Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 27th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tanu telling Tai ji and Mitali that she thought to rehearse with them for becoming the owner. She asks Tai ji to do her work along with Mitali. Mitali refuses and says this house system is shaken up completely. She asks her to order them if she marries to Abhi. Pragya comes back home and tells Sarla what Doctor said. She says now we can make him recall everything slowly. She says now I have to take him everywhere where he met and proposed me. She says she is very much happy. Sarla is sad and tells Pragya that today is Abhi’s sangeet. She tells Dadi called and informed me, and fears that Tanu will be with him when he gains his memory. Pragya is shocked.

Dasi asks Dadi what is going on and asks why Abhi agreed for sangeet. She says we will not go to sangeet. Dadi says even I don’t want to go and tells that Pragya is completely broken from inside, and don’t know if she will come today. Dasi asks her to call Pragya and ask her. Pragya sadly thinks she can’t make him remember his memory today, and thinks what to do. Abhi gets ready for his sangeet and thinks something is missing. He thinks to tries to shoes, but don’t like it. He thinks his heart is not happy and that’s why he couldn’t decide. He thinks why Niku didn’t come till now and will get scolded even today. He calls Pragya. Pragya thinks what to do. Abhi thinks if she is unwell. Pragya picks the call. Abhi asks when you will come and says he couldn’t decide about his suit. Pragya says you will look best whatever you wears. Abhi says I have promised them and that’s why agreed. He says I don’t know what is the problem. Pragya says people take your advantage, and you are so good and feel guilty. Abhi says shall I marry or not?

Pragya says when you have taken a decision, I can’t do anything. She says I am coming there. Abhi thinks whoever will be with her, will be happiest person in the life. Pragya thinks she got weak. Sarla asks to call her after reaching her. Abhi thinks about her. Pragya’s taxi stops seeing injured man on the road. Driver gets down to check the injured man. Some goons sit in the taxi, kidnaps Pragya and elopes. The fake injured man also gets up and elopes. Driver is shocked. Abhi waits for Pragya and thinks if he shall call her again.

Aaliya comes to him and compliments that he is looking handsome. Abhi is worried about Pragya. Aaliya says she will come and asks him to come and meet someone. Tanu’s mum greets Abhi and says my age is increased 10 years more. Abhi says you are looking good than your daughter. Tanu comes for her sangeet. Abhi looks at her. Her mum compliments her on her beauty and calls her gorgeous. Mitali and Tai ji gossip that Tanu is wearing costly dress and jewellery. Abhi thinks when will Niku come?

Goons talk to each other and says if she co- operates then she will be saved, else they will cut her neck. They push Pragya on the floor and removes black cloth from her face. Other goon tells that they will throw acid on her face…Abhi thinks why she didn’t come till now.

Purab asks Abhi not to wait for Nikita, and asks if he will not have his sangeet if she don’t come. Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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