells Pragya that tonight it will be punishment for her and enjoyable for others.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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