Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Shahana replaces Prachi on the mandap

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shahana asking Prachi what is she telling as she didn’t understand. Prachi says I will not sit on the mandap, as you will sit on my place. Shahana says what you are saying, I will not sit on the mandap. Aryan comes there and says Shahana is right, nothing will happen to Mihika. Prachi asks who told you? Aryan says I heard you both talking. Prachi asks Shahana to understand and says she is married and pregnant with Ranbir’s baby. She asks her to sit on the mandap and says we will make sure to stop the marriage. She says in case if your marriage happens, then think that you are not marrying a random guy, but marrying Sid and he is a good guy. Aryan says how can Shahana marry Sid and says she doesn’t see him with that sight. He says she likes him, but. He asks Shahana to say if she likes Sid. Sid says Prachi is right and asks Shahana to sit with him. Shahana asks if the marriage happens. Sid says it will not happen. Aryan says I will sit on your place. Sid says he is not wearing Sehra. Shahana says if the marriage happens then she will divorce Sid. Aryan says the team is gone to save Mihika. Shahana says she will get ready as the bride. Sid asks Aryan not to worry and takes him out.

Sid and Shahana are seated for the marriage. Aryan asks Pandit ji to explain all mantras in detail. Prachi and Shahana think he is right. Sid says we are not in a hurry. Pandit ji asks bride and groom to keep their hand on each other’s hands.

Ranbir goes to the hotel and thinks Aaliya’s location is this. He pushes the door and comes inside. The goons hold Ranbir. Ranbir asks goons why they are goons when they are so handsome. He beats them. The goon catches Ranbir and tells him that Mihika won’t be saved and he will also not be saved. They try to tie his hands. Mihika sees Ranbir and kicks the glass bottle near Ranbir. Ranbir pushes the goons and locks them in the bathroom holding the glass bottle. He then comes to Mihika and takes her from there, leaving his phone there.

Rhea thinks she doesn’t seem to be Prachi, then who is she? Prachi thinks she is doubtful, what to do. Aryan is worried and thinks it seems marriage will happen. Rhea shouts and says this marriage can’t happen. Ranbir takes Mihika to the hospital. The doctor rushes Mihika inside and asks Ranbir what has happened to her. Ranbir says she was badly tortured and beaten up by someone. Doctor says she will be fine and asks who is she? He says she is my sister, thinks she paid price for them. He thinks they have to pay the price for her condition

Rhea tells Pallavi that this marriage is not of Sid and Prachi, as there is someone else in the veil. She tells that she has stopped the marriage as it is not Prachi. Aaliya asks why the marriage stopped, as Rhea got the test done. Aryan asks where did you go? Aaliya says she told him many times not to ask elders. He says I am asking my mom. He says I know you love Rhea more than me and can do anything for her. He says he will tell the truth. Rhea asks if I am playing game. Aryan says no, but somehow you have said yourself. He says if you can expose someone then the other person can expose you too. Rhea says I was talking about this marriage as there was someone else in the veil. She says Prachi shall marry Sid, but she is not here.

She says we shall bear this drama for sometime and says Prachi is playing this game and damn responsible for all this. She says sometimes she wants Ranbir, and sometimes Sid. Sid says Prachi is marrying for your wish and don’t know what dream you have seen and stopped the marriage. Rhea blames him for not stopping the marriage and asks him to be one woman man. Sid says I was one woman man, but you. Aaliya asks Rhea to lift the veil and see who has come. Rhea is about to go, when Aryan tries to stop her. Rhea lifts the veil and throws it far. She gets shocked seeing Prachi. Prachi asks why you are shocked, Rhea. Rhea asks when did you come here? Prachi recalls Rhea stopping the marriage and shouting that this is not Prachi. The havan gets smoky and Prachi replaces Shahana in the mandap. Rhea asks Prachi where is Shahana? Prachi says enough and says you wanted me to sit and then get up. She says you want everyone to taunt the family and asks since when you can identify me with my hands and says you are Rhea and not Ranbir. Pallavi asks Prachi to sit on the mandap again. Prachi sits and asks Sid to call the team. Sid says he will call. He calls Ranbir. Ranbir says Mihika is safe in the hospital, she is saved, but they won’t be saved. Sid gets up and says he will be back. Everyone looks at him. Sid thinks he shall not go out to meet Ranbir and goes inside.

Precap: Ranbir tells Aaliya that whatever she thought is right, says he came to know everything, her planning, plotting and kidnapping and torturing. He tells the family members that they planned to get Sid marry Prachi and for this they got conveniently kidnapped Mihika.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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